Sydney’s Best Side in 2016: Discuss

Sydney’s Best Side in 2016: Discuss


Smith                     T. Richards              Laidler


Rampe                   Grundy                     McVeigh


Hannebery            Parker                      Heeney


Rohan                    Franklin                   Reid


K. Jack                   Tippett                     Cunningham


Sinclair                  Kennedy                   Mitchell


Int: Mills, Jones, McGlynn, Towers.

Emg: Rose, Lloyd, Newman.


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  1. Long may those Reid brothers stay fit, Joe.

    That backline looks a bit porous.
    Maybe J Longmire will plan to win 130-110 in 2016, rather than 80-60.

  2. Buddy is crucial. Can’t see enough goals otherwise. 2016 will be an interesting one for the Swans.

  3. Keiran Croker says

    Good crack Joe. I’d be playing Rohan down back to give us some run. I think Rampe should be used as a run with mid fielder. They talked about it this year as he has fantastic aerobic ability. Sadly I do not think McGlynn will be in the best 22. I’d go with Rose as he is the small smart forward we have needed for a long time. Get him in. I’d always have Lloyd in my 22.
    Hopefully they play Buddy higher and use Reid from the square. The improvement must come from the next rung …. Davis, Newman, Robinson, etc…

  4. ER- We can only hope the boys from Bright can stay on the park! I’d like to see Horse adopt that game style….

    Dips- he’s doing well by all reports, so the big fella should be back on board. A tweak of game style rather than personnel is our biggest challenge in kicking a winning score.

    Keiran- if we get Mills, Newman and Rose playing as regular senior footballers, we’ll be in great shape. The improvement will come from that bunch, those you mentioned and the continued development of our young midfield – Parker, Mitchell, Heeney, Jones, Hewett, Dunkley (hopefully). Exciting times.

  5. As a side note- The still unexplained trade ban/restrictions remain a mystery, and have severely hampered list improvement over the past two years.

    Regardless, this will be another competitive Swans team, and an exciting 2016.

  6. I’m with Dips – Buddy is looming as crucial to the Swans’ chances.

    And I agree with e.r: that back line has a lot of question marks…

    Joe, I was really hoping the Swans would continue to fight city hall on those trade restrictions.

  7. Agree that Buddy is crucial, Smokie. I’m not as worried about the defence as others are. They’re solid citizens.

    I would have loved to see the club take up the fight a little harder. Though, they generally show sound judgement, so I’ll trust them on this one too. The ban still astounds me.

  8. Keiran Croker says

    Tippo also critical as he had a cracking end to the season. 44 goals playing nearly 50% in the ruck was a great effort.
    Does M.Tallia get at game?

  9. Good choices Joe, and I’d be happy to start with that bunch.

    But I suspect that as the season goes on, Teddy might slip a bit and we might see Talia taking over some of the key defender gigs. Then if Alex Johnson’s reco goes well, he could be back in the firsts by season’s end.

    Another player I want to see more of in firsts is Brandon Jack. He doesn’t inspire a lot of the fans but I think he turned a corner this year and his combination of determined tackling, leg speed and decent accuracy in front of goal will see him promoted, possibly at Ben’s expense.

  10. You don’t see Talia coming straight into the 22?

    I would have thought Talia comes in putting Laids on the bench over Towers. Richards can then play the third up marking/spoiling role he plays without having to look after the main fwd

  11. Keiran- huge few years ahead for Kurt. Will silence the many doubters, I’m sure of that.

    Matt & Don – Talia wasn’t a Swan at the time of publishing this team. I agree with your selection there Matt. He will play KPD, Teddy will be released and the boy can play. An AJ return would be an incredible achievement, my fingers and toes will be crossed. Would also be very happy to see B. Jack continue on an upward curve.

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