SCG Test, Australia v India – Day Four: Yoshi’s Catch Up

Cricketholic is a word created by me or might have been created by someone but I do not think it is in a dictionary. I try to follow cricket hard, but having no live coverage and winter storm forced me to cancel some services (like those on trains here on Thursday).

On early Thursday morning, I had Carlton players’ favourite (just my guess) latte at Starbucks in downtown Sapporo, while reading Smokie’s cricket report and two footy match reports from the 2014 Footy Almanac. Then I checked the score to find that India was 2-100 or so.

At 10:10am (12:10 pm AEDT), India got 112 runs but got another wicket (2-112). I was glad to hear about India losing another wicket.

I felt freezing at 11:00am (1:00 pm AEDT), so checked the score while trying to heat up. Cricket websites provided it as India: 2-122. Cricketers were on lunch break.

During my lunch break, Steve Baker emailed me with more help for trying to get some live radio. I appreciate a lot and you are very kind, Steve!

At 1:30pm (3:30pm AEDT), the score board showed India’s score as 2-234. I wanted to see the one-digit number bigger!

Twenty minutes later, I found a great position advertisement for backpackers’ hostels in Tokyo and Kyoto. I would concentrate on making resumes and supporting documents.

Checking the score at 2:55pm (4:55pm AEDT), I learned that India was playing at 5-299. Wow, Australia got three wickets in one and half hours. I was happy to see the score!

Then later watching highlight videos on, I was not able to see any impressive action that Australian made in the first session or second session. Only Rahul’s ball hitting on the wicket in the first session made me happy. At 3:15pm (5:15pm AEDT), India’s score was 5-315.

The Test match on Thursday ended at 5-342.

I had other things to do after the employment program on that night.

After light sleep, a brand new day arrived. It was Friday.

Starting with tuning to SEN where Tony Schibeci presented a program. At 8:40am (10:40am AEDT), Graham ‘Smokie’ Dawson made a report. It was beautiful day in Sydney with predicted maximum temperature of 31 degrees. They discussed about two captains’ performances but had different thoughts. While Tony thought that Kohli was doing well under the pressure, Smokie thought that Smith did too. They both hoped Aussies would get a wicket before lunch.

Ten minutes later at the clinic waiting room, I got good news on SEN. Australia got a wicket! Kolhi was out for 140. Bowler was Ryan Harris and Chris Rodgers caught the ball. Brilliant!

After the physiotherapy, I got on subway and watched highlight videos. I have seen some nice wickets on the last session of yesterday, but it was hard to describe now because I had an important thing to do (I would tell you later in the article). But today’s wicket was great. The ball was bounced low and was hit straight into Rodgers. My arm went from 90-degrees to straight to show excitement!

Arriving at the employment program place, I discussed about the hostel reception positions in Tokyo and Kyoto with a staff member who is in charge of me. I got some advice and started making applications including a supporting document in English. I could skip writing in English, but didn’t because I love writing in English and wanted to show them my English skills. But translating into Japanese was a hard job!

At lunch break, I heard that India’s inning was over at 475. Then Australia’s second innings had started.

My work on job applications continued in the afternoon as well. Then after the employment program, I had some catch up stuff.

At 4:15pm (6:15 pm AEDT) after typing the above sentences, I watched a highlight video of Chris Rodgers. At 1-15 in the second inning, he hit the ball while the wicketkeeper behind him just having stood up trying to get a wicket. But Rodgers hit the ball and bounced well towards the boundary. Rodgers made six straight fifties. Well done!

Ten minutes later, I checked the score on and the day seemed to end at Australia: 7d-572 and 6-251 and India 475. Australia has lost six wickets. I was a bit disappointed, but hope Aussies will win the SCG match.

Sorry that I only have small report today. I had only little time and energy to watch highlight videos for the last two days.

Thanks for reading my cricket report and have a good weekend.

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