South Melbourne/Sydney Swans: Memories of our 30 Years in Sydney



Jan Courtin has been a passionate South Melbourne and Sydney Swans supporter for 62 years.


This poem, submitted and subsequently exhibited at the Sydney Swans 30 Years in Sydney Exhibition at the SCG Trust Museum in 2012, was prophetic – we won the flag! Maybe the short 2015 poem (which follows) will bring us luck!



South Melbourne/Sydney Swans Memories of our 30 Years in Sydney: by Jan Courtin.


Our hearts were broken, back in 1982,

South was sent to Sydney – Oh what to do?

Our dreams had been stolen, our passion denied,

Some left the Club, and some simply cried.


But it soon came to pass, there was no need for tears,

We’d won our first game – here in Sydney – midst cheers.

Barry Round was our captain, our coach Ricky Quade,

We were here to show them – the Swans wouldn’t fade.


Our struggles were plenty, but our boys gave their all,

We fought and we battled and Capper stood tall.

Brownlows were aplenty – won by Healy and Williams,

And soon followed Kelly, our one in a million.


Barassi worked wonders and then Plugger arrived,

The team started winning and we knew we’d survived.

We beat Hawthorn and Essendon and, oh my God, that point

To put us in the Grannie – but sadly, ’96 would disappoint


The passion was there, and our memories would build,

More champions came along and success was instilled.

The Bloods were back – the brothers made sure –

And through Kirky our leader, nothing could deter


The crowds started chanting Roos Rooos Rooooooos!

We want you as coach, cos with you we can’t lose!

How right we all were, and soon we’d find out

That our team would rise up and win many a bout.


Nick became our saviour – the best quarter we’d seen,

Geelong crumbled, and St Kilda lacked spleen.

We got through to that day, the last Saturday in September,

And after 72 years, OH WHAT A DAY TO REMEMBER!


We all cried with joy, with memories long past,

Of Skilton and Kelly and Goodes flying the mast.

And although Bazza left us, with tears in his eyes,

We were grateful he loved us during all of ’05.


We will cheer and cheer every game that we play

On our home ground in Sydney, for the rest of our days.

No regrets leaving Melbourne, we’re here to stay,

Go our beloved Swannies – there’s more on the way!



2015: May the Prophecy Come True


“This is for the bloods” Kirky echoed in ’05,

Stand Up, Be Tall, Strive Strive Strive.

We’ll show ’em we thought, we can do it again,

Just watch those blood brothers, those wonderful men.


So, after 30 years in Sydney, with all before us,

We got to the Grannie without too much fuss.

What a game we played, but so close, too close.

Then Mal kicked that goal – Oh, what a magic dose.


2012 was our year and the flag flew high.

We played our guts out – we won – and we cried.

The leaders had changed but the spirit remained.

We showed ’em, we thought, we did it again!


Now, nearly three years on – not long at all,

Our memories of last year will fade to a stall.

Our boys will be back, better than ever,

Fighting and striving to the end of their tether.


Buddy will roam, causing wonderful havoc,

And Hanners will triumph, up and down the paddock.

Heeney will surprise with a year to remember,

And all 22 will lead us, to that day in September.


Go the Mighty Bloods, keep the spirit alive.

Remember Kirky’s words, echoed in ’05.

Never give in, keep the Swans trademark of old,

And let’s do it again, Be Strong and Be Bold.




About Jan Courtin

A Bloods tragic since first game at Lake Oval in 1948. Moved interstate to Sydney to be closer to beloved Swans in 1998. My book "My Lifelong Love Affair with the Swans" was launched by the Swans at their headquarters at the SCG in August 2016.

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