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A couple of months ago, I cancelled my Adelaide membership for 2020. And no, it wasn’t because of my beloved team’s sub-mediocre season (although a bandwagon-jump to Richmond was *momentarily* considered). I pulled the plug on my membership because I will be spending the first half of the season studying in New York as part of a university exchange.


From the get-go, 2019 was a full-on year. Starting with a two-week stint as a volunteer VCE German tutor and carer to a group of kiddos from regional Victoria through VCESS, a program run at uni, I was already worn out by February. In addition to a customer service job I had picked up during the off-season, I also became the supervisor of my MCG outlet and decided to get another job at my dance school. To top it all off, I began my second year of university.


Don’t worry though, I also had some fun this year! In the winter break, I bit the bullet and signed up to do a screen acting course with a school friend. In second semester I also took a screenwriting subject, discovering a love for it along the way, and partook in some student theatre auf Deutsch.


In amongst all of that, I began applying to go on exchange, receiving official acceptance to Barnard College in October. Since then, it’s been a mad dash to book flights, get my visa sorted and, of course, organise my finances. As I write this, I am a couple of days away from leaving the country. More importantly, I have finished a marathon four-day stint at my beloved place of employment (I am not designed for that 9 to 5).


As my parting gift, I decided to write a little something,  a brief list of my favourite things about working at the MCG:


  • People you see: let’s just say that not everyone can call Nick Riewoldt a regular customer (FYI, his go-to is chicken strips and chips) or bump into Cameron Ling in the elevator at work.


  • Sustenance: It’s no secret that I’m a jam doughnut fiend, but nothing tops the feeling of munching on perfectly salted hot chips or chomping down on a gourmet chunky beef and Guinness pies on a cold winter’s night.


  • Variety of events: whilst I appreciate the stability of the football season, the various other events, be it cricket, soccer or rugby, throughout the year do keep things interesting. For me, a highlight of these events is picking out differences between each crowd. When the wrestling came last year, I had an absolute field day!


  • Fortnightly income: considering that I won’t be working overseas, this one is a no-brainer.


  • Atmosphere: from the sombre one minute silence on ANZAC Day to the roaring crowd of the Grand Final, the MCG never fails to deliver. Even when we’re out the back closing up for the night and have no way of seeing the game, we can always tell how things are going thanks to the enthusiasm (or despondency) of the crowd.


Worry not, this is (hopefully) not the last you have heard from Pie Girl. Given my track record of intermittent contributions to the Almanac I make no promises, but I will try to share some of my adventures with you all. After all, there is a pink Sherrin and a navy, red and gold scarf packed away in my suitcase.



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  1. Great adventure Bridget!
    My daughter went to Stanford, which is a similar US school. I think you will find everyone very ambitious about getting good grades. Don’t worry about that, just enjoy the experience. Check out some college sports at Columbia and the associated “school spirit”, this semester it will be basketball. Let us know what your impressions are.
    Thanks for the comments from the pie stand at the G.

  2. With such a dynamic approach to life, I’m sure you’ll take the States by storm, Bridget! Best wishes for your time there and, as 6% says, enjoy the full experience of living in a new culture. And thanks for the ‘behind the scenes’ MCG insights.

  3. Best wishes Bridget with the adventure ahead..

    Love the best of observations you make of working at the MCG.

  4. Luke Reynolds says

    All the best Bridget, look forward to hearing tales from your travels!

    Btw has Swish still got his Crows membership in 2020?

  5. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Luke, if you’ve read my review of Adelaide’s 2019 season in the Tigers Almanac, you’ll know exactly how I feel about them. Despite that, I’ve renewed my membership, but I dropped the extra bit that guarantees me a GF seat if they get there. I’m dumb but I’m not stupid.

  6. Wonderful stuff Bridget. Don’t ask for a pie at Yankee Stadium. It’s hot dogs in America. And your dad is very grateful to be able to use your room for new boxes of 1960’s SANFL Budgets.

  7. All the best,Bridget and after all you have packed in the last six months yanky doodle land will be a breeze

  8. Best of luck, Pie Girl. You will have a blast

  9. Good on you Bridget.
    Love your writing & your observations.

    I wonder what you are looking for.
    I wonder what you will find.
    Go well.

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