Sports Role Models

At first, I copied Baggio

and dwelt by Buddha’s sacred pond.

But now I’m Joe DiMaggio

and chase a tall, curvaceous blonde.



About Damian Balassone

Damian Balassone is a delusional Collingwood supporter who writes poetry and fiction. He is the author of 'Strange Game in a Strange Land'.


  1. Is it wrong that I laughed aloud?

  2. Not at all, Smokie. That is the intention. I’m surprised the Baggio/DiMaggio rhyme hasn’t been done before. Maybe it has.

  3. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Haha DB. Would never have thought of Baggio/DiMaggio.
    However, I find it hard to think of Marilyn without thinking of Elton John these days. Pretty sad really…

  4. Luke Reynolds says

    Brilliant Damian!

  5. Superb Damian

  6. Thanks Phil, Luke and Rulebook. Nothing wrong with Elton John, Phil. Candle in the Wind is a beautiful song.

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