Stand up and be counted: Education package from Classic Comedy Company

The Nelson Twins are supporters of The Footy Almanac. Who could forget their efforts at the Melbourne launch of the 2015 book? Below is information about an education package for schools.


Thank you for considering the ‘Stand Up And Be Counted’ Program.


An innovative learning opportunity for your students!

Stand Up And Be Counted (SUABC) is a unique educational program that uses comedy to encourage students to develop: courage, confidence, connection with others, reading, writing, creative thinking and communication skills.

General Capabilities are a critical component of  AusVELS and any school curriculum. Through SUABC students develop skills in “building social relationships and working with others”. – VELSPhysical, Personal and Social Learning. In addition, students explore different ways of thinking, solving problems and communicating”. – VELS Interdisciplinary Learning.

Furthermore, the program gives students essential skills they can use to combat and diffuse bullying as well as facing one of life’s greatest fears, speaking in public.


Who are we?

Classic Comedy Company is an events management organisation run by a number of experienced Australian performers.

The SUABC program was developed by company founders and Australia’s Got Talent finalists The Nelson Twins. Both are fully qualified Secondary School teachers with over 14 years of classroom teaching experience between them.



How much will the program cost?

The SUABC program generally runs over one and a half hours or the equivalent of a double period/session; however, we are very flexible and can fit in with your schools time tabling needs.  We encourage schools to take the opportunity to run as many as three sessions per day.

One session – $900.00 (+GST)

Two sessions – $1400.00 (+GST)

Three sessions – $1800.00 (+GST)

All costing is based on group sizes of 25 people per session.

Should you wish to run the program on an ongoing basis, please speak to our friendly staff about an alternative pricing structure.


Thank you once again for taking the time to consider this innovative concept for your school.

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