Soccer: Not Violent Enough?

In this article from Neos Osmos Ian Syson looks at violence in football and, significantly, and the reporting of the football codes and, hence, how the codes are imagined and understood.

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  1. Ian

    Impressive article. Just want to mend some fences after all the biffo last week. Soccer does indeed get vilified more than other sports when the focus is on crowd behaviour and violence. You’d like to think it’s a stigma from the old NSL days or a kneejerk reaction to do with something else, but who knows what drives these things (probably a bit of xenophobia in there … who knows??) In any case, whatever the A leagues problems are these days they certainly are a far cry from endemic problems of the NSL. That you can say without a doubt.

    PS. I just realized that you are a mate of John W, and as I am also a mate of his, I thought I’d better sort this out before I ran into down the track. Should that happen through John, I look forward to buying you a beer

  2. No worries TB. Looking forward to that beer, even though Weldon is on the juice.

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