Sean Gorman on Tony Peek in The Guardian

‘For Peek, Aussie Rules was about relationships. Clubs and the people in them become an extension of one’s family, where respect, sacrifice, and love become the most important human exchanges.’ – Sean Gorman in The Guardian.


On Monday October 1, long-serving AFL senior executive Tony Peek passed away after losing his battle with cancer at age 68.


The football community mourned the loss of one of the game’s most loyal servants and Sean Gorman has written a lovely piece on Peek in The Guardian.


You can read his piece HERE.



  1. Matt Quartermaine says

    This is a must read to appreciate Tony Peek who was truly under the radar for the average footy fan (even though I was familiar with the name) and it’s beautifully written and informative. What a man.

  2. I knew the name Tony Peek and wrongly assumed he was just another corporate flak until I read Sean (and others) fine tributes to his social activism. A wonderful piece of social and political history as much as a personal obituary.
    Made me wonder how much his effectiveness in his ‘day job’ as AFL media manager gave him the credibility and access to so powerfully influence what were controversial social issues in the day. Power behind the throne?
    The AFL’s comparative inclusion stand in contrast to the US NFL where team owners are tying themselves in knots on the kneeling/Kaepernick issue. Side with the employees who garner their wealth or fellow corporate aristocrats in the White House. Good reading on the subject in a recent Harpers article.

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