So long, Footy Park: you raised the bar (for coldest seats at a sporting venue, at least).

Mike Sexton is a fine story-teller. Here is his piece on Footy Park from ABC TV’s 7.30.

Have a look and then return to leave your Footy Park story. (Thanks Anne Federowytsch for already sharing yours).




  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Inadmit I am in the minority I love Footy Park this is a good piece on Footy Park I like Harmsys line about the siren and I totally agree with Barry Hearl about the Irony about Cricket and in particular Don Bradman forcing Football out of Adelaide oval and now Footy is going back to help save cricket it could only happen in Adelaide !

  2. I am born and bred in Victoria but for a period in the 80’s I loved Football Park via TV. I was hooked from the time I saw the 1982 State Of Origin clash between SA and Victoria when Ivan Eckerman cleaned up Leigh Matthews.

    Each year the SANFL Grand Final would be broadcast into Victoria – being a week after the VFL Grand Final – and I vividly remember watching my adopted side Sturt lose to West Adelaide in 1983.

    There were also a few of the Escort Cup/Sterling Cup/Foster’s Cup night fixtures from that venue on Tuesday nights that I would never miss.

    The memories of seeing players like Rick Davies, Grenville Dietrich, Michael Aish, Gary McIntosh etc, along with all those who would eventually cross to the VFL like Platten, Kernahan and Motley, is indelibly linked to Football Park.

    Football Park was South Australia’s version of VFL Park. Football had become much bigger than cricket but it was still cricket that had controlling rights over the grounds. For the SANFL and VFL to build their own stadiums was to rebel against the establishment, the ties and private clubs. They were working class stadiums but with better facilities. As the minority was ruling the majority through private school old boy privileges it was a big “up yours” statement from the mainstream heartland.

    Football Park, like VFL Park before it, has served its purpose but none the less I will miss both.

    I only ever knew Football Park from TV but it is a ground that I respect as much for its importance in history as for the memories of the games I had viewed from there.

  3. Sean Gorman says

    Was it colder than Waverley?

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    A Royal Commission over floodlights

  5. I’ve been to Footy Park 6 times (5 to watch the Eagles, once for a Crows-Swans game when I happened to be in town for Uni). Mixed results watching my own team – fantastic Prelim win over the Crows in 06, 5 of us did a road trip over for it (very rowdy rendition of the old-school version of the club song on the bus back to the CBD afterwards); miserable QF in 07 against Port when we lost the game by a couple of points and lost Cousins & Judd along the way (turned out to be the last game for both, not that we were to know that on the evening).

    As a footy venue, I always enjoyed going there – it was the true ‘designed specifically for Aussie Rules’ stadium, as opposed to the compromises (to other sports, to adjacent structures or main roads) that we have at pretty much every other ground around the league. The major downside for mine was the dew, and how most night games there became extremely slippery affairs. With Perth’s new stadium being at Burswood (also once-reclaimed land), I hope they’ve thought that through and tested the site out properly for the risk of a similar effect.

  6. Nowhere is colder than the stands on the western side of Manuka Oval. Better to stand and stare into the sun with a good baseball cap than sit in those stands.

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