Seriously, can we have your favourite joke?

We want your favourite joke.

by Andrea McNamara

Kevin Sheedy is raising money for the IndigenousLiteracy Project (ILP), which was established 5 years ago to help address the current literacy crisis in remote Indigenous communities. Sheeds believes humour is a great cure for all sorts of ills, a powerful tool in dealing with hardship and a great bond between black and white Australia.

So, Sheeds is collecting jokes for a book to be published by Penguin in August that will contribute funds to ILP, create awareness of the project and get kids and adults reading. Low literacy is consistently linked to poor health, social and economic outcomes – Sheeds believes footballers can help to make a difference to people who don’t have access to books and reading.

You can email your favourite joke to [email protected]or text or talk your joke to0432 460 756 before 25 March. Your contribution can be any kind of joke, any length, as long as it’s clean. Please include your name (or nickname) and where you’re from.

Information about the Indigenous Literacy Project can be found at

If you want more information about the book, contact Andrea McNamara at Penguin on 03 9811 2492 or [email protected]


  1. Wendy Fulcher says

    I belong to a forum which has a specific category for jokes and I’m sure none of the contributors would mind you using any you
    like. Some are very funny.The link is:

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