Sean Wight


by David Bridie


sean wight

yes he was indeed great ,our Scot. Yet he was always called Irish.

proof that the Scots carry much of Ireland in them. The Protestant/Catholic divide between Hibernians and Hearts in Edinburgh was as large as the animosity in an Orange march in Derry
Sean Wight gave us so many hours of sublime pleasure.
He was a creative defender.

a desperate defender.

In a pre season night game,he’d done his hamstring, was caught out one against three, but still made it back 40 metres back to the goal line to punch it through.

then limped off
he  beat Ablett on many an occasion.The one player whose physicality and stretch and strength could often out maverick the king of all Mavericks

He had artistry too
I remember the rage I felt when Brereton pulled his hair in that prelim final in a brawl right in front of me. Wight was defeating Brereton,and ol’ Derm resorted to the most childish of comebacks.
Alan Johnson, Danny Hughes and Sean Wight…twas a golden back three.(Andrew Carswell my cohort in MFTCC used to drunkenly sing oh Danny Hughes oh Danny Hughes i love you so.)

Carswell ,who is from Glasgow,used to say “oh Sean” in the best Scottish brogue whenever he saved our arse in the last line..I heard “Jim” say this many times

Sean Wight
athletic, handsome, brooding, dark, unique and capable of the unexpected…frequently. He had his own kind of flair despite the village people moustache.
He personified why that Northey team did as well it did
He was classic MFC

number 27



  1. Nice one David.

  2. John Butler says

    Nice work Mr Bridie.

    The team should wear black moustaches instead of arm bands tonight perhaps?

  3. As a Cats supporter, I remember his battles with Ablett fondly.

    He was indeed dynamic. He played more like a key forward than any other key back I can remember if that makes any sense. Maybe a frustrated forward who refused to be limited by the expectations we have of backmen.

  4. johnharms says

    Very fitting David. Thanks for these heartfelt words.

    Sean Wight was one of the players who helped you like the Demons at that time, no matter who you supported. I heard Greg and Gerard Healy talking about him on 3AW last night. I had no idea of the depth and strength of his character.

    I remember him as skilful and courageous, and reliable.

    A worthy opponent, and no doubt a wonderful teammate.

  5. Terrific piece, David

    Like John said, Wight was one of those players that helped you like the Demons (other than for a brief time after the 1988 Preliminary Final).

  6. smokie88 says

    Nice words, David.
    Sounds like he was a wonderful fellow.

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