SANFL 1970 Grand Final – Sturt v Glenelg: A Fistful Of Flags

Swish was gifted the Budget from the 1970 SANFL Grand Final by Sturt fan Phil Daly, which was the final of Sturt’s five successive flags.

SANFL 1967 Grand Final – Sturt v Port Adelaide: Back To Back Blues

The 1967 SANFL Grand Final was a rematch of the 1966 decider, pitting Jack Oatey’s skills based approach against Fos Williams’ physical style of football. The bigger, bolder ‘souvenir’ Football Budget says much about mid-1960s Adelaide.

1971 SANFL Mobil Cards – Part 7: Sturt

The mighty Double Blues were the kings of the SANFL at the beginning of 1971. The Mobil Footy Cards of that year featured some of their many stars. Swish has a bit to say about each of them here.

1971 SANFL Mobil Cards – Part 4: Norwood

Swish brings us the next in his 1971 SANFL Mobil footy cards series. This one features the men of Norwood.

Neil Craig: Elite Performer (Part 1)

Neil Craig’s career has been so prolific Rulebook is covering it in two parts, all starting with the Yorke Peninsula, Carmel Court and the Norwood Football Club.

SANFL 1966 Grand Final – Sturt v Port Adelaide: First of Five

Norwood’s Ron Kneebone featured on the cover of the 1966 SANFL Grand Final Budget. The second successive Oatey-Williams Grand Final proved to be the beginning of a Double Blue era of dominance.

SANFL 1976 Grand Final – Port Adelaide v Sturt: Around The Ground

The biggest ever footy crowd in South Australian history assembled at, in and on Football Park for the 1976 Grand Final. Swish’s Footy Budget from that year helps remember one of the great days in SANFL history, with a nod to ageing Hollywood performers, tyre replacement guarantees, cask wine and egg rings.

Killa: the Alan Killigrew years at Norwood

“After all, what is a football club?  It is grass in the middle, posts at the ends, and bricks and mortar.  It’s the people that give it soul.  A football club is a living body”. Those reflective words penned by Alan Killigrew, say a lot about the man and his remarkable football journey that had a profound impact on so many people.

SANFL Grand Final – Port Adelaide v Sturt: see ya at the Arkaba

Dave Brown’s family has history at Port v Sturt Grand Finals. There’s nothing like a happy ending

In the firing line with the ruck rovers

The role of the ruck-rover is defined by the many wonderful exemplars Carolyn Spooner refers to from teams of the’60’s through to the current day.

Book Review – Kings of the Game

Modelist reviews ‘Kings of the Game’, by Lachlan Waterman, in search of what makes a great Aussie Rules Football Coach.

Almanac People – 28 John Francis Wynne: my first footy hero

Rulebook’s touching tribute to a great footballer and even better person – Two Eight – John Wynne

Almanac Footy History: In search of the best roving pairs

Who are the mightiest mosquitoes ever to have buzzed around the football packs? Some suggestions from Messrs Sexton and Coventry. Thoughts?

Welcome to the 60s, SANFL Style

Swish is older than this 1960 SANFL Budget, but only just. It looks to have weathered the 55 years better than he has.