Sunday night football: no way!

Sunday night football!  You have to be kidding. You won’t get me to a game. I can handle Friday night footy, I can just tolerate a Saturday night, but Sunday night, no bloody way.  And the Carlton Four (Rod’s footy mates – Ed) are of a similar persuasion, they’re not interested either, as a matter of fact their interest in their beloved Carlton football team is being severely tested at the moment, judging by their comments when we met up on our regular circuit of Princes Park early on Monday morning.

I watched the Dons demolish the old enemy in no uncertain manner on TV. By quarter time Carlton were shot to pieces, the one thing they did really well was pick out Essendon players when they occasionally had the footy, and they did it with precision much to my delight.

The Dons had winners all over the ground, it would be unfair to name some and leave others off.  They combined brilliantly as a team, they were too fast, too strong, too good in the air and accurate in front of goals. A class performance by the mighty Dons. Next weekend will test them  though as they take on Fremantle over in the West.

Now let’s hope the drugs saga, which continues to trouble me, can be finalised in the very near future.

In other footy news, results from the Ammos were not good for MHSOB in Division 1. They suffered big losses on Saturday.  Last Sunday Coburg battled gamely against Port Melbourne but were well-beaten in the end.

And what about the Tykes (Barnsley) struggle to stay in the Championship League in the UK? They played Brighton and Hove Albion and drew nil-all. So they stay in the relegation zone with seven games to go and I’m not going to make any predictions.

Rod Oaten



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