Almanac Golf: Oakey Golf Club – a story of country golfing

Today, October 19, 2015 is the 40th anniversary of John Harms’s hole-in-one. We re-visit the story of the course where it happened, and of the event. [Forty years! Really – JTH]

AFL Round 9 – Collingwood v Sydney: Starting the mower

Sydney’s performance on Friday night seemed all too familiar to Don Meadows. Until then, the Swans’ season had been like the first mow of the new growing season. Lots of cough and splutter, the motor occasionally catching. On Friday, the Swans finally roared into life and mowed down the Magpies.

Cutting the grass

We did a seachange. (That’s poor English). We seachanged. (That’s worse). We were one of the original seachangers. (Don’t really like that either). Here I am trying to improve my writing skills; trying to engage the readership as the website encourages me to and I come up with that tripe. Anyway, you get the idea. [Read more]