St Kilda Becoming More Attacking

On Sunday, I found an interesting footy article on the Age website written by Jon Pierik. He picked one player from each club who could rebounce to improve their club.

Pierik delivered great points of views to passionate footy fans. This is a true footy news in the preseason what true footy fans would love to read.

Paddy McCartin was nominated for St Kilda by Pierik. Even McCartin is only 19 whose AFL career is in the second year, I am surprised to see him on the list.

He only played six senior games last year. Was it less than he had been expected? I am not sure but it would take a while for him to blossom.

The mighty Saints held an intra club match last Friday. It is a small game but I was interested in seeing how young players perform.

As a minor game, an article and a video have been delivered late on the club App.

New goal kicker Josh Bruce handballed well and kicked goals from good angles. He will be a gun this year too and his shooting will be bigger. Bruce boosts more goals that will improve our attacking.

The second year player, McCartin ran, grabbed a ball and scored goals. He did multitasking jobs in the match, and will make positive differences in 2016 to the club.

Jack Billings seemed to get paces back after being sidelined due to the injury. He kicked a ball towards teammate in the appropriate angles. Will be assisting scoring goals this year. Indeed he will boost goals as well.

To get more clearances, American imported James Holmes will help. He got clearances to create our offending in the game. Possession is important to win the games. His goal was also impressing.

Such great talents and skills will be gathered properly and lead more wins in 2016. Boring defensive game plans made by Ross Lyon are over. The mighty Saints are played under offending game plans like do Hawthorn. The new Richo era is coming soon, following last year’s Bulldogs.

I want to see Saints go marching in many times. Go Saints!

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