Soccer: Castlemaine Goldfields Football Club is 40 years old

Roy Hay spent the weekend helping Castlemaine Goldfields Football Club celebrate its 40th anniversary.




  1. And the Castlemaine Football Club is 155 years old!

    I wish the soccer people would stop usurping the name ”football” in this country!

    Association football would be better, oh, and soccer and for short!

  2. No one is usurping. At one time Association football would have been very confusing. In our book we have tried to use football where there is no likelihood of confusion and soccer where there is. As to the history of the Castlemaine football club have a look at:
    Roy Hay. ‘Football in Australia before Codification, 1820–1860’. The International
    Journal of the History of Sport 31:9 (2014): 1047–1061.
    Roy Hay. ‘Australian Sport’s Mandela moment?’. Neos Osmos, home page, 19
    February 2014,’.

  3. Roy Hay,
    Perhaps you would like to explain about “Football in Australia before Codification,” as I had a look at the link but I don’t want to have to pay a fortune for the privilege. What is the Mandela moment?

  4. Yep, Taylor and Francis operate on a model where they get academic research and reviewing for nothing but charge an arm and a leg for access to their journals, even the people who write for them have to pay read the work of colleagues. If you happen to be a student or a staff member at a university or college you can get access through the institution’s subscription.
    The Mandela moment. You remember when Mandela turned up in a Springbok jersey to present the rugby union world cup to Francois Pienaar, reconfiguring the symbol of apartheid as part of the reconciliation between the warring tribes in South Africa that he sought to bring about? Nine months after the Eureka stockade when troops and miners were killing each other in Ballarat, some of the surviving troops and miners played a football match in Castlemaine. A game which was probably more like Association football as codified in 1863 than anything else, though some claim it as an ancestor of Aussie Rules, and Sean Fagan of rugby union.

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