Separated at girth

Shannon Byrnes sent this around via Twitter with the comment, “Sorry Cameron Ling, but this is too good not to be made public”.


  1. Lingy is way prettier

  2. John Butler says

    And a successful leader.

  3. John Butler says

    But why is Gary Ablett hugging her?

  4. I found the vision of her being whisked away very amusing.

    Other than at the door of the building they left, I did not see one protestor in view even until after they put the PM into the car. It was just the bodyguard and a scrum of police.

    It looked to me that dragging her along like a rag doll was not altogether necessary.

  5. That’s exactly what Judd said to Cameron Ling.

  6. Dave Nadel says

    The security guard is prettier than Judd (and he’s still ugly)

  7. They are all prettier than Judd Dave. Even Lingy.

  8. Juddy got pinged for holding the ball……………………so did Julia

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