Socceroos – After the Exit

And so, another Socceroos World Cup campaign has come to a quick and brutal end. The Socceroos gave solid yet unspectacular performances against the highly ranked national teams of France and Denmark, yet they couldn’t muster enough points to have much hope going into the last game against the well-supported national team of Peru.


Peru had learnt from their previous games and made their shots count. For some, perhaps Peru got lucky and perhaps the Socceroos were unlucky. Tim Cahill had some game time and although he provided an aerial threat, he too wasn’t able to put the ball in the back of the net. Arzani showed some swagger and confidence to provide some hope for the next campaign. It’s hard to win games of soccer when scoring from open play proves so difficult.


So, Bert van Marwijk is on his way. His curt style with the media has hardly placed him in a fond position within the hearts of Socceroos fans. But, his short-term role didn’t give him time to foster a team in his own mould. He was proud of the effort of his team, but, critics such as Craig Foster didn’t like his conservative approach.


Where to the Socceroos? What will Graham Arnold’s tenure look like?


How does this leave us feeling about the World Game in Australia?


What kind of style do we want the Socceroos to play? Cautious and careful, or bold and attacking?


Does the quick demise at the World Cup have implications for the A-League?



  1. Rabid Dog says

    I’m w Foster on this one – might as well go down playing an attacking style, than lose by being as boring as batshit.

  2. Yeah luck came in to it but that’s an easy get out.

    Well organised (especially at the back) but just no end product. BVM had us playing well in a short space of time but his methods that got Holland to the final in 2010 weren’t going to be as succesful with the limited talent we have. I wanted us to at least take it to the last group game with a shout and we did. We also got Arzani locked in as a Socceroo and seeing every player play in the A-League at some time during their career. We need to advance past the ‘just happy to be here’ now. We can’t cry poor about curses and not being there between 1974 and 2006 anymore. We’ve qualified for four world cups in a row now and need to take the next step.

    There are more questions than answers after last night also. Massimo Luongo not even getting a minute in this World Cup (or the last) after looking lively in the friendlies. Jackson Irvine on for the dangerous Tom Rogic last night which was pretty much a white flag being hoisted. No Jamie Maclaren despite being the most in form striker we had in the squad.

    I don’t drink the Cahill Kool-Aid either. It’s like saying Dockers fans should bring back Pav to play as ‘he could still do it’. Would do a better job than Cam McCarthy at the moment I guess. The only time perhaps Cahill should have come on was in the final 15-20 against Denmark when Leckie (who was excellent this World Cup) along with Behich and Risdon were pumping in crosses.

    I’m dreading Arnold as coach but we do have the Asian Cup in 6 months time with a title to defend. Then of course the Women’s World Cup is on in France next year. That is where we really should expect something from a wonderful group of players. The A-League will get a sugar hit from the World Cup along with the introduction of the new teams it desperately needs.

  3. I’m really enjoying the contrasts of cultures and playing styles in the World Cup, and will stay tuned to the early games until the end. Dunno about 2am starts in Perth.
    I’m not buying into the we wuz robbed/unlucky narratives. Like my Eagles complaining about inside 50’s without Kennedy and Darling. To my eye its not just the lack of potent strikers, as much as the slow build up play and the inability to put precise into the box. Behich was the example for me with an amazing work rate on the wing, but missing Cahill when he was open with an easy cross.
    My take is that round ball football does an amazing job in Australia as the third preference code for most male athletes, in terms of local money and opportunity. We used to lament not qualifying and now we seem disappointed not to be able to beat much larger countries with a single minded focus on the round ball. To me its an amazing achievement and honour to be there on the world’s biggest stage every 4 years.
    The women’s game is the one where there is less competition and opportunity for our best athletes. What would a Kerr, Judd, Cousins and Cox midfield look like on the world stage?

  4. Dave Brown says

    Has been interesting to see the reaction this morning (I gave up once the ’80th minute ticked over and it was clear the other game had turned into a garden party) which has been broadly critical of the Socceroos and drawing in the issues of the national management of the game. Would everything be ok with Australia soccer had France been awarded one of the two penalty shouts they had in the first half and Australia converted one of the many chances they fluffed?

    The management of soccer in Australia still appears to be in a shambles (imagine FIFA threatening to take over anyone else because of their incompetence). The giant will continue to slumber while this is the case. In the meantime I thought the Socceroos were competitive in a very strong group, and with a halfway decent striker would be very dangerous. Not unreasonable performance at all.

  5. Ian Hauser says

    In other footy codes in Australia we talk about the one percenters that make all the difference between good players and great players, good teams and great teams. Having watched all three of the Socceroos’ matches, I’d suggest our lads could be as many as five (?) percentage points off the pace on this biggest of stages, especially in the final 20 metres in front of goal and in general playing savvy, perhaps a little less in finer skills. We just seem to be ‘out-clevered’ by the seasoned Europeans and South Americans. But I’m with Peter_B in that ‘it’s an amazing achievement and honour to be there on the world’s biggest stage every 4 years.’ Hey, the Italians didn’t even make it this time!

  6. george smith says

    Bad luck to Germany, the first of the big boys to slip on the banana skin of group qualification.

    The horror, the horror – could it really happen? after Trump, Footscray, Cronulla the Cubs and Richmond what else could make our lives unbearable? The most sanctimonious, the most jingoistic, the most unctuous, the most blind to reality bunch in the history of sport? Could it really happen? and can we live with ourselves if it does?

    The Pommy press and their fellow travelers should be tortured for all eternity for their behaviour over the past 52 years, but the English have produced a team that plays attractive football, scores goals and has genuine stars, like the 66 version. A date with destiny beckons…

    Note on Footscray – they are not insufferable, they proved to be humble and gracious in victory.

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