Round 14 – Essendon v St Kilda: Saints win credibility

Andy Tuano eventually gets into Etihad to see his Saints present their big boy credentials. A fine Farren Ray moment to be found. Phil Walsh not far from thoughts.

Round 6 – Western Bulldogs v St Kilda: Saints Shame Woeful Western Bulldogs

After an unpromising start and a half-time scuffle, the Saints got the scent of Bulldog blood in their nostrils. So did Andy Tuano.

AFL Round 3 – St. Kilda v Collingwood: Perfect Pies whomp woeful Saints

Young Saints fan Andy Tuano had a dodgy meal that made him crook on the way to the footy. Things got worse after that for young Andy and his Saints.

Round 2 – St. Kilda v Gold Coast: Super Saints Sting Suns

Young Andy has a barney with a Collingwood provocateur and is then in for a very nice Saints surprise.

St. Kilda 2015?

A series of questionable decisions has helped leave the Saints looking up at the rest of the AFL for seemingly the umpteenth time, claims Andy Tuano. And he’s tired of it.

Round 1 – St. Kilda v GWS Giants: The boys from the West are pests

Andy the Beast is listening on his iPad hoping his Saints will win. Some classic schoolboy lines (“Josh Bruce’s speccie sounded good” – Ed]. [He also just avoided becoming a Bombers fan! JTH]

AFL Round 22 – Richmond v St. Kilda: Bets are gonna get ripped

Andythebeast et al pay respects to Saint Lenny at the G. Would it be a Tigers flogging? Would it be a Saints upset win? Or would it be something else…?

AFL Round 18 – St Kilda v Fremantle: Hope has been revived

Andy Tuano is 13yo and supporting the Saints has been ‘character building’ for a young man. After Saturday he has a new hero in ruckman Billy Longer, and is wearing the Saints jumper with pride.

AFL Round 15 – Fremantle v St.Kilda: A long history, a lonely premiership

Andy Tuano had tipped against his team by 50+ points, so it’s fair to say he was pessimistic. But as the Saints piled on the pressure, perhaps this could be the day for glory.

Round 15 AFL Preview

Andy Tuano ‘s tips and Preview going into Round 15.

AFL Round 2 – St Kilda v Richmond: Game of Chess

Andythebeast goes for the chess, M and Ms, and the Saints on his Friday night. His strike rate is one in three.

Second Test: Atrocious

Andy is aghast at Australia’s capitulation in the second test. He’s not alone.

St.Kilda: 47 years without a flag

Andy The Beast is calling for the opinion of Saints fans. A good midfield, a sturdy defence…but the forwards? How will the Saints go this year?