Siren’s Call – the latest availability (includes e-book options)


Siren’s Call by Yvette Wroby – Availability


Siren’s Call by Yvette Wroby is about her journey to all things St Kilda Football Club and family, but you could change the colours at it could be about any other team in the league. It’s a good read even if the team colours don’t resonate. Or you may want to buy a present for that St Kilda friend or family member.

It is now available on numerous platforms.

  1. All good bookshops – and if they don’t have it get them to check it up on their catalogue and order it in for you
  2. Online through Yvette Wroby’s website where the book can be signed and personalised.  This is handy if you are giving a gift, email Yvette and she will sign and send. She usually makes contact after a purchase to follow this up if you haven’t specified.
  3. Other online outlets like Booktopia, Book Depository, and Readings (for eg.)  All good bookshops sell books online:

Siren’s Call at Booktopia

Siren’s Call at Book Depository

Siren’s Call at Readings

4. Finally, as an e-book/digital book Siren’s Call can be purchased through:

Siren’s Call in eBook format from Amazon

Siren’s Call at iTune (Apple devices)

(For overseas e-book purchase go to this Amazon)

These are not the only links but they are a start.

Hope you enjoy the read as much as the reviewers have.


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