Almanac Rugby League – 2024 Season preliminaries get underway

The preliminaries to the 2024 NRL season get underway tomorrow tonight with the annual Indigenous v Maori clash as well as the Pre-season Challenge.

Almanac Baseball: All Stars Align

The MLB All Stars Game allows fans to vote for who players to take part. How would a voting system for the AFL All Australian team go for fans?

crio’s Q: All Stars? State of Origin? Am I missing something?

It is not unusual for me to miss the public’s “pulse”. But what a crock. Aussie Rules has a very successful, strong domestic comp. FULL STOP. Yawn. Predictably the Herald-Sun has pushed for State of Origin and then, amazingly, for an All-Stars v The Rest game. Interstate footy is irrelevant. The history of Origin’s purpose [Read more]