Is it possible that the sporting highlight of 2013 will occur on the first day of the year (English time) which is right now

Darts is going to take over the world. It makes T20 look like a bridge school.

If you have access to Foxtel now, check out the final of the world championships between Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor and young Dutch gun, Michael van Gerwen.

Already there have been a number of brilliant finishes. MVG has just taken the first set with T20, T20, D10.

The scoring system lends itself to tremendous drama.

The party in the background is wild.

MVG will be hard to put – unless of course the tension gets hold of him.

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  1. John Harms says

    MVG at his machine-gun best. Good darts.

  2. John Harms says

    Taylor in strife: he missed that bull by an inch.

    Surprised to see Eric Bristow – never knew he looked like a sort of East End Dean Martin. I always imagined a round, blotchy-faced man with a knotted hanky on his head.

  3. John Harms says

    MVG 19, T18, Bull. Yee-hah.

    The Power is in real strife. Come on old son.

  4. John Harms says

    First signs of tension from MVG. The wick is flickering.

  5. John Harms says

    MVG misses D20 which would have put him 3-1 up. Taylor: a little lucky.

    2-2. Hours of darts pleasure to come.

  6. Feel the Power!

  7. Talk about a wild crowd: the atmosphere looked absolutely crazy.

  8. John I discovered the darts last year. Its a ripper. Loved the bit of “biff” between The Power and Barney after the semi. Will keep an eye on things as I’m off to Cooma. Money’s on the Dutchie
    cheers TR

  9. Jamie Simmons says

    2 supreme athletes at the top of their game. Surely darts will be the winner on the day……and whoever prints those “180” signs the patrons get to scribble on.

  10. Peter Flynn says


    I’ve just watched the final.

    MVG rushed and switched too much. He looked spent at the end.

    T19’s and 134s were Taylor’s friend. Tops is always a friend.

    I loved the Sid 180 from Phil.

    Premier League kicks off in Belfast on Feb 7. I’m supposed to fly out of LHR that night. Maybe not?



  11. craig dodson says

    At first I started watching the darts over the last few weeks as a bit of a joke but it has now got me hooked and even saw me head down to the local rebel sport to get my own board. NB a dart board is the ultimate ‘distraction’ over the xmas period, however I am still feeling the shame of a defeat to my mother in law

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