Melbourne Seminar (with Magnet Galleries and Manning Clark House): After Turnbull – Whither the ABC?

Magnet Galleries and Manning Clark House host this Melbourne seminar (Wed 21 Nov) where Fatima Measham, Gideon Haigh and Jeff Sparrow discuss all things ABC. Very timely. John Harms is the MC. All welcome.

Some Michael Silver snaps from last week’s dinner with Gideon Haigh

It was a ripper night. Thanks to Michael Silver of Magnet Galleries for these tremendous shots. And to Gideon Haigh for coming along to talk about Certain Admissions.

Magnet (Galleries) – a community which welcomes you

Magnet (Galleries) is a collective of photographers (and other artists) not unlike the Almanac. Check them out here. Michael Silver and Col Abbott will make you welcome.