Semi Finals Discussion

The Hawks live on. The Swans are done.

Tonight either the Blues or the Eagles will have gone the same way.

Amid the furore over football ‘business’, there’s the actual football to consider.

Any thoughts folks?


  1. I took the day off to watch the game and I honestly believe that the Hawks will pose no more than speed hump to the Pies. We were excellent for 3 quarters but when our defence gets found out – it’s decimated.

  2. The number of pundits who pick the winning elim. final team to beat the losing qual. final team has always bemused me.

  3. The Judd hand in the face free kick was interesting.

    Straight onto it this time. “Prince Perfect” gazumped early in the game.

  4. we are carlton? we are coachless? ;)

  5. What a great game! In a year when so much was made of all the blowouts, a good, close, intense game between 4th and 5th was just what we needed.

    In the euphoria that follows a final, we tend to make outlandish claims. But honestly, was that one of the great finals? I think so.

  6. LOL, Danni, I doubt they’ll give the flick to the block who got them within three points of a prelim.
    Ratten lives to get bundled out of another finals series ;)
    But seriously, what an awesome game from Carlton – especially considering the number Scott Selwood was doing on Judd.

  7. Just got home. Have to type this as I have no voice left to talk it. Great contest. More twists than Chubby Checkers Greatest Hits. Both sides had periods when they were on top but wasted opportunities. Apart from Murphy the ‘stars’ of both sides were pretty ordinary and the foot soldiers stood up. Lots of players had good quarters or halves but noone stood out all game. We get a free swing at the Cats next week with nothing to lose. Be afraid JTH. Very afraid. Noone has got an easy game off us all year.
    Condolences JB – you were brave and a key big man front and back off a top side. The run and carry style is just a bit vulnerable in a pressure game.
    BOG – SSelwood and Oscar Dylan – his first Eagles game under the father/son rule and he came through with flying colours. JoshK came through under pressure after a week in the hall of mirrors getting the SStosur Special rinse and tint.
    All is well with the world – for me and the Avenging Eagle anyway.
    Sleep well Eastern Staters – and lock up your valuables – the hordes are descending.

  8. They looked a little tired and sore at the end Peter.

    They may only just have the energy to play a game rather than the rape and pillage when they get over here.

  9. Further,

    if the hordes were to win they could stay over for the week and go to war with the ‘Vandals’ as the pre match enterainment with their team in October.

    Now just who would the Vandals be?

  10. Loved that semi-final in Perth. Loved that the Blues never gave it away. Loved the intensity. Loved the various runs of umpiring decisions. Loved the physicality of it all.

  11. A telling lack of commentary on the Semi finals probably indicates that the learned judges at the Almanackery regard them as an inconsequential side-show.

    Notwithstanding the intensity of last night’s game, I’m afraid that that’s what they are. If either Hawthorn or West Coast can knock off their opponents next week, it would put Carlton’s ’99 Prelim Final win in the shade.

    Speaking of Carlton, that makes three consecutive interstate final losses by less than a goal. What’s not to like??

  12. Geez Stainless you can rehearse for Doubting Thomas in the Resurrection Play. Exclusive Rights Reserved to my Semi Final Analysis by Harms and Daffey Gentleman Publishers. The defeaning silence is the fact that this website – like most things AFL – is a Collingwood/Carlton/Geelong conspiracy. Litza and JB have gone to ground to weep piteously while reviewing their 1981 GF videos. Harms, Dips, Flynn etc are keeping their powder dry. But we have plenty of ammo to toss over the parapet. We will win and/or belt the bejeesus out of them. Can you think of how much childhood resentment Adam and Scott have stored up. Joel will be in the ED by half time.
    Pull yourself together and have faith man.

  13. It will take both Selwoods on their brother. Which should free up James Kelly.

  14. You are right Harmsy, Kelly could do some damage in the first half. But with Joel waiting for his CAT scan we will have time for him after the break.

  15. Mr Phantom – your paucity of knowledge in relation to the tribes of Western Europe is distressing in such a cultured person. The Visigoths originally came from the Balkans (my understanding is that the Visigoth King Alaric was the Avenging Eagle’s great great great grandfather from western Croatia).
    You will doubtless remember the Battle of Adrianople in 378 where the Roman forces were slaughtered and the Emperor Valens was killed during the fighting. Adrianople shocked the Roman world and eventually forced the Romans to negotiate with and settle the barbarians within the empire’s boundaries, a development with far reaching consequences for the eventual fall of Rome.
    Letting the Eagles into the once sheltered world of the VFL has similarly led to the decline in Victorian football with the Western Visigoths heralding the way for their Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane acolytes.
    Pillaging has been a little lean the past 4 years but we expect normal service to resume in coming weeks.

  16. You can tell a sandgroper. But you can’t tell them much.

  17. I like it Peter.

    Rome is west of the Bulkans so no doubt the Cats will take on the role of the Visigoths. If your story is correct then it sounds like a happy ending for the East.

    My only concern is that I was led to believe that some of those war mongering mobs used to eat the big red mushrooms, with the white spots, prior to going into battle. The ones that didn’t die were apparently in some sort of psychotic trance next day and were quite fierce and formidable foes.

    I suppose with the alchamist as a coach and a bit of a precident to boot in the eighties there may be a bit of the old history repeating stuff.

    I chose to refer Whoosha as an alchamist rather than a pharmacist as I understand alchamists had the mystical powers to change inert simple objects into something more prized quite quickly.

    We can see that Whoosha has tossed a bit of scale of toad and wing of bat etc into the “tank” and transformed the Eagles into condors.

    You will find it a little easier to get tickets to the GF with an interstate team in. When there are two Melbourne teams it is damn near impossible so it seems like all your stars are lining up.

    Good luck for the Grand final.

  18. PeterB – well done to the Eagles. Dismiss them at your peril, I say. They are big and strong and quite fast. The Cats will need to be on their game.

    Only three teams can win the flag from here. Cats, Pies, Eagles – sorry Hawks but you’re making up the numbers now. The Cats and Pies have to be in the box seat due to a week off.

    Looking forward to next week’s game. Still remember 1992 and 1994.

  19. If I was a Carlton supporter. And on Saturday night I was. I’d be reflecting (in an expletive-filled way) on the two set-shot misses by Murphy and the rather important before-the-bounce goal that Davies gave away.

    Go Cats.

  20. And another thing Peter.

    If you think the Roman Empire fell just refer to the Vatican and the quality of the property it owns throughout the world and the power it has.

    Still going strong and apparently not going anywhere.

  21. Peter – you’d not suggesting WCE would have to resort to thuggery to win, are you? :P
    Don’t get your hackles up, I’m just teasing.
    As a Cats fan, I’m extremely nervous about this preliminary final – even more nervous than I will be for the Grand Final if we make it through.
    West Coast has an awesome list, a great midfield who some would (and have – I’m looking at you, Josh Barnstable) argue rivals, or is even superior to, Geelong’s.
    All I’m hoping for this week is a good, clean game with no injuries to either team – whoever makes it through to the Grand Final needs to be in tip-top shape to beat Collingwood/Hawthorn! (and I’d rather WCE than either of those two)

  22. Meanwhile back on coaching news. Brendan MCCARTNEY is to be announced as the Bulldogs coach at 1pm.

    The word on the street is that his assistants will be be Bruce LENNON (28 games Rich 92-93), Ben HARRISON (161 games for Car, Rich, WB 95-05) & Les STARR (Carl 1 game 1913).

    If Les STARR is unvailable (and given that he played his last game in 1913, that’s a distinct possibility), then Trevor BEST (21 games for Carlton 63-64) is next in line.

  23. Are you excited Gigs?
    You’re gaining someone who I’m sure will be an excellent coach – he’s got a pretty deccent pedigree! (well, he did prior to this season :P )

  24. Not sure, Susie. Need to ask him a few questions first, like:

    * does his contract have a clause that allows hiim to p*ss off with 3 months notice?
    * will he, or will he not, ever use the word “loyalty” when addressing his players?
    * did he seek the anointment of Mark Doyle before accepting the role?

    In all seriousness (and I CAN be serious, just occasionally), I hope he’s the right man. I hope he and the club commit to each other long-term and they can give me belief that a flag just MIGHT be possible in my lifetime. I don’t want to hear the words “career coach”. I want to hear the words “build towards a premiership”.

  25. I am bemused at your MD comment Gigs.

    He certainly appears to be in the naughty chair this week.

  26. One injury concern from Saturday night’s game is my foot injury after putting it through the wall just before the final siren…

  27. Phantom, if it makes MD feel any better, I am bemused by MY OWN comments more often than not.

    Wishing you a Buddy-like recovery, Litza. Wouldn’t want your pre-season to be affected.

  28. Litza – know how you feel. In 2005 (Cats beaten by the Swans with 3 seconds to go in a semi final) I hammered a small coffee table with my left hand. The table got a small dent in it and my left hand still hurts in the cold weather.

  29. We have probably been repaid for that bad experience by pinching games from most commers since ’05 Dips.

  30. Phantom – Bad news.

    There’s a headline in The Age “Sperm Bank Bans ‘Ranga’ Deposits”

    Could put Lingy out of Father-Son calculations.

  31. Eagles V Blues game was perfect. Close, physical and intense until the end. As a Cats fan, it was good to see them bleting the suitcases out of each other.

    I’m not dismissing the Eagles by saying this, but I was getting very nervous toward the end. I was having flashes of Yarran, Betts and Garlett tearing the Cats to pieces on the wide open MCG next week. I’m not saying the Blues are a better side then the Eagles, and I’m not saying the Eagles cannot win next week, I’m just saying that Carlton’s strengths challenge our weaknesses more than any other side.

  32. What about father-daugher, Dips?

  33. I remember that game Dips – surprised it was only the coffee table that bore the brunt. At least with the warmer weather coming on you’ll be spared the reminder.

  34. Phantom – clear historical error on my part. The Editor reminded me about the Tea Graders from Princes Park doing all the leaf raking, knob polishing and rose pruning at Raheen. Carlton are clearly the Visy Goths. My mistake.

  35. Gigs, you will be mining McCartney Gold for years now.
    “Yesterday, footy was such an easy game to play,
    Why Eade had to go I don’t know
    Smorgon wouldn’t say
    Premierships seemed so far away……”

    ‘The Long and Winding Road’ for the next few years. Then ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ in a few years time when McCartney has rebuilt you as serious contenders again. Everything I have read about him suggests he is a terrific appointment for where your club is now.

    Really good strategic move by the Dogs. Lyon to Freo, is Carey to Crows or Fev to Brisbane while the premiership window is open??? Wanting the result is not the same as having the resources/capacity to deliver it.

  36. Alovesupreme says

    And Peter B, (you know) we’re coming to get you and others, storing up the grievances,for a serious lash in 2012, 2013.
    Blue Visigoth (senior citizens’ division).

  37. Pete,

    I was worried about the potential Scarlo / Setanta match up.

  38. Dips,

    that wasn’t Lingy on the telly the other night having a lung buster in an Indionesian zoo was it.

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