SEN 1116 – Are We Being Served?

Firstly apologies for this Melbourne-centric contribution.

SEN 1116 has been gracing the airwaves for 10 years as Melbourne’s “Home of Sports”.

How do you think it is doing? Has it improved or is it steadily declining?

Which programs are unmissable?

Which ones are unlistenable?

Is KB the new Rex Hunt? Wasn’t it helpful to be able to obtain his insights into the thinking of the Rules Committee (hands in the back anyone)?

Is “Denim and Lace” as the introduction to Greg Denham’s segment the both the worst use of a track from the 1975 compilation album “Turned On” and the most feeble pun in the history of radio intros?

How do you rate their footy coverage (and cover they certainly do)? Will David Schwarz ever be able to correctly identify a non-Victorian based player?

Will Andy Maher ever introduce a guest WITHOUT the phrase “… has been good enough to join us”?

Wasn’t it a good thing having Tim Watson on the radio during 2013?

Will that anonymous guy on the All Night Appetite ever describe a victory as anything other than “getting the job done”?

Would anyone else ever employ Mark Robinson?

Am I the only person who still enjoys the work of Dr Turf?

And which Mark Fine will turn up tonight?

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  1. Can Kevin “Bloody” Hiller PLEASE stop droppin’ his “g” s.

  2. The Gladiators of Sport are community radio slop.

  3. cowshedend says

    Have not listened to the run home since Mark Allen has been on, excruciating!
    Daniel Harford is very good, and Jason Richardson has worked hard on his racing research from a low base.
    Listen to 927 in the morning, as I’ve never been a fan of the SEN ‘try hard’ footy show format of Maher etc.
    On 927 Mick Mcguane might not get a gig with the BBC world service (have heard him use phrase ‘escape goat’ on more than one occasion), he is across all 3 racing codes and is a great footy analyst.

  4. Andrew Gaze was a bit of a lightweight goose when he started, but he has improved enormously.

  5. Miss the days of Francis Leach in the afternoons, gone downhill since Marc Allen joined the drive home. Doesn’t have a wide enough sporting knowledge. Soapbox can get a bit dull, expecially during football season.

    Like Crunchtime during football season, but less player interviews please where we get nothing, want more game analysis and comment. Can’t stand the puff piece player and club promotion interviews, especially in the pre season where everyone is “training the house down”, boring.

    They have tried having a commitment to tennis and cricket this summer, but I always get the feeling that it’s totally football centric

    KB, showing off, opinionated. Interupts guests too much. Like Steve Salisbury, should be more Ed Wyatt

    Sat am very funny with Pickering, Turf and Hutchy

  6. I used to do a short segment with Francis each week and loved it as he was an absolute favourite of mine. His coverage of a broad range of sports and his ability to incorporate pop-culture references in a way that was neither gratuitous or obvious was a real strength not understood by much of the station’s listeners – in fact there were more that a few that were outright hostile towards it. You know, those people who think Australian Rules is the largest sport in the world. The only sport.

  7. DBalassone says

    Agreed Litza re Leach – a massive loss when he left The Run Home a few years back – the man’s knowledge on all things sport, music, films, books, politics, etc. always impressed me. Watson’s a big loss for the morning show. To me whenever I hear Gaze, I just feel it’s junk time & change the station. Dermie’s good when he’s on in the footy season – I love the wordy, analytical side of Derm – though this seems to offend others for some reason. I like Maher as well (and enjoyed him on the Big Bash), but was thinking just the same as Swish – he’s gotta stop that “been good enough to join us” line. Mark Fine is great; a Melbourne institution.

  8. Andy can use “been good enough to join us” as long as he likes, as long as he stops asking guests: “deep down, in your heart of hearts…”

  9. Glen Potter says

    I have been an occasional eaves dropper of SEN but have never been a regular listener.
    Leach left a huge hole. Dr. Turf has an excellent sense of humour and has a great handle on matters racing and footy. Richardson and Harford I find more than adequate. However, I struggle with Maher, SEN’s Master of ‘Strine’ and his contrived, blokey style, where he wants to be everyone’s maaaaaatttte! And I wish I had a dollar for every time he spoon-fed his question to an interviewee. Fair dinkum! Enough!
    SEN has marketed itself though its acronym title – Sports ‘Entertainment’ Network. In doing so it absolves itself, I think, from being taken seriously as a media outlet. They are ‘supposedly’ there to entertain us. I’ve seen them a bit like The Footy Show, the nuevo sports ‘entertainers’ who’ll occasionally want to be taken seriously as journalists, which, of course, they are not. If Maher was a journo, he would’ve asked Tim Watson some serious questions about Jobe and the whole Essesndon saga last season, something a journalist would’ve done. Sadly he did not.

  10. Luke Reynolds says

    Love the drive home after a Friday night game listening to Mark Fine take talkback from drunken callers. Always entertaining.
    The “been good enough to join us” line drives me mental.

  11. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Swish while I don’t get to listen to a huge amount of SEN , Kevin Bartlett is the best example of you can be a great player and still have , NFI about the game . In general like Mark Fine especially after the siren and love Dermie extremely football astute
    Rodney Hogg is always entertaining . I enjoy the interviews of past players and think the Gavin Crossica spot is polished necessary and appreciated

  12. Marcus Holt says

    Excellent in small doses. I listen a lot more during the footy season. KB is stubborn and opinionated and doesn’t listen well, eg. try getting your second point out before you get cut off. A footy dinosaur with too much influence. Best segment is with Balmy on Friday mornings but I am a die-hard Cats fan…
    Daniel Harford generally good value although he talks too quickly and sometimes has an off-putting tone, sort of presumptious but can’t quite nail a definition. I will not listen to him on Fridays, degenerates into inside jokes and rubbish.
    The Run Home oscillates between decent content and dross although having just read The Ox’s book I have a new appreciation for him. They’re both liable to jump in boots and all with an over the top judgement at times. Talking of OTT, Mark Fine is not for me, except for after the game on a Friday or Saturday night. He gives callers plenty of time to have their say and is not biased or blinded.

    As far as over-used words and phrases are concerned, the clear winner is…
    “UNBELIEVABLE”. This drives me MAD!!! to the point of switching off!
    To be clear, SEN is only one of the offenders in this regard, it is the go=to adjective for nearly every commentator, analyst and presenter in the whole footy media family. Yes Gary Lyon I’m talking about you Seriously….aaaggghhhh!!!

  13. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Finey on Friday nights and Sunday evenings is a beauty. Great radio when he gets angry with the pissheads.

  14. Paul Thomson says

    KB tries very hard to get up people’s noses but ends up sounding like a self serving fool at times. Credit where it’s due though he does have a good handle on most sports but I doubt I’ll ever hear him say the rules of the game committee/mob( myself included) got it horribly wrong. KB it’s ok to change the game with an interchange cap but it’s only because your mob stuffed it up in the first place by tinkering with the rules with the aim of speeding up/improving the game. You are correcting and justifying correcting your mobs errors. Leave the game alone – most would like that. Apart from that SEN has been a welcome addition to the melbourne radio scene and definitely doesn’t have the pomposity normally associated with talkback radio. Casual Friday and the run home I enjoy – same with sports shock jock mark fine dealing with the masses as only he can. If i tire of listening, iPod or music does a good job. The four Diego’s deserve credit too for doing to the soccer what the coodabeens and HG and Roy have done for other sports. Fortunately for them santo Sam and ed do it on a different medium. Good work SEN and Matthew hardy might need a recall!

  15. Stephanie Holt says

    Love SEN. Soundtrack to long drives home to the country after work or after footy. Dead Set, I Call Bullsh*t, Gus and Goose – great segments – several moments of almost running off the Calder pretty much guaranteed. Miss Francis Leach. But still find lots of good stuff, and easy enough to switch stations. Could do with fewer ads for dodgy lawyers. Always some surprises though – filling the shows means you get to hear from and about women athletes and women’s teams – taken seriously as athletes – than pop up elsewhere. And moments like Gerard Neesham on Indigeneous issues after the Adam Goodes taunts are wonderful. Tim Watson excruciating all year as drugs scandal unfolded, but kind of unmissable too.

  16. Radio is an easy knock…people seem to have strong loyalties. Odd really, ‘cos it is so easy to switch stations or switch off. Which is my approach to SEN. It is a better station than I’d envisaged when launched but, not surprisingly, there are parts I don’t like and hence don’t listen to.
    -“Denim And Lace” is an example of their obsession with “stings” for every bloody segment.
    -Huddo is a terrific radio caller and sadly missed as a regular. Unfortunately Breakfast is the Andrews Maher and Gaze. Undoubtedly nice blokes. Unlistenable in my opinion.
    -Ox is a really engaging character who clearly learnt a lot from his stint with Frank Leach (a gun, but tired of his Saints/Gunners drivel). “Marco” manages to make Ox seem like a Rhodes scholar. 10 mins max then switch.
    -KB is always the same. He’s pretty funny and good if his co-host has something to offer. Listen to him with “Colonel” Bob on boxing, Rohan Dummitt on Golf, his mate “Doc”. An old pro and an Institution (again in moderation)
    -Harf has a fantastic voice and charm for radio. He sometimes has to tackle droll stuff like Rugby or Tennis but is usually excellent. Again, good sidekicks help – Carlos Alberto Diego, for example. Harf is knowledgeable, self-deprecating and willing to listen.
    -As a racing fan i am glad SEN try. Richo has boundless enthusiasm and a mission to engage. On the Saturday morning shift, however, he has Bryan Martin, certainly one of the worst of any “experts” on any sport – utterly unbearable and a great shame as Mr Ed and even Brett Spicer are good.
    -Always liked Dr Turf but Q? his association with BetStar for a bloke so anti-Corporates. The whole Hutchy stable (including Sat morning shift) has become too chummy – Pickers and Hutch recycle “in jokes”. Alan Eskander is getting a profile to assist the “conflict of interest” on which they thrive. I’m worried Ed Wyatt, a good journo, will be sucked along.

    Given i began by wanting to say that SEN has a purpose but you have to just flick on and over, I’ve ended up reinforcing how much we get attached to radio stations. SEN is never far away, but neither is the OFF, SWITCH or CD. It has been a positive addition to our sports media.

  17. Can’t cop Matt Hardy. Knowing what’s funny doesn’t make you funny.

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