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by Andrew Gigacz

The 100th Test at the SCG is about to get underway. Will we see Tendulkar get his 100th 100 in Sydney’s 100th Test?

And while on the topic of Tendulkar, his name was one of many that has appeared on Twitter over the past 48 hours. Not in relation to his potential hundredth hundred, but because someone came up with the bright idea of calling for the names of potential cricket movies. Under the “hashtag” (Twitter-speak) #CricketMovies, the topic flourished. Suggestions came from everywhere and of course I couldn’t resist and I weighed in with such titles as Tendulkar is the Night, The Silence of the Allan Lambs and The Cars That Ate Ryan Harris. You get the idea. I also threw in Being Len Durtanovich but I’m not sure how many would have got that reference!

Anyway, here are some more of mine and also some of the ones that amused me that came in from all points from people everywhere including the Almanac’s own David Downer and Rick Kane and a plethora from Tony Taylor from After Grog Blog fame:

I Know What You Averaged Last Summer

In the Name of Khawaja

McCosker and Lucinda

What’s Up, Tiger Lillee?

Raiders of the Lost Arc Between Mid-Off and Mid-On

Saving Private Ryan Harris

Throw Mohammad Amir From The Train

Ian Bishop’s Wife

Herbie Goes to Monty Panesar

Harsha Bogle Nights

Eating Rahul Dravid

We Need to Talk About Kevin Mitchell

Ferris Bueller’s Mid Off

The Magnificent Seven for 23

The Cook the Thief his Wife and her Wicketkeeper

Alvin Kallicharran & The Chipmunks

Kill Bill Lawry


And so it goes. So my suggestion is for those that can, to sit back, relax and take in the Sydney Test. And while you’re doing that, give us some thoughts on the game and through in the name of a Cricket Movie if you can!




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  1. Skip of Skipton says

    Clint Eastwood could have been a demon quick, if the acting bug didn’t bite him. Who’s the poorer?

    A Fistful of IPL Dollars.

    The Good, The Bad and The Googly.

    Play Mushtaq for Me.

    Thuderbolts and Lightfootwork.

    Every Which Way but Loose Down the Leg Side.

    J. Bruce Edgar

  2. What is Phil Hughes doing opening the batting for India?
    He and Gambhir can be made honorary Almanickers.
    As for movies, I have been a big fan of the Ricky series – where the kid from the wrong side of the tracks (Mowbray) overcomes his personal demons to become the world champ. But I must admit that by Rocky VII he is starting to lose the plot.

  3. Ponting puts down a catch – hope Sehwag doesn’t go on to make 240!

    Movie title – Gone With the Windies

  4. Andrew Fithall says

    GalleipoLee #cricketmovies #doublewhammy

  5. I’m with you Dips – can’t beat the classics. I’m currently enjoying James Pattinson’s adaptation of EM Forster’s “Passage Through India”.

  6. Now that I have Foxtel, the choice is quite wide. I enjoyed the recent live performance from South Africa of A Night To Philander.

  7. If you’re anywhere within a Chris Gayle six of Fitzroy, feel free to join me and MOC at Rose Hotel for today’s second session.

  8. With respect to the young tear away fast bowler “The Way We Were”.

  9. Phil Dimitriadis says

    No Country For Tony Greig.

    Happy New Year Knackers :)

  10. John Harms says

    The Big Pill

    Absence of Kallis

  11. On Golden Pontings
    One Threw Over the Keeper’s End
    The Life of Brian Lara

  12. Life of Brian Lara did come up on twitter. And my variations of the other two were “On Golden Duck” and “One Flew Over the Golden Duck’s Nest”.

  13. The Prabhakars That Ate Paris
    Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence Rowe

  14. Andrew Fithall says

    The Story of O’Reilly
    Deep Point
    Googly Nights
    David Emmanuel
    The Adventures of Neil McKenzie
    Alvin Kallicharran Rides Again

  15. John Harms says

    or Garth

  16. Andrew Fithall says

    A friend of my son’s had a cricket bat which was marketed as The Beast. People (with a film appreciation as warped as mine) will know that there is actually a film by that name and it would have slotted nicely into the theme of my previous list.

  17. Bridge Over the River Khawaja
    The Bare Pitch Project
    The Charge of the Light Meter Brigade

  18. Andrew Fithall says

    New theme:

    Blood SImple Chance
    No County Cricket For Old Men
    True Bounce

    and my favourite
    The Big Lebashski

  19. Love that last one, Andrew.

  20. The Last Pitch Was Slow

  21. Ben Hurfenhaus

  22. Exodus

  23. B*A*S*H

  24. Two for Travis Birt:

    The Travis Birt Locker
    Travis Birty Dancing

  25. Free Peter Willey

  26. John Harms says

    Citizen Paine

    All Quiet at the Nursery Road End

  27. Diving, missed Dhoni

  28. Bob Holland Drive

  29. This could be extended to lines out of movies – ie Clint Eastwood (Dirty Harry),

    “Has he hit 4 runs or has he hit five? In all this excitment I’ve kind a lost count.”

  30. ‘The Wicket Man’ (very scary)

  31. Dips,

    ‘Go ahead Pup, make my day’

  32. Crossing over to songs.

    Ishant Sharma’s goin to get ya, hit you right on the head…

  33. Stop that, Phantom! I was saving songs for the Perth Test. (I do remember Plastic Bertrand singing Safraz Pour Moi all those years ago.)

  34. JTH, one of the tweets was “Nightmare at the Vulture Street End”.

  35. * The Rick Darling Buds of Tim May
    * The Gatting of Wisdom

  36. In Bay 13.

    ‘The Sound of Boozing’

  37. Big Bash Wednesday ( A surf/cricket movie, but not really much to do with surfing or cricket)
    Apocalypso Cricket Now (A remake of Heart of Darkness filmed in the West indies)
    Matthew Hayden’s Day Off (A fishing/ cooking movie with an occasional song thrown in)
    Bradley Haddin’s Mid Off (A straight (drive) to DVD version of FBDO)
    Mission Imposiddle (Groan)
    Ton Ton (A freelance reporter investigates a betting plunge on simultaneous centuries scored on the sub-continent)
    Spinal Bat (A mockumenatry about a team that bats all the way to 11)
    Martin Love Actually
    Ponting’s Eleven ( A group of conmen impersonate a cricket team)
    King Mickey Arthur
    A Boon With a View
    MitchJohnson’s Guide to the Galaxy
    An Inconvenient Youth (a story about Pat Cummins battle with injury)
    Get Clarke (A movie about an inept captain impersonating a spy)
    School of Block
    Scarface (starring Brendan McCullum)
    V For Veletta

    Sorry, I had some time to kill…

  38. An idle mind is the devil’s playground Gigs.

  39. “Flipper”
    ‘Warne Horse’

  40. Dave Nadel says

    All the best ones are gone. A film suggested by my specialist fielding position.

    The Third Man


    The trouble with Harbijhan

    Robbery Underarm (for Greg and Trevor Chappell)

  41. Dirty Ponting

  42. Slog Boy, and Slog Boy 2:

  43. #CricketMovies:

    To Kill A Mocking Dickie Bird
    West Indies Side Story
    Mister (Andy) Roberts
    Bradman To The Future
    12 Angry Men
    Raging Bulls
    The Fiery Fred Trueman Show

  44. The English tabloid headline writers would be good at this. I think it was they who coined “Dumb Slog Millionaire” in honor of Kevin Pietersen.

  45. What about some 007 cricket movies?

    (in chronological order)
    Dr. No Ball
    From Worcestor with love
    You can only challenge twice
    On Hansie Cronje’s secret service
    Diamond ducks are forever
    Leave then let fly
    The man with the 3-pound bat
    The slip who grassed me
    For four byes only
    A chance to a spill
    The MCG day-nights
    Licence to tonk
    Sehwag never blocks
    The World XI is not enough
    Declare another day
    Cathedral End royale
    Quartet of menace
    Wicket fall

  46. John Butler says

    Geez Smoke, you’ve been putting some thought into this. :)

  47. HE’S OUT !!!!!!!

  48. The Bradman of Alcatraz

  49. Absence of Kallis

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