Sat’dy footy July 23


by Chris Riordan

For local junior comps the last few weeks have been like NRL’s Origin time with players unavailable and upsets likely. The end of school holidays should ensure a return to normality as the kids face the last batch of games for this season. There’ve been some super frosty mornings and not everyone will be sad to see the end of the minor rounds. I’m not involved directly at this level any more but love hearing recounts of teams’ tribulations.

In Senior Competition, fixtures are revealing some critical matches with August suddenly not far away. Finals places are up for grabs.

The VFL looks to have already settled the Maybes and the Gawns. Port and Willy are still the measuring sticks, with finals experts North Ballarat perched on their heels and Northern and Casey seeming the others who can expect a prolonged season. The VFL has managed to get some mainstream sports press this week courtesy of Fev’s 11 as his Scorpions flogged hapless Frankston. It is a pity for him that they have a bye this week. There are, though, good VFL fixtures and venues to consider for Round 17, with Port @ home to Sandy (ABCtv game), Box Hill hosting the Bullants, and Coburg playing at their Craigieburn base against the Roosters. There’s also a game at Windy Hill on Sunday.

My local League, the EDFL, has a split round this weekend, with probably Keilor and Oak Park being the better of the 2 games to be decided.

But, to be honest, I’m undecided on my Sat’dy fix – Sunday will be MCG or Windy Hill – so I’d welcome any recommendations.


  1. Andrew Fithall says

    At St Kevin’s on Saturday at 2.00pm is St Kevin’s v Caulfield Grammar. WIth the teams having only one loss each, this game is the virtual decider. Barring a mishap in the following week’s final game, the winner will be the APS champion. My plan is to see the game before heading to South Gippsland to see Seeker Lover Keeeper in the Meeniyan Hall.

  2. What an interesting life you lead AF. I’m being serious. Not many people would have weekend plans as you’ve just outlined.

    Is Seeker Lover Keeper an Indian cricketer?

  3. Seeka nother keeper was the one the Pakis brought here last time I think Dips.

  4. Andrew Fithall says

    In actual fact Seeker Lover Keeper is, in no particular order, Sally Seltmann, Holly Throsby and Sarah Blasko, who have come together and put out an album and are now on a national tour. They have sold out every show they are doing around the country, including two at Thornbury Theatre.

    Our family responsibilities resume Sunday Dips – have to be in Caulfield by 10.00am for the first of two lacrosse games.

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