Almanac Darts: World Championships Final is on right now – MVG v Anderson

This should be a cracker.


MVG was phenomenal (hos own word) yesterday v Barney, and Anderson won’t go down without a fight.







  1. Outrageous attempt at double 20,double 20 finish from Anderson. Gets away with it, 1-1.

  2. With Anderson looking to go 3-1 up, MVG pings an 18, triple 18, double 7 finish. The triple 18 was sheer instinct. His 18 was a sighter and he stayed there. So it’s 2-2, and it feels like 2-2.

  3. MVG hits the throttle. 5-2.

  4. Big comeback from Anderson, but not enough. MVG – brilliant.

  5. Peter Flynn says

    Watched it on slight delay.

    Averages through the roof.

    Anderson beats everybody in the world except MVG.

    What about the intruder? I think he tried to give the trophy to MVG.

    Hoping to get to some darts in 2017.

  6. Great final, it was terrific drama.

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