Finals Week 2 – Brisbane v GWS: Extraordinary footy I had never seen


Brisbane vs Greater Western Sydney
Saturday 14 September 2019
7:25 pm


My feelings have been down, unfortunately, since I had been in Thailand for AFL Asia Championship.


Despite having gained several possessions and assisted a goal at first two games, I was on the bench mostly in the last two games including the Grand Final of Division 3.


I was really upset and had difficulty in sleeping in Thailand after the tournament and a few days after having come back to Japan.


Then the loss of Danny ‘Spud’ Frawley is shocking.


Meeting up with new friends on Thursday was good and lifted me a bit.


But negative feelings came back on Saturday without any warning. Feeling lonely hit me. Cancelled team training for Sunday might have affected me.


I had set up the time for watching the Saturday night footy live, but was unable to because even I didn’t want to move at the park where I ran and kicked footy.


On Sunday I watched the replay including the video clip of a minute silence paying a tribute to Frawley.


Final footy played by the rising up Lions and the newest club of Giants was extraordinary from the beginning.


A flare-up in the centre of the field just after the first bounce was the tip of iceberg in this game.


Charlie Cameron was following Hopper, grabbing his back. Then Neale cut in between. Cameron fell down on the ground and injured his elbow.


Greene scored a goal after dropping footy in a marking contest and picking it up himself. Then a flare occurred in the goal square.


Finlayson was awarded a free kick and scored another goal without a centre bounce after Greene’s goal.


It was an extraordinary situation in the Australian Rules Football and indeed one I had never seen!


GWS shook the ground with four unanswered goals.


But Brisbane bounced back and kicked five goals in first quarter.


Charlie Cameron came back on the field and won a contested mark in the goal square. He dove outside the boundary line.


The Lion forward scored a goal. His spirits were high and encouraging.


Cameron was the only player I could sense honouring Spud on the field at the game.


It was a close and good game, but seeing too many flares was unimpressive. Where were their respects for the legend of the game?


I had to disconnect from the footy replay at the end of third quarter because I couldn’t stand seeing too many unnecessary physical conducts.


Now Bulldogs, Bombers and Lions are all out. I don’t care much who wins the flag as none of Collingwood, Geelong, Richmond and GWS fancies me.



BRISBANE 5.2 7.4 9.9 11.14 (80)
GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY 4.2 9.4 10.10 12.11 (83)


Brisbane: Hipwood 3, Cameron 2, Berry, Zorko, Lyons, Rayner, McStay, Christensen
Greater Western Sydney: Cameron 3, Greene 2, Finlayson 2, Lloyd, Hopper, Williams, Kelly, Daniels


Official crowd: 30,034



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About Yoshihiro Imagawa

Love, passion and pride are seen on the footy that is the biggest part of my life. 1. St Kilda Club member: I am a passionate and crazy Sainter. Just hope we will win the second flag soon, especially after Dogs and Tigers having ended long premiership draughts. 2. The Osaka Dingoes Player and Public Relations Officer: Player number 44 that I chose to honour Stephen Milne with my wish being like a small forward like him. Lenny Hayes' hardworking attitudes are adopted on my trainings and practices. Nick Riewoldt's great plays are in my player audiobook too. 3. Writing: Here on the Almanac and also on the World Footy News. My skills utilise on great footy websites.


  1. Hi Yoshi,

    I am extremely happy with St Kilda’s trade period.
    I honestly hope The Mighty Saints can wn their 2nd flag soon, possibly by 2023. If the Western Bulldogs and Richmond can, so can St Kilda. They have a very good Administration particularly with the new President, as well as Simon Lethlean and James Gallagher as the List Manager. They are all real go getters, which is what St Kilda have been waiting for many years.
    They need to have a much better game plan (like what Ross Lyon came up with to win 19 games in a row at the start of 2009), less turnovers, more accurate kicking for goal, better field kicking and better delivery to the forward line. They also need to get more quality midfielders, who are fast and can get centre clearances, having lost Jack Steven. Jade Gresham fits the bill but they need to find more players like him who can play in the midfield.
    Brett Ratten could be St Kilda’s next premiership coach. Hoping he and his Assistant Coaches will come up with a winning game plan.
    This could be St Kilda’s best team:

    B: Savage, Battle, Roberton (if available to play, otherwise Wilkie)
    HB: Geary, Carlisle, Z Jones
    C: H Clark, Ross, Hill
    HF: Billings, M King, McCartin (if available to play, otherwise Lonie)
    F: Gresham, Membrey, Ryder
    R: Marshall, Dunstan, Hannebery
    Int: Webster, Butler, Wilkie, Howard
    Emerg: Sinclair, Hind, Coffield

    From Gary

  2. Yoshi, September the 17th, the day you posted your article, was a sad day for me over here in SA. This was the day that ROBERT OATEY, brilliant and often controversial footballer, passed away. Robert was the son of JACK OATEY, one of the legends of football. Robert played just over 300 games, mainly for Norwood with the remainder for Sturt.

    I knew Robert reasonably well whilst we were both students at Norwood High in the fifties. Even then everyone could see he was destined to become a great player. For as long as I live I’ll always remember the way he played especially his outstanding look-away handballs that caught players off guard – sometimes even his own players.

    Anyway Yoshi, I wish you and your mighty Sainters well for next season. Paddy Rider should be a valuable inclusion – he can play. All the best

  3. Football Analyst says

    Gary, you make some good points. Speed in the midfield certainly helps but don’t forget that Hawthorn won 3 flags in a row from 2013-2015 and another one in 2008 without a lot of pace in the midfield with players like Sam Mitchell, Lewis and Hodge. Therefore if players like Ross, Dunstan, Hannebery, Steele and Gresham can get enough effective centre clearances from the tap work of Ryder and Marshall, then St Kilda are on their way to achieving the ultimate success.

    The game is often won in the midfield. St Kilda has also addressed their previous lack of outside speed with the recent additions of Zak Jones, Brad Hill and Dan Butler. Gresham, Savage, Geary and Nick Hnd, if the latter is in the 22, can also provide outside run.

    Yes, it helps to kick accurately for goal as St Kilda unfortunately were very inaccurate against Geelong in the 2009 Grand Final, which ultimately cost them the game. However, I am a firm believer that if you can get the ball into your forward line many more times than your opposition, hence the midfield importance, you can still win the game. For example, 8.15.63 beats the more accurate kicking of 8.3.51.

    I like your best 22, considering the likes of Kent, Long and Parker who are all capable of kicking goals were not even mentioned as interchange or emergencies. I agree as those 3 players are not consistent enough to be in St Kilda’s best team.

    There is certainly more quality depth now at St Kilda, which will hopefully make the team perform better. St Kilda will once again have a good draw in 2020, having finished 14th last year. It is not beyond St Kilda to do something similar or better next year to what the Brisbane Lions did this year. You are right about a winning game plan and I also think that belief, or believing you can win, is very important to St Kilda. Grant Thomas was very big on belief, and providing 100% effort 100% of the time. Ross Lyon took that to another level and Brett Ratten will have his own coaching style,.He will incorporate all the good traits that Hawthorn possessed during their premiership era of 2013-2015, while Ratten was an Assistant Coach at Hawthorn under Clarkson.

    Anyway, it’s time that St Kilda starts to deliver on the field and win their 2nd flag soon.

  4. Another St Kilda fan says

    I would also like to think that players such as Hunter Clark and Jack Billing’s can spend more time in that part of the ground. St Kilda now has a very good mix of inside and outside midfielders.

    St Kilda has the opportunity now to get 50,000 members and I have noticed that they are promoting their membership heavily in the media.

    It’s great for football that St Kilda can now attract class players to their club. If only free agency was around after the 2009 Grand Final. It was a tragedy for St Kilda that bad kicking cost them the 2009 flag and likewise when the ball bounced the wrong for Milney in the goal square in the dying minutes of the 2010 drawn Grand Final.

    St Kilda could have also won 4 Grand Finals in 2004, 2005, 2009 and 2010 had they picked Chris Judd at pick number 2 in the 2001 National Draft instead of Luke Ball.

    In more recent times, St Kilda’s top 10 draft picks in Hunter Clark, Nick Coffield, Paddy McCartin, Max King and Jack Billing’s are yet to play well consistently for various reasons. Hopefully, their fortunes can turn around for the better. Therefore, being active in the recent AFL trade period, will hopefully be the change to the list that was required, as the recent National Drafts are yet to yield the results. It would also help St Kilda if their best players were on the ground for the majority of the season. Even Richmond struggled on the field this year when they were missing the likes of Rance, Cotchin, Martin, Riewoldt and others all at once, for parts of the season.

    Very long suffering St Kilda supporters deserve to see their team compete well with and have a chance of beating the best teams in the AFL consistently. They will no longer accept mediocrity and are ashamed that the club has won only 1 flag in 122 years of the VFL/AFL, and 27 wooden spoons.

    Yet St Kilda has survived in its own right as a club and hopefully will only go from strength to strength in the years to come.
    Come on St Kilda, don’t think, do! Win another flag.

  5. Good morning guys,

    Thanks for your comments with good points of views and my apology for not having replied sooner. I had got ready to play footy last weekend and have had lazy days post match.

    It’s good Saints recruited great players and formed good combinations on footy field. I can’t wait the AFL 2020 season. Hope I will witness the win in Shanghai next year.



  6. Winning game plan for St Kilda’s 2nd flag says

    It’s now only 3 months away to the start of the 2020 season. I am hoping that St Kilda how been working on their weaknesses that were apparent during the 2019 season and more importantly come up with a winning game plan that will hopefully deliver them their 2nd flag. I have been listening to avid St Kilda supporters on SEN, including presenter Darren Parkin, whose opinion I respect highly. He thought St Kilda should hold onto the ball more and deliver to someone free in the forward line, rather than rush the delivery, therefore risking the ball being turned over. That game plan may have worked well for Brett Ratten under Alastair Clarkson when he was in charge of ball movement for Hawthorn in their premiership years from 2013 to 2015. While that particular game plan sounds good in theory, unlike Hawthorn, St Kilda do not have enough quality ball users to carry that plan out. Only Brad Hill from that Hawthorn premiership era, Jack Billings and perhaps Seb Ross and Jade Gresham come to mind as elite ball users for St Kilda.

    I believe St Kilda would be better off trying to copy and execute Richmond’s game plan to perfection, of moving the ball forward quickly at all costs, as St Kilda has added more pace to its team from the recent AFL Trade Period. St Kilda is also a great tackling team, which would help in generating turnovers from the opposition. Therefore, playing to its strengths is crucial to St Kilda’s climb up the ladder.

    Other areas of concern are how can St Kilda cover the losses of Paddy McCartin, Josh Bruce and Jack Steven in particular? Firstly, with respect to Paddy McCartin, he was delisted by St Kilda after repeated episodes of concussion. At his best, he would definitely be in St Kilda’s forward line but as he hasn’t been able to have a good run at it, St Kilda had already been forced to cover for him with only Bruce and Membey as the tall key forwards. The big question is how can St Kilda cover Josh Bruce, who was also a useful back up ruckman?

    In two words, Max King, who is taller than Bruce, and like his twin brother Ben King from the Gold Coast Suns, is fast and a good mark and kick for goal. Hopefully, Max King will stay fit for the majority of 2020. Although Max King will not be used as a back up ruckman, that honour will fall to Roman Marshall who will spend more time in the forward line. Should Paddy Ryder, the number 1 ruckman, get injured, Ryan Abbott can be introduced into the team as the back up number 1 ruckman, should the selectors and coaches want Marshall to stay forward for the majority of the time.

    Regarding Jack Steven’s loss, it is imperative that the whole midfield lift as a result. Hannebery could do that role well, providing he remains fit. I imagine the likes of Gresham, Hunter Clark and perhaps Billings will get even more time in the midfield and good output will also be needed from Ross, Dunstan and Steele. Brad Hill and Zac Jones could be used in the midfield too but more than likely, they will be on the outside providing run to the team.

    I await with Interest to see what St Kilda’s game plan is in 2020 as that is the most important thing necessary to win a flag. Both Richmond in 2017 and the Western Bulldogs in 2016 changed their game plans for the better at the start of those years to win those flags.

    It also goes without saying that should St Kilda be lucky enough to get to another Grand Final soon, they must win it, as it can take years and years to get another opportunity. That is why the failure to win at least 1 flag in our 3 Grand Finals in 2009 and the 2 Grand Finals in 2010 really hurts, not to mention losing Grand Finals in 1997 and 1971 when in winnng positions. At least the 1965 Grand Final loss was followed by a flag the following year in 1966. The only other Grand Final losss in 1913, was 106 years ago. St Kilda must learn from and follow Richmond, who won a premiership in 2017, having not played in their previous Grand Final for 35 years in 1982 (and of course won again in 2019) and from the Western Bulldogs who won a flag in 2016, having not played in their previous Grand Final for 55 years in 1961.

    All St Kilda supporters are hoping that St Kilda can finally win their 2nd flag soon.

  7. I completely agree with Winning game plan for St Kilda’s 2nd flag. To win premierships, you need to be bold, daring, risk taking and have plenty of heart. While St Kilda were close to winning back to back flags in 2009 and the drawn Grand Final in 2010 under the genius game plan of Ross Lyon, they eventually just fell short in both of them. St Kilda can no longer play safe to achieve their ultimate dream. Of course, you risk turning over the ball with a bold game plan, but ithat can also happen if you play safe, especially with the lack of quality ball users St Kilda has had at its disposal. With a fast ball moving game plan, at least there’s a better chance of getting the opposition out of position. St Kilda must back itself and everyone must be completely on board with whatever game plan Brett Ratten and his Assistant Coaches come up with. I just hope for St Kilda’s sake that there is an equivalent Coach or Assistant Coach of the ability of Blake Caracalla, who was mainly responsible for Richmond’s change of ball movement from the start of 2017, which brought them a flag that year and 2 years later. Don’t forget Richmond had finished 13th in 2016 and St Kilda finished in a similar position of 14th in 2019. It also should be mentioned that St Kilda would have either made or finished closer to the finals in 2019 had key players in Carlisle, Hannebery, Steven, Geary, Roberton, King and McCartin played at least 16 games or more.

    I know that Steven, Bruce and McCartin are no longer at the club are there will be ongoing queries about Roberton and Hannebery’s fitness, but it’s the new playing personnel from the trade period, together with the potential new game plan, which gives St Kilda fans great optimism. Like Richmond addressed their needs in acquiring Nankervis, Caddy and Prestia for premiership success, so has St Kilda addressed their specific needs in getting a number 1 ruckman in Paddy Ryder, so Marshall can spend more time in the forward line, combining with Max King to fill the loss of Josh Bruce. Dougal Howard fills the need for a mobile key defender, who can also play forward too. Zak Jones and Brad Hill fill the need for outside midfield run and Hill is also a quality ball user. Dan Butler fills the need for a smaller quick quality ball user who is fast and is a good kick for goal. St Kilda should get service from Butler. I know both Port Adelaide and Essendon also had successful trade periods in recent years without winning a final, but I feel that those clubs already had similar types of players to those that they recruited, whereas St Kilda, like Richmond, have really filled their needs.

    Yoshi, I can honestly say that St Kilda are very close to winning their 2nd flag soon. If only the players, administration and coaching staff really believe it too and leave no stone unturned by working extremely hard on and off the field to turn that dream into reality!

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