So called experts


by Chris Riordan

“That bloody David King”, began a typically irate SEN caller, “has no idea. He obviously hates Geelong. He never picked ‘em. He can’t be called an expert.”

Who can?

Another “King”, Tony “The King” Bourke, had plenty of disciples in his heyday as Chief Racing scribe at The Age. I once, in fact, was in a spring punting system reliant on his tips. It showed a profit until, alas, we went once more to the well – extending our timeframe to the Sandown Guineas where he tipped (if my fickle memory is right) against the odds on winner Cossack Prince and sent us to the wall!

People scrutinize tipsters in Sport.

Some shysters, in fact, plunder  from “spruiks”.

Occasional punters are perched to place lots of faith – and money – on others’ opinions in the next month. Many of us have grown old and poor with Keith and Shelley! Deane Lester, most agree, is the form man to follow as the numbers get crunched this Carnival.

The explosion of sports betting has placed extra pressure on “expert analysis”.

Who should we rate? Or ignore?


  1. Crio – you only rate those who give you tips/advice out the corner of their mouth. Delivery of tips in this manner adds about 20 – 30% to their credibility.

  2. There always used to be a tip in the ‘War Cry’ the old Salvo bloke would sell me in the pub on Friday night.

  3. That reminds me, Dips, of an old story I may have related previously.
    Years ago, a mate was coming over to Melbourne to go to the races. Dad told him to go and see bookie Eric “Spider” Tymms, and to get him to “mark his book” – an old tipping custom.
    Gerry claims that Spider scribbled through the racebook, mostly selecting fav from 2nd fav,finishing with a flourish and the diaclaimer,
    “There you go. It’s only my humble opinion…but you’ll do no better!”

  4. Never trust the tip that a mate’s got from his mate’s uncle who knows a strapper.

  5. I went to school with a kid whose Dad was a trainer of some renown. He seemed to know a fair bit about which horses were going alright. Some of us did ok by passing on a tip to a responsible adult!

  6. Peter Flynn says

    Kate Fitzpatrick: Cricket

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