Special weekend when all your teams get up

Bit of a special weekend of footy for me, but without doubt the highlight  was the win for community footy on Sunday, but more of that later.

It’s not often that all your footy teams win on the weekend, but that’s what happened.  Being a bit of a footy tragic, I have followed many teams in the different football competitions throughout metropolitan and country Victoria. I used to have fun with the kids of an inner western suburban  primary school in the early nineties, where I was teaching physical education.  I had three footy jumpers with me at that time, Essendon, Coburg (VFA) and MHSOB.   Each Monday morning I would hang up the jumper of any of these teams in the gym if they had won on the weekend for all to see.  I would cop it from all and sundry for any jumper that wasn’t on display, especially “The Dons” in this Footscray stronghold and especially if the Doggies had beaten Essendon.

This weekend, all my teams came home and the list has grown over the last twenty or so years.  The Dons, The Old Boys, The Burgers (as I continue to call them), Lorne Dolphins and Fitzroy all had excellent wins, but the real winner over the weekend was community football, in the name of the 2012 Reclink Community Cup played at Elsternwick Park.  Triple R/PBS Megahertz fronted up to The Rockdogs on a pretty cool overcast day.  Our good old public transport system did its best to throw a spanner in the works by diverting No. 67 trams and substituting buses for trains at Elsternwick Station. None the less a good crowd was there,  although not as many  as there has been on previous years in my opinion.  As usual the spectators were a wonderful mix of all sorts, all shapes,all sizes, all ages although the young were a big majority and all fashion types.  Everyone at the ground  had a great love for this annual community footy event.

The big names were there too, the coaching staff of both teams read like a who’s who of the music/sport scene, Paul Kelly complete with garbidine overcoat and felt hat looked like he had stepped out of the 50s to coach the Rockdogs and Robert Murphy looked resplendently retro as one of his  many assistants. The Megahertz’s  Jonnie Von Goes in a beige suit and colourful open shirt offered expert advise to the coaching team headed by Vince Peach, Tim Harrington and Bron Burton.

The game was played with great spirit, love, respect and harmony.  There were the  occasional  brilliant flashes of skill and teamwork shown by both teams and the scores stayed pretty even for the first half.  The Rockdogs came out after the half time break and had  obviously listened closely to Coach Kelly.  They scored a couple of goals and had a handy lead by three quarter time.  The Megahertz came out firing in the last quarter and peppered the goals.  Tony Wilson and Stew Farrell were proving more than a handful for the Rockdog defenders . With less than a minute to go Chris Gill from the Megahertz scored a point (looked like a goal to me) to level the scores, 35 points each.  A fitting climax to this great day.

I read in The Age on Monday that there were about nine thousand at the ground and  $70,000  was raised for Reclink

The Steve Connelly Medal for the best on ground was shared by Banjo O’Shannessy from the Rockdogs who played a cracking game and Kate Boston-Smith from the Megahertz, the first women  to win the prize in the community cup’s history.

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