Almanac-Greys Lunch in Sydney

Terrific Almanac/Adelaide Uni FC (The Greys) lunch in Sydney last Sunday Thanks to all the speakers: Prof Geoff Harcourt and Tim Harcourt, Patrick Skene, BD (official Almanac meteorologist), Rulebook himself, Kath Presdee and Steve Duffy (and 7 year old Liam who chimed in beautifully) – have we forgotten anyone Rulebook? A few photos thanks to Peter Crossing:

Sydney Lunch 2014 - Almanac writers

Almanac writers at the Sydney lunch: Handbag Hansen, Rulebook, Patrick Skene, Gerry The Torp Both, Railway Crossing and Nank. (Kath Presdee and Steve Duffy had taken young Liam home by then). Excellent afternoon.


Sydney Lunch 2014 - JTH Rulebook Bob Neil sign

He did.

Sydney Lunch 2014 - JTH and Andrew Lindsay

Amazing who has in interest in the Almanac and free-spirited writing. Who is the mystery writer?


  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Great Day Thanks Harmsy love to meet some more members of the Knackery in
    Melbourne ( Luke Reynolds is coming ) Not enough room to mention
    Danny Valdemeer , Valdemar , holiday , handbag , hurricane , the dane , Hansen ?
    Sunday Aug 3 and then going to pies v power game every 1 welcome !

  2. I’m there!
    Lunch and then (joined by Ava, my 5 y.o.) for the Power Game !

  3. Dan Hansen says

    Great day, Harmsy. Every Sunday should be like that.

    I have written up a report for the Port-Dees game. I’m just doing the final editing. Expect an email soon.

  4. kath presdee says

    Was great meeting the Greys and fellow ‘Knackers, even if I was dragged up for an improptu interview.

  5. Rick Bizz Sarre says

    Got 6 or 7 good laughs which made it a good day!

  6. Patrick_Skene says

    Was a great afternoon and a big thanks to the Adelaide Uni Crew for the warm hospitality.

  7. Look forward to teh first Adelaide function Rulebook

  8. Looks like lots of fun, and as Roy says, “high jinx and japes.”

  9. The afternoon was lot of fun and I promise to comment on the next post by Rulebook. Don’t want to make the bloke angry!!!

  10. A great day thanks harmsey thanks Rulebook

    My dad Geoff is 83 years old (seasonally adjusted) and with his beard looks a bit like his trainee Rabbi father or Austen tayshus

    BD recalled the best motorcade (on bob Neil number 1) since Dallas 1963

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