SANFL round 6 preview: Norwood V Adelaide

Norwood take on the Adelaide Crows reserves at Coopers Stadium (a.k.a Norwood Oval) on Friday night.

This game has had a controversial build up due to South Adelaide’s lights not working last Saturday night and the game being changed to Sunday morning.

There was the comment made then that the Crows couldn’t play Friday night due to the AFL players agreement of a minimum six days break, meaning the Crows would have to rest their AFL players and only top-up players would play. Thankfully common sense came in to play and the Crows have been given permission to play their AFL contingent.

The Crows are still considering resting some of their younger players due to the so-called workload. Toughen up princess, no wonder we have problems in today’s society is my reaction to that dribble.

I have another gripe re: the Crows. It is free admission to SANFL games for their 60,000 or so members. This does not get publicised anywhere near enough! I bet there are Crows members who do not know this, and the bitterly disappointing  fact that the Crows reserves side draws so few spectators, to me, highlights the fact that there should be a national reserves competition played as curtain raisers to AFL games.

Norwood come off a game against Glenelg where they cruised to a 7-goal win where the go-gadget arms of Brady Dawe dominated. He will be keen to continue to press his claims for a state berth.

Mitch Wilkins has returned from North Melbourne where he didn’t play an AFL game and has taken to SANFL senior footy like a duck to water – his smooth skills and decision making a highlight and Michael Chippendale’s aerial skills excite the Redleg faithful. It is only the fact that AFL recruiters are so paranoid about height that stops him being on a list.

Sam Baulderstone – a surprise omission from the state squad – will want to push his claims and to beat Luke Lowden and Rory O Brien in the ruck from the Crows (if they play) to help his chances of getting on an AFL list.

Jimmy Allan was a tad quiet last week. He will want to get back to his ball magnet best. Dylan Reinbricht is suited to Norwood oval and night footy where his tackling (18 last week) is a stand out. His lack of pace – meaning whether he can feature in September on the Adelaide Oval – is still a real doubt. Ben Jeffries meanwhile, copped a heavy knock against Glenelg and will have to pass the concussion test to play.

Tim Webber, likewise, will need to pass a pre-match fitness test. Hopefully his back comes up from injury and he’s passed fit to play.

Simon Phillips’ return has added some desperately needed pace to the Redlegs. Michael Newton kicked 5 against Glenelg last week, yet several dropped marks. But for some errant kicking at goal he could have nabbed a bigger haul. Only (seemingly) the weather on Friday night –  if it is wet – will stop him from kicking a bag.

The Generals in defence – Alex Giorgeou and Jace Bode – will want to shore up their State spots. Bode has been a magnificent recruit for the Redlegs since crossing over from the Double Blues.

Liam Davis has had a slightly quiet start to the year this game could be a real confidence booster .

For the Crows it is hard to predict who will play. Sam Kerridge, Matt Crouch, Mitch Grigg and Jarryd Lyons’ SANFL form has been solid with Kerridge and Grigg, in particular, excellent in the midfield against the Panthers. With injuries and several players in the AFL in poor form, they all could be on the plane to the Gold Coast to play the Suns. Jake Lever in defence is set to make his AFL debut. Matty Wright is likely to be dropped and play against the Redlegs.

Norwood 2014 Premiership player and speed machine, Anthony ‘Rabs’ Wilson, returns to the Parade to play against Norwood. I  hope the Norwood crowd show some common sense with regards Wilson and Grigg and don’t boo these two. Remember they are redlegs at heart. Harrison Wigg with his lethal left foot will want to show Crows supporters what an asset he will be in the next few years. Kyle Hardigan’s confidence in defence seems to be shot to have to stand. Newton may erode it further.

I hope the Crows play all their AFL contingent of players, as if a lot of top up players are used, the result could get very ugly and the authenticity of the SANFL competition does not need that.

Norwood were not 100 per-cent switched on last week will want to improve in this area as complacency is their main danger in this clash, and it’s not a button which can be easily switched on.

Prediction: Norwood by 32 pts


  1. James Jolly says

    The whole afl reserves topic has been talked about for years. i am firstly against port and the crows being put in the sanfl. Secondly the afl will never cough up the money its going to take to set up a reserves competition and to be totally honest i dont think it would generate much crowd interest. Im not against the idea at all, but it would mean massive changes to all competitions outside of current afl afl funding = no go.

  2. How is Bauldesrstone not in the state squad. Has the stud lost his grip on reality

  3. Maybe in a few years it will be viable but not now it simply costs too much but the way the broadcasting rights are going in afl money may be available

  4. Campbell says

    Great preview, glad the controversy about the Crows and playing on Friday night after a Sunday morning game has disappeared.

  5. Michael Rehn says

    The AFL reserves teams are here to stay for the forseeable future !! Surely it shouldn’t be a hard job to reinforce the expectation that those two clubs play as part of the SANFL competition entirely, and have no expectations that concessions will be granted to accommodate their AFL status !!!!

  6. Nathan Janda says

    It’s in the weekly member email updates, it was in our membership letter, it’s on the big screens inside the ground on game day and the little ones around the ground. They also mention it on the PA when talking about their next SANFL clash re Crows members . Basically people follow there own SANFL side of are not interested in the reserves , they may be more so if there was a national reserves competition played as curtain raisers

  7. Nice work again Malcolm. 32 points is conservative in my view. Baulderstone & Wilkins should both be in the state squad. Great to see old Nwd high teammate Olaf’s lad doing so well. Love the way he plays. So glad common-sense prevailed re: Friday night & Nwd weren’t cowed into submission. Cheers to G Wilson & your good self for last Friday night’s hospitality. Go the Legs.

  8. The Philby says

    I was amused by the Redlegs’ “soz, it was South Adelaide’s problem, deal with it” response to the Crows’ plea to spare them such a short break before the long, long journey half way down The Parade.

    Norwood remain *quite good*, they’ll easily win this one. The B-Crows, they’ll…well, they’ll do whatever they’re supposed to do and lose.

    I was excited about the Ye-ohs and the trip up to the Ponderosa (far away from the malfunctioning lights) as the televised game of the week (and I was there for the corresponding televised game up there – from Sydney via Morphett Vale – last year) but then found out that Seven don’t load SANFL games on their streaming website anymore…

  9. charlie says

    A good read Malcolm. If The Parade stays remotely dry then Norwood will win by 10 goals. I reckon both Wright and Cameron will suit for the Crows Bs. Grigg, Crouch and Kerridge to play in the As. My poor Roosters could well do with their junior product Baulderstone back. Agree he should at least be in the State squad. I’m on a downhill slide with this but what port has done with their Academy is a disgrace and shoving the SANFL clubs’ faces in the proverbial as they pick off star juniors. What happened to the 4,000 crows supporters who were going to turn up to SANFL matches? Yes there should be a national ressies comp but dollars will thwart this.

  10. lets hope we win by a country mile

  11. Brenton says

    Great review Mal. Better then Rucci’s bullshit. Always look forward to reading your comments living interstate makes it hard getting a good feel of the game keep up the great work

  12. Dr Goatboat says

    Go the mighty Redlegs…..

  13. Geoff Wilson says

    Very informative information for us people on the Gold Coast Malcom, we’ll done.

  14. Martin Rumsby says

    Looking forward to having three Friday night games in a row at The Parade following the transfer of the South Adelaide game from Noarlunga. The ‘Legs should be able get the job done against a slightly depleted Crows reserve side, albeit in front of smallish SANFL crowd. The minimal crowd support for the Crows reserves doesn’t do much to build an atmosphere conducive to strong spectator involvement.

  15. Steve wood says

    Well written Malcolm, it will be interesting to see how many reserves players front up. As for 32 points….. If we are switched on you can double that

  16. Great preview but 32 points is generous. I think it will be 60 plus by the Redlegs yet would love to see the Crows get a win but that will have to wait. Crows can beat other sides but not Norwood.

    Glad the time didn’t change as it may have stuffed up plans for people wanting to attend this game. Seems like some also forgot Norwood played Port after a 5 day break coming off a 81 point loss to the Eagles then beat the Magpies by 21 points in the wet. 5 day breaks not ideal but look at the world game and rugby codes where 5 day breaks are more common. Even 3-4 day breaks occur.

    It is disappointing people don’t watch the Crows SANFL team. With so many having FREE entry, going to these games gets so much more out of the membership and SANFL clubs can benefit by having bigger crowds with better atmosphere, people buying food, drinks, grandstand entry, budgets etc. Surely the Crows fans can put SANFL club loyalty aside and support the Crows against teams they don’t support which is not very hard. I really hope Norwood gets a strong crowd but may struggle to get 3k. Had the Crows not been in the comp, the legs would miss out on multicultural round and we wouldn’t see them play this coming Friday night.

    Go legs!

  17. john allen says

    A very good article Malcolm very similar to my thinking.
    The Crows boys must learn to toughen up not be “baby sat” by the multitude of people who control whatever they do.
    Brady Dawe is a player I love watching with his skills,evasion and just overall football brain. How could Sturt discard him after a couple of practice matches.
    Our seconds have some very talented young players several who will knock hardly on the door for league selection. Peter,Demaitis,Richards,Ferreira along with Bampton,Wicks,Levicki,Partington,Nunn and the young ruckmen in Surman and DePrinse.
    Friday night will be a struggle as the Crows have a reasonable side and who do we put on Wilson ?
    Catch you there and be interesting to see the number who support the Crows. 200 ???

  18. I agree Norwood will win. If we are switched on and kick straight could be over by quarter time.

    The Crows did not do their reputation any good worrying about the 5 day break. Other sides have similar problems. I think Norwood has two this year. Did not hurt us against Port.

    The crows members should be made to pay to get into SANFL. Sort of a tax for stuffing up the comp. I know a number of Norwood supporters who use the ticket to get into our games rather than buying membership..

  19. Malcolm Ashwood says

    James ( and others ) my main point re afl res sides is the different agenda development v winning ( SANFL sides ) in the same comp just can’t work re the cost side a fraction of the money being pumped in to GWS and Gold Coast would pay for a national res competition . Raj the non selection of Baulderstone in the state squad is ludicrous . Campbell ( and others ) the 5 day argument re between games for elite athletes is just so far over the top and a indication of today’s society really .
    Nathan thank you for the informative information the lack of crows supporters that turn up at SANFL games is in some aspects the main reason why they shouldn’t be in the comp.Daddsy Wilkins should be in the squad and Geoff and my pleasure.
    Charlie and John Bauldy and Dawe are fantastic examples of guys thriving re having a 2nd crack , Dawe re by Sturt just amazing .Brenton thank you I giggled ( Rucci didn’t )
    Cameron and Farmboy ( and others) lack of crows supporters using there ticket is costing SANFL clubs ,Farmboy you are spot on as in myself trying to sign, Norwood members up the crows free entry is a major stumbling block so crows pay a dividend or cancel it thanks folks

  20. Hope you’ve paid your power bill else crows magoos will be left in the dark….again….how appropriate

  21. Wait on prices. Could we worth pounding this at a low price.

  22. Mouth watering preview Book.

  23. Matt Wilson says

    A good read as always Rulebook. In a perfect world there would be AFL reserves playing before the main games, but the cost is the key issue. The AFL have invested so heavily in GWS and the Suns (financially and player concessions) that they are tied to the East coast expansion path for a lot of years to come. No doubt this strategy is mostly about shoring up the TV rights deals.
    As much as we lament the compromised integrity of the local leagues it aint ever going to go back to the “good ol’ days”.
    With the Legs winning 3 flags on the trot, with the last against the old enemy (including their AFL listed players) it helps compensate for the “irregularities” in the local league!!

  24. Dave Brown says

    Agree with you on the AFL reserves Malcolm. With their hundreds of millions of tax free surpluses it’s not about whether the AFL can afford it, it’s about whether they can be bothered to pay.

    The Crows would, no doubt, be very quick to point out they averaged the highest SANFL minor round crowds last year. It may be more noticeable at places other than the parade. That said, they’d probably do better if they gave any indication that they actually cared about winning.

    Any Norwood person that gives Rabbs or Mitch a hard time is a freaking moron.

  25. Nice article mate. About time our AFL clubs realise it is OUR competition played under OUR rules. BTW it is Dylan Reinbrecht. ;)

  26. Rulebook. Has Caro contacted you yet to be her ghost writer? Another good article. Front of the class for you!

  27. Luke Reynolds says

    All for a national reserves comp. Very much needed to preserve the state leagues in SA, WA and Victoria. And looking forward to Norwood and Hobart being admitted to the AFL, a 20 team comp where everyone plays each other once. No need for mid-March season starts and alternate Sheffield Shield venues. One can dream….

  28. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Luke while i totally agree there should be a national res comp ( at a fraction of the cost of GWS etc each year) even tho we have gone far more global re corpororate sponsorship I am not sure that 3 afl teams could survive in sa ( totally agree re Tas )
    While there are some norwood supporters who hate the crows the majority do support them so it could be complicated in this regard if norwood did enter the afl .
    I must admit I like the more personal nature of the SANL certainly a good discussion point and it would be far better if there was actually a fair draw and every 1 played each other once thanks Luke

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