So who do I barrack for now?



I was wrong.


When the Good Wife and I headed off to the land of the ”Unwashed” in early June, I made a prediction to a couple of mates, that when we got back to Australia in late July, James Hird would not be the coach of the Essendon Football Club.


I was wrong by about three weeks.


Hearing the news today filled me with a mixture of emotions. How could this once hero of mine have got it so wrong? How was he convinced to be involved in a regime of injections? And then when it all went “pear shaped”, how come he couldn’t admit he had made a mistake of gigantic proportions?


Of course he had to go, but his reaction was to get litigious and try and appeal his way out of the mess. And that turned out really well didn’t it?


And what about the players?


They are the people who I feel really sorry for. I guess in hindsight more players should have said NO. It seems only one did, David Zaharakis. I can imagine young players would be easily persuaded to go along with the injections, but what about the older ones, why didn’t they question and kick up? And what does the future hold for the forty two footballers who still have to face WADA?


This has been a crap year for me as far as the Essendon Football Club is concerned. It’s the first year for as far as I can remember, that I refused to join the club because of the Drugs Saga. Coming from four generations of Don supporters, I look back on this year with great disappointment and anger. I reckon my forebears would have been just as angry as me.


Maybe if all those concerned with this tawdry program have gone at the start of next season, I could be easily re-signed.


In the meantime seeing Fitzroy and Coburg and MHSOB have all missed making the finals in their various competitions I’m a Doggies fan. I have never ever had a second AFL team, being a Don Tragic, but for this year I have made an exception.







  1. Sad indeed Rod. I think a Doggies V Tigers grand final would be sublime.

  2. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Well put Rod I have been staggered by a lot of Bomber supporters with the stand by Hord crap and stupidity .The damage done to the Essendon fc and the game in general is just so sad.I hope 2 attacking teams go thru to the gf for the good of the game

  3. Well said Rob.

    I’d long ago separated James Hird the champion footballer from James Hird the over-committed coach. To me, the man whose tenure as Essendon coach ended yesterday wasn’t the same man who had his face re-arranged on Subiaco Oval. That wasn’t the same man who single-handedly took on the West Coast Eagles at the Docklands in 2005 and it wasn’t the same shattered man who sat on the Essendon bench in round 2 of 1999 in tears as a shattered navicular threatened to end his career at the age of 27. That’s the James Hird I’m going to remember

    Like you though, I have been estranged from the Bombers since 2013 and have found myself taking more of an interest in South Sydney in the NRL, Glenrowan in the Ovens and King League, Albury in the Ovens and Murray League, Adelaide Uni Blacks in the South Australian Ammos and closer to home, De La Salle and Melbourne Uni Blacks. The silver lining for me has been embracing grass-roots footy and re-discovering a simple, more honest and more enjoyable version of the game.

    I’ll always barrack for Essendon, and like you, there’s still a few connected with 2012-2015 to fall on their swords before I dip into the sky rocket again, but a Grand Final featuring the Bulldogs would be more than welcome!

  4. Nice piece Rod.

    Good point re players – it still amazes me none of the older players questioned a program requiring being jabbed on such a regular basis, whatever it was.

    I feel sorry for Essendon supporters too, they have had the rug pulled out from under them. Although there’s some… Le’s just say, don’t log onto Bomber Blitz Rod. I think your head would explode.

  5. Well expressed Rod. I know that deep down your heart still bleeds red and black, but a lot of damage has been done to your once-great club and to the game that we all love. It is no exaggeration to say that the AFL will never be the same again. A lot of fans from a lot of clubs share your sense of outrage.

  6. Nice work Rod. But Footy as we once knew it , is not the same game. As we know nothing stays the same for ever, and the recent posting on the Football industry sums it up eloquently.

    I stopped barracking for Geelong back in 1999, the game was not the same. Even my long support of Port Melbourne has withered, being to about 3 games in the last 8 years,, so my interest now is on teams like Corowa-Rutherglen, Tungamah, and Donald.

    Watch the AFL on television, it’s a great TV spectacle, but it has long lost its ‘Jam Tart”.


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