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This link’s gone through email in-boxes like wildfire but even if you’ve seen it already, it’s worth another look:

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  1. I must admit I’ve been tempted to write an equivalent one for Callan Ward based on Billie Holiday’s “God Bless the Child”. It would start off something like this:

    Teams that got shall get
    Teams that not shall lose
    So Demetriou said and it still is news…

    Maybe I could rope Max Cullen into doing the vocals?

  2. Brilliant. Covers all bases.

    Its an amazing situation that someone so young could be poached…but at the same time, they only get him through being garbage….so its hard to have sympathy.

    When I was in my early 20’s I was keen to broaden my horizons, so I went to London to earn minimum wage and live in a 3 bedroom flat with 8 people. These guys go to Blacktown for millions. Horses for courses really.

  3. Andrew Fithall says

    On this site a couple of months(?) ago I said that Tom Scully was going to GWS. One of the reasons I offered was that James McDonald had been his mentor as Melbourne and he wasn’t impressed by how James had been treated (I might be overstating what I actually said – but that was the gist). Interesting that James McDonald is now coming out of retirement to play with GWS.

  4. A reasonable attempt at parody and satire, but I have seen better from blokes such as Max Gillies and Eddie Perfect. I am bemused at the cheap comments about Blacktown in Sydney. Blacktown is no different to the cultural wastelands of Melbourne outer suburbs such as Werribee, Keilor, Campbellfield, Greensborough, Ringwood, Lilydale, Knox and Frankston.
    Andrew Else, your comments about Scully are harsh and patronising. Scully made a good and rational decision as a professional sportsman and understands the challenges ahead with a young and inexperienced football team. I am sure that he and his team mates will cope well because of good mentors such as Kevin Sheedy, Mark Williams, Craig Lambert, Luke Power and others.
    I believe that AFL footballers are loyal and dedicated to their club for the term of their contract. However, if they receive a better offer and decide to move, people should respect their decision.

  5. Jared Newton says

    Leave Frankston out of this!

  6. Young and old now.

    The guns to follow in Year 2 of the ‘window’.

    Gubby et a(f)l seem to have mapped out a good strategy.

    Scully’s knee will be interesting.

  7. I was certainly being harsh towards Melbourne, and I meant to be.

    As for Scully, I obviously didn’t convey my thoughts very well. My point was that at that age, change isn’t at all that scary, and with the numbers being thrown at him, of course he was going to take it. He’s smart enough to know that being based at Blacktown isn’t a massive deal with all things considered, and as you allude to, and as Matt Zurbo regularly points out, footy clubs are about the people anyway…well, and $2m in the first season.

    Callan Ward is another one. Many people referenced the fact that he grew up around Footscray as a reason for him to stay. I saw it as a perfect reason for him to go. What better way to break the shackles than to play footy under a legendary coach for a hefty sum?

    On a side note, I’m wondering how calling a large number of folk in Melb as living in/coming from a ‘cultural wasteland’ is not ‘harsh and patronising’. All a kid from Werribee would need to contribute to this website is a PC and internet connection. Just because their parents couldn’t afford a place in Camberwell, doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to one day.

  8. David Downer says

    Mark Doyle,
    Perhaps a little rich of your goodself to lambast someone else’s comments as being “harsh and patronising”. Astounding in fact. Pot? Kettle?
    Some quality charm offensive work here too “…cultural wastelands such as Werribee, Keilor, Campbellfield, Greensborough, Ringwood, Lilydale, Knox and Frankston”. I’d contend that’s reasonably harsh and patronising for anyone living or from those areas.

    And that’s where the “garbage clubs” are supposed to build their poker machine fortresses anyway isn’t it?

  9. Good stuff.
    I love the line about losing with Folau. True that his prospects of winning weren’t all that great at MFC, but it still confounds me that we have these blokes playing AFL. The money has to go somewhere though, and as I understand it Folau’s cash doesn’t count towards GWS’ salary cap. Is that correct? Scully will be their top midfielder for at least the first year, so the cash is his is my eyes. But I’ll be interested to see what happens if in the seasons after next he’s overtaken by one of the young guns. He is still an unknown quantity Scully, and it’s entirely possible that one of the many guns that GWS have will be a better player. Being that he is only 21 and contracted for 5 years, Melbourne and other clubs will have ample salary cap room and opportunites to get the revenge that Garry Lyon alluded too yesterday.

    Mark, just because Scully made a “good and rational decision” doesn’t make him immune. Often all the people have is humor, and I think this is a perfect example of comedy pointing us toward a truth.

    Too boot, you’ve just written off some of the richest footy breeding grounds in the city in a totally joyless and demeaning manner. A little rich when you’ve just attacked what I would consider a thoughtful and insightful parody.

    Eddie Perfect is a Tim Minchin wannabe and his songs are moderately amusing, particularly if you’re an inner-city contrarian hipster.

    Gigs, re: Max Cullen, make it happen.

  10. Mark Doyle, when I read your comments, I am so often reminded of what Charlie Brown once said:

    “I’m always certain about things that are a matter of opinion.”

  11. Pamela Sherpa says

    Football is an emotional game and so often emotion clouds the facts. When are Melbourne fans and clubs going to accept the fact that THEIR clubs agreed to the inclusion of the Suns and GWS in order to help expand the national competition ? As if these new clubs could be established without a huge injection of money and resources. Any recruiter worth his salt would naturally try to recruit the best other teams have to offer. As if the new clubs would only go after the old, aging hacks! As for the Melbourne media trying to paint Blacktown as some kind of remote, undesirable suburb – fair dinkum, it’s pathetic.

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