crio’s Q: All Stars? State of Origin? Am I missing something?

It is not unusual for me to miss the public’s “pulse”.
But what a crock.
Aussie Rules has a very successful, strong domestic comp. FULL STOP.
Yawn. Predictably the Herald-Sun has pushed for State of Origin and then, amazingly, for an All-Stars v The Rest game.
Interstate footy is irrelevant. The history of Origin’s purpose and development is unique to League, with the aspirations to Kangaroos selection and the traditional 2 state base.
As for an Aboriginal side taking on the rest in “Rules”….I just don’t get it. I wouldn’t watch. If I did, I’d barrack against the Aboriginals. How is that inclusive?
It bugs me when comps forget what works for them and try to borrow from other codes.I don’t countenance games with no purpose (i.e. to win).
Am I missing something here?


  1. I’m all for the Aboriginal All Stars versus the Allied Invaders. The Allies can wear red jumpers and carry muzzle loaders, with heavy black boots to slow them down. The All Stars in loin cloths with nulla nullas. Bacha Houli can umpire.
    Or we could have the Northern and Western Confederates in grey coats, playing the Southern Union blue coats. Litza would get to cheer a rare win by the boys in navy and sing “Glory Glory Hallelujah”. Us in the Confederate states would get to drink lots of bourbon and drive around in pick up trucks (we already do that in the mining states). John Harms can umpire, as he has a foot in both camps.

  2. This bullsh#t talk occurs every season.
    The clubs don’t want it, the players pay lip-service to it,
    the public really could not care.
    Apart from the national competition taking over, one
    of the main reasons State-of-origin disappeared is
    because the players did not want to play in those games
    (feigning injuries etc).

  3. Hopefully people are wising-up to meaningless matches…I see they got 16,000 to the much hyped soccer at Etihad on Saturday night.

  4. Agree with Smokie. Arises every year – presumably its been a slow news week. A non-issue that will go nowhere but will be raised again each year.

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