SCG Test, Australia v India – Day Four: Wee Joe Burns Day

Much to my chagrin Blowers has outdone me today. I don’t think I have ever seen a cricket aficionado so resplendent. He made Beau Brummel look like Dane Swan.

In describing his outfit I can only come up with Joseph’s Coat of Many Colours. Not flamboyant but one that many Australian men could follow. I dips me lid.

Let us hope the day’s play is just as colourful.

I am looking forward to my new hero Virat Kohli showing his true colours today by batting for a very long time this morning. Saha is no slouch either and has centuries to his name in domestic cricket in India. He is also looking to secure his place in the Indian test team as well.

My dream is not fulfilled as Kohli (147) chips to Rogers at mid-wicket of Harris. India 6-352. A great breakthrough by the Australians but with Ashwin coming to the wicket at eight this Indian side has more stomach than usual.

Starc and Harris bowl impressive spells to open the day’s play. Starc in particular has been very ‘Mitchell Johnson’ in his approach to his task. His five overs for 13 runs were excellent.

Hazelwood breaks through and gets Saha (35) caught by Smith at second slip. India 7-383 and the tail have exceeded all expectations in this match.

Burns drops one of Lyon at short mid-wicket and the bloodhounds are baying. Don’t they realise that the new chum always get the death seat? A ridiculous situation when you consider that in this case, Burns never ever plays in that position in any form of cricket. Talk about a pecking-order.

One feature of this game that we have not commented on has been the fielding of David Warner in the outfield. He will never give up no matter how far he has to run. One can only guess how many runs he saves in a match.

India goes to lunch at 7-407 with Ashwin 33 and Kumar three. An interesting morning’s play with Australia throwing everything at the Indian batsmen. They probably would have liked to have taken more than two wickets.

Another fifty-plus-partnership comes to an end when Kumar (30) is controversially given out by the third umpire. The ball seems to hit the ground after Kumar played a stroke and Watson at slip took a very slow moving ball. Lyon was the bowler. India 8-448. This one will be talked about.

Ashwin reaches 50 in a very steady and considered innings for his team. He departs soon when he is beaten by a beauty by Starc that he tickles to Haddin. India 9-456.

Mitchell Starc has bowled splendidly today and his movement away from the right handers has been text book perfect. Starc 3-106.

Shami and Yadav start to hit out and, in fact, hit Lyon out of the attack. Forced to take the new ball, Harris has Yadav (4) caught behind.   Shami 16 not out. India all out 475.

Starc took 3-106 and two wickets each to Watson, Harris and Lyon. Starc easily the best performer.

Australia start their second innings with a lead of 97. Will they attack?

Indian skipper Kholi starts his attack with Kumar and off spinner Ravi Ashwin. Ashwin gets Warner (4) and the gamble has paid off.   Warner pushes forward and Vijay takes an easy catch at first slip. Australia 1-6.

Kohli’s fields are also attacking and he is going all out to put the pressure on Australia. Rogers counter attacks and he takes two fours of Ashwin in succession and Watson attacks the wicket taker.

In six overs before tea Australia score 1-38 and it is obvious that they will be attacking when play resumes. Rogers 21 and Watson 13. Ashwin 1-21.

Australia still attacking after tea but Watson on 16 plays on to Ashwin. Australia 2-46.

Smith and Rogers take to the bowlers. They are both in superb touch. Smith passes Bradman’s record against India in Australia. Bradman made 715 in 1947-48 in a five-Test series, while Smith has created the new record in four Tests.

Rogers scored his sixth half-century in a row. He played a great team innings and he holed out to Kumar at deep mid-wicket for 56. Australia 3-126

Smith’s 50 followed shortly after off 44 balls, with six fours and one magnificent six. He has owned the series, has the temporary Australian captain.

Marsh (1) pushes at Ashwin and Vijay takes a comfortable catch at slip of Ashwin. Australia are 4-139.

Smith and Burns continue to flay the bowling and Smith, if he stays, should be 100 by stumps. Still 20 minutes to play but he is in such good form that anything is possible.

Not possible as he gets a yorker from Shami and is LBW. Smith’s 71 came from 70 balls. Australia 5/165. The Oz boys are playing very attractive cricket in an endeavour to force a result on the final day.

Joe Burns takes to hit Ashwin and hits him for two fours and a six as the evening closes in. Ashwin is tired as he has bowled through the innings. Haddin joins in. The Australians are racing to declare tonight.

Burns is hot and on fire. He races to 50 of 33 balls with six fours and two sixes. He has hit four fours in a row! Wee Joey Burns has brought Robbie Burns Day forward by two weeks and a day. If he keeps this up, we might have our own Wee Joey Burns Day.

It had to end and he was caught sweeping Ashwin for a magnificent 66. His innings lasted for 39 balls. He hit eight fours and three sixes with a strike rate of 189. Joey is right for the Windies and England.

Australia 6-251 as light rains derails the final over. With a lead of 348, the Australians should declare tonight and ensure a great day of cricket tomorrow. Ashwin did a great job for the visitors and finished the day with 4-105.

A great day’s play with Joe Burns emerging as a new batting hero. Mitchell Starc showing that, given the lead, he could become our next strike bowler of renown.




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At 80 years of age Citrus Bob is doing what he wanted to do as a 14 year-old living on the farm at Lang Lang. Talking, writing, watching sport. Now into his third book on sports history he lives in Mildura with his very considerate wife (Jenny ) and a groodle named "Chloe On Flinders". How good is that.


  1. Should be a great finish tomorrow if the weather is kind, and Smith declares overnight. Amazing how Test Cricket is a long overture with a rousing crescendo. The game meandered for 3 and a half days until the wicket started to turn half way through Day 4.
    Of course the 3rd umpire (Razor Ray) decided to hurry things along when Ashwin and Kumar looked well set. Bloody ridiculous. This series has been all the better for the absence of DRS and yet somehow he got involved in this 50:50 call. We saw every replay from every angle ten times which conclusively proved that the answer was a pineapple. Eye of newt and frog entrails would be more useful on these decisions where bat, ball and ground all coincide in a split infinitive.
    Whatever happened to the benefit of the doubt going to the batsman? There were more doubters about this decision than a Last Supper reunion, and the visitors get screwed again.
    Burns looked good at the end as you say. Bit of the Dean Jones about him with the charge and the strong arms and sharp early wrist cock?
    Smith is a beauty but I struggle to work out how or why he is so good. My conclusion was that its the footwork. He is a dancer at the crease and always beautifully in-line and showing the full face of the bat. He also seems to keep his head down and steady through the shot like a champion golfer. Shows how doing the basics excellently make a difference, even at the top level.
    Thanks CB. Was CB Fry also Citrus Bob?

  2. You’d have to say That Decision has put India’s acceptance of DRS back another 100 years Mr B. BTW, where’d you get the doubters line? I might have to borrow it. Big finish coming up. My money’s on The Baggy Greens, but I’ll be barracking for The Baggy Saffrons.

  3. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Beau Brummel and Dane Swan. Great line Bob. Cracked me up.

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