Should Shane Crawford be next Australian of the Year?

Lance Armstrong has widely perpetrated the lie about he never did anything – for what? Now Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell head a list of sprinters who had been found positive for performance enhancing drugs…just new exponents in the theory of deny, deny, retire. The list is endless Michelle Smith (swimming), Ben Johnson (sprinting)…Flo Jo (a sprinting great dead at 38!) Marion Jones (athletics) – are we stupid for not being cynical? At the cutting edge of sports science, our collective naivete is getting smashed.

Hands up if you are losing your faith in sport and what it’s supposed to mean?

We accept now the fate of the Ashes first test, even if it reeks of some opportunism for cricketers to dispute the umpire’s decision. I have no doubt that Brad Haddin snicked it -so the result is fair but what are we using video technologies for? To assist the umpires? Or to assist the players dispute the umpires?

At least the AFL and some sports use technology to assist the umpires. The players can jump up and down and dispute as much as they like, but the umpires have to make the call not the players.

Ultimately what do we teach the kids? Dispute/cheat/ win at all costs? God help us all if sport has lost its true spirit.

Thank heavens for Shane Crawford – a true champion and a legend of the game doing things for others and setting a good example.

Rd 16 2013 FEARLESS: Shane Crawford should be next Australian of the year!


The Magpies got reigning B&F Beams into the side for his 1st game of 2013. The Crows started very well, despite Swan getting 13 stats in the 1st. The Crows forward setup looked more potent, but Dangerfield’s injury didn’t help. Pendles 42, Swan 31, Beams 25 led the way. Cloke 2.5. Crows Lynch, Lyons 4. Pies by 27 with last 3 goals.


Rumours abounded that king Buddy wouldn’t play for the Hawks against Port on Saturday at AAMI. I can see why punters get upset! It didn’t seem to bother the Hawks or Jack Gunston too much. Norman combined with Roughy beautifully for 5 goals each. Hawks exposed Port’s defensive chinks a 45pt win. Savage & Smith 3 too


With 19 entries into the forward 50 for the entire game, Melbourne can probably be grateful that their trip to Corio was met with wet weather. Stevie J put on a clinic and the Cats put on an inaccurate yet powerful display against the Demons. Ex-Cat Byrnes revelled in a return to his old home, but Joel Selwood’s 150th saw the Cats by 68.


Enter Daniel Jackson, curse-breaker. The Tigers’ Cairns Cazalys Curse against the Gold Coast was well documented – $$$ v 4pts. This time after three goes, the Tigers flew home with both and a big sigh of relief! Jackson got 24 touches, 2 goals and kept Gazza Jr to 26 stats, a quiet one. A 9pt win is a win in windy, humid Cairns with 6.17.


Fresh from a sausage sizzle to keep the faithful happy, the Blues took on the Saints at the neutral Etihad, home of both teams. Don’t know why the Blues have been copping bad press as they’ve been tracking ok in 2013. The Saints are redeveloping and it took 3 quarters before Carlton put them to the sword by 6 goals. Hendo 4, Rowe, Jeffy 3.


North travelled north to the Gabbatoir where they haven’t won in ages. When sides lose a player to be subbed at the 10 min mark it’s going to be tougher. The Roos led by 32 points deep into the 3rd. Then Brisbane kicked 3 to finish the 3rd, got momentum and ran off to a 12pt win. Willie Mayes, Irish Hanley and Bam Bam led Lions’ well.


Backyards around the country tell of unfair sporting contests between siblings, full of blood, broken bones and bruising. It’s part of our national identity..and so it was when big brother (Sydney) bashed up little bro (GWS) in the name of a contest. Swans at the SCG by 129pts – just ugly – 3x scoring shots of GWS. Someone tell the parents…


Back on neutral territory at Etihad, the Underdoggies hosted the Bombers. Those at Ye Olde Footscray will tell you this is the one game every year that the Dogs want to win, a suburban rivalry for the ages. Macca’s Dogs nearly did it too, trailing by 11 pts, 16 mins into Q4. A Winderlich-inspired Bombers rose to the challenge, home by 31.


West Coast hosted Freo at Subiaco, neutral territory that only allows enough space for the away team’s cheersquad. The sooner WA gets the 70000- seater, the better for all! St Pav kicked 3 but broke his halo by cannoning into Eagle Brown. Purple Haze held sway. An 8 goal to 3 last qtr saw Freo give the Eagles the old heave ho by 28pts.

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