St.Kilda: 47 years without a flag

The St.Kilda Saints are my heart and toil. If they win a match, I will be delighted and rather carefree for the week. If they lose a match, I will be Mr. Grumpy for what would be a long week for you. So where exactly are the Saints? Are they going to rocket surprisingly up the ladder, or will they go tumbling down? The Saints finished in Richmond’s haunt (9th) last year, and didn’t really impress me. Hayes, Montagna and Dal Santo, Armitage and Ray work hard to pump it inside 50. The defense is sturdy enough, but I ask people for opinions on the forwards. Riewoldt and Kochitzke are in their early 30s and no one is there to replace them. Terry Milera and Ahmed Saad will replace the miraculous Milne, but what about the tall timbers? Rhys Stanley could prove a Nick Riewoldt, and Daniel Archer could be the next big Kosi.

The Saints have played 47 years of football without once holding the AFL’s Holy Grail. I want to see that cup in Nick Riewoldt’s hands but that is highly unlikely. But even if the Saints are to do badly, I’ll support you all the way…


  1. Dear Andy the Beast, Foxtel has been replaying all the games from 2012 and I happened to catch and record the Gold Coast VS Saints, and was very impressed with our new recruit from their ruck/forward. Hickey kicked goals, did good marking in their forward line, and I think the Saints saw the same thing as I did, a young impressive man who can ruck and play forward so to me, he is the obvious new forward/ruck, and McEvoy, our wonderful man, is very good in either of these positions, as well as defence. Stanley and Archer need time but they are both improving, so I rate St.Kilda a great improver as well this year. The talk coming out of St.Kilda is they have the aim of reaching the top. So we can only watch, enjoy and dream.

    Go Saints


  2. andythebeast says

    But they are the Suns. You have to understand the The pies, cats, dockers, crows, eagles, hawks and swans would crush us. A young Melbourne like side is approaching fast. Hayes has at best 3 years in him, Goddard’s gone to the druggies, Montagna and Dal Santo are heading into the 30’s, Riewoldt’s questioned about his captaincyand goal kicking, Kosi’s about 55% chance of kicking a goal in any situation and milne is getting old. If all rookies become no.1 choices it’ll take at least 3 years to get settled. Had we at least offered to equal Essendon’s trade offer to Goddard, we’d have a utility player. Beau Wilkes is old but good, and Saad and Milera will make a Carlton like forward line, and i don’t see that working. Bombing to the midgets won’t work. Tall defenders will drop the mark about 45% only, so crumbing won’t work. More goals from the mf, i guess

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