September’s Fleeting Glory

This Premiership Flag ain’t mine to keep

Just taking care of it now.

It’s been around for years and years

Just waiting in its old case.

It’s been up and down the country roads

It’s brought a tear and a smile.

It’s seen its share of dreams and hopes

And it never went out of style.

The more I stare at it the better it looks

It cries when I leave it alone.

Silently it waits for me

Or someone else I suppose.


This Premiership Flag

This Premiership Flag


This Premiership Flag has caught some breaks

But it never searched for gold.

It can’t be blamed for my mistakes

It only does what it’s told.

It’s been a messenger in times of trouble

In times of hope and fear.

When I get drunk and seeing double

It jumps behind the wheel and steers.


This Premiership Flag ain’t mine to keep

It’s mine to admire for a while.

This Premiership Flag ain’t mine t keep

It’s only mine for a while.


(With apologies to Neil Young – “This Old Guitar”).




About Damian O'Donnell

OK - which is the odd one out: Love the Cats and flannelette shirts, especially in winter. I get on extremely well with red wine. We just seem to hit it off. Love horse racing in Spring. Used to love cricket. Go to Stawell every Easter and contemplate life around the fire. Love water skiing, especially in summer. Get meaning from catching a beautiful curling wave. Love a great oil painting. Will read most things put in front of me. Thought 'The Sopranos' was the best TV show ever made - by miles. Run an accounting practice in Melbourne's suburbs.


  1. Good stuff Dips. The “Heart of Gold” DVD is on high rotation in our house. The guitar is a 1941 Martin D-28 that Hank Williams had traded for a shotgun. The story of Hank’s last days at age 29 in 1952 are as sad as you can read. But the guitar and Hank’s songs keep on giving 60 years later.
    As you say, just like footy.

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