Almanac Darts: World Championships Final is on right now – MVG v Anderson

This should be a cracker. MVG was phenomenal (hos own word) yesterday v Barney, and Anderson won’t go down without a fight.

The Indoor League: Game On

Daryl Sharpen on the World Darts Championships and his mate Craney’s darts career in Hobart. [Dartitis can prove traumatic and dangerous – Ed]

Is it possible that the sporting highlight of 2013 will occur on the first day of the year (English time) which is right now

Darts is going to take over the world. It makes T20 look like a bridge school. If you have access to Foxtel now, check out the final of the world championships between Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor and young Dutch gun, Michael van Gerwen. Already there have been a number of brilliant finishes. MVG has just [Read more]