SANFL Round 15 – Woodville West Torrens v Norwood: Norwood Dominate and destroy the Eagles

Norwood 13.19 97 def Woodville West Torrens 10.3 63

Goal Kickers
Norwood: Bampton 3; Panos, Roocke 2; Dawe, Grigg, Kirwan, Olsson, Shenton, Smart
Woodville West Torrens: N Hayes 3; Hall 2; Boyd, Finns, Haylock, Lewis, M Wundke

Best Players
Norwood: Kirwan, Shenton, Panos, Grigg, Georgiou, Bampton, Jefferies (basically all played well!)
Woodville West Torrens: Sinor, Lewis, N Hayes, P Stewart , Hall

Norwood FC recorded a  comprehensive 34 point win against Woodville West Torrens in arguably our best performance since the magnificent 2014 flag ( Norwood strengthened their chances of obtaining the vital double chance and in turn inflicted Woodville West Torrens’ second defeat of the season; both by the good guys!

The final score line really flattered the Eagles with the Legs having 32 scoring shots to 13. Norwood’s intensity and attack on the ball and body was a pleasure to watch.

1. Andrew Kirwan was sensational with 21 touches and 10 tackles – his physicality and second efforts were vital, along with some quick gives in close helping keep the scoreboard kicking over.

2. Matty Panos with 29 touches and two goals was again instrumental, also providing the cream on the cake with his mark going back against the flow and then using the ball lacing out Kristian Roocke to goal after the siren resulting in a rendition of ‘It’s a grand old flag’ by the Norwood faithful.

3. Cam Shenton returning to the club from St Kilda has hit a rich vein of form in the last fortnight with some incredible interceptions in defence also kicking a superb long goal on the run in the third quarter.

4. Mitch Grigg with 28 touches and five tackles playing on ball is starting to form a lethal partnership with Matty Panos with the chemistry with Sam Baulderstone in ruck improving by the week (the bullocking input from Kiwi Kirwan playing a part with centre square clearances).

5. Alex Georgiou (PB you will be delighted) was the rock of Gibraltar in defence and outpointing Woodville West Torrens’ man mountain Michael Wundke (reminds me of Dennis Sachse). In several important one-on-one duels.

6. Peter Bampton with three goals was important with his and sidekick Chris Olsson’s defensive pressure as small forwards with the chasing and harassment not allowing Woodville West Torrens the easy outlet from defence, helping lock the ball in and create turnovers (Chris Olsson is playing his role since making his league debut three weeks ago and concentrates as well as anyone I have seen when standing the mark – his pressure in that regard when chasing and just knocking the ball carrier off balance was first class).

7. For Woodville West Torrens, better players were harder to find. Joseph Sinor with 25 touches playing as the plus one contributed (would have been hard not to with how much time the ball spent in Norwood’s forward line).

8. Scott Lewis with 24 touches on ball and a goal was good. Nick Hayes was the most dangerous forward with three goals while Paul Stewart cleared the ball repeatedly from defence.

9. With how dark it was it was ridiculous that it took until three quarter time to turn the lights on; geez, we were calling for carrots so we could see the bloody game. It was that dark I was starting to think the best players were Carman, Wynne, Turbill and Aish (there’s some champions and great memories Redlegs faithful!)

It really was just about the old school line ‘all played well’; we had winners on every line.

Jarrod Cotton has the Redlegs up and about

In 2015 we travelled down to Oval Avenue where the pasties are always spicier and were absolutely annihilated by Woodville West Torrens. I departed thinking that it was the end of our golden era from 2012-2014 in that it wasn’t just the margin, it was how Woodville West Torrens had dismantled our game plan. I admit I have had doubts until today as coach Jarrod Cotton remarked after the game the intensity and effort today is the benchmark. Provided that is brought to the table each time we are capable of defeating any team in the comp. Yeah baby the Redlegs are back in town!

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  1. Rob Allevi says

    Great read Malcom , watched the game via digital pass as iam in Melbourne great effort from all guys in shocking condition , the creams starting to rise as it does at the parade

  2. Great read rule book. I think we are only just starting to gel as a team and I think this group is more than capable of achieving something special this year and put us back at the top where we belong.

  3. Mark Munday. says

    ‘Yeh baby the redlegs are back in town’ Great write up malcolm. Back in Adelaide in December after a 2 year absence I want to see the red and blue on the stack flying in from changi.

  4. Thanks Mal gees that’s a great write up

  5. Great article again Malcolm. We definitely deserved that win. It was a good team effort. Bring on the finals. Heart beats true for the red and the blue ????

  6. Good read. If we can get that top 3 spot we are a big chance.
    The seeds of doubt will be surrounding the Eagles.

  7. Tony Tremonte says

    Great write up Malcolm. One of the sweetest victories for a long time. Our team this year has looked great on paper and yesterday we really showed our potential on the ground. Kiwi was absolutely sensational, overall it was a great team effort.

  8. Lyn Jefferies says

    They’re back & it could be ominous for the other teams. We felt it in the stands.

  9. Stan the Man says

    Love your work Rulebook…. Q : Will M Panos be the first Tri National Citizen (Greek, Italian and Australian ) to win the Magary Medal ?? Panos for Prime Minister I say !!

  10. Ben Larsen-Smith says

    Thanks so much for the articles and updates on the SANFL Malcolm, very interested to hear the results of the upcoming finals series and to see what teams play in the big dance. Hopefully for your sake Malc the Reds can keep up the intensity of this performance against the Eagles and sing the last song of the season.

  11. Well done Rulebbok.

    When it rains our boys seem to lift intensity and attack on the footy even harder.
    Some of the tackles today were great. And one that Smart landed in front of us was an example to all players.

  12. Dwayne Fuller says

    REDLEGS 100% and they were just that, switched on from the start the commitment and desire to get the footy was ferocious. Easily our best performance this year an absolute pleasure being there yesterday. I spoke to a friend during The Who knows Johansen (spellings probably wrong ) who said the Eagles were particularly fired up to knock off Norwood what a farce that turned out to be the MIGHTY REDLEGS were the ones fired up ??????????
    Cheers Malcolm

  13. Yes, Great to see the legs have a great switched on win, much better than a couple of other games I went to. I cant complain though that was a very important win. I was at Richmond Oval with my Dad (A Sturt Supporter) to see the Blues beat the Bloods!

  14. Manny Koufalakis says

    We play both Sturt and Port coming up so the double chance is really up to us.
    On that performance yesterday we can do it. Starting to get that feeling about the finals already but hopefully the boys are a bit more contained and are just concentrating on the next game.
    No mention of the umpiring but since we won there are no sour grapes pointing out the 35 to 19 frees in Woodville’s favour. Seems of all the sides they milk the frees better than anyone much to our annoyance.
    It may help them during the year but come finals the umps seem to let more go which may count against them in the long run.
    Anyway Go you Mighty Legs!

  15. Jill Tathra says

    Not reading or talking to you this week mate!!!!!! hahahahaha

    Go the Eagles!

  16. Joshua Bird says

    Great article Malcolm. Didn’t make it to the game but was happy to see the scoreline while checking at work! Hopefully we can rest up when and dismantle Centrals at The Parade in a fortnight!

  17. Good to see you there, Mal. The pressure and intensity was Hawthorn-esque. A few lapses in concentration though, particularly in Q4, when the game had been won -or was it after 4 WWT goals? I thought Baulderstone was good around the ground, too. Shades of Neil Button? Car’n the ‘Legs!

  18. Bill Drodge says

    Well summed up Malcolm.

    The whole team looked up and about right from the start, which was pleasing to see, compared to a few games in the past month

    Panos has been fantastic since returning from the knee injury. With fellow on ballers, the team has a solid engine room.

    Roocke could be anything up forward. He just needs to believe he can be. Goal after the siren shows he has the leg. Bampton can also be that mid sized forward needed. Add Phillips and Wilson……look out!

  19. Massive win for Norwood yesterday, still surprised that it was not televised, but the West v Sturt game was instead.

  20. Enjoyed the article and a great win

  21. Matt Zurbo says

    Rulebook, you and your readership as all over SA footy. Mark Michan impressed me when I spoke to him one-on-one about all things footy, as a coach and a bloke. He seemed to be having a fair crack with not much to work with. But in the big picture, I was blowing through, heading back to Tassie. How do you rate him at his job?

  22. Michael Rehn says

    A great Redleg victory illustrates perfectly that if you do what you need to do to win, you usually do. First in, use the ball, play to team rules and keep the pressure on and victory is there for the taking. One game at a time, heads down, bums up, and the T S Hill cup is there for the taking. Go Norwood !!!

  23. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Rob it was a great day.Malcolm promising signs,good stuff,Mark thanks Brenton.thanks Sonia.
    Long way to go yet Stuart but at least our destiny is in our own hands.Tony yes we are gelling,Kiwi is a long way in front re 1 per centers yest he showed why.Lyn atmosphere was great very red and blue dominated and Ben was v good.Stan love it ( sent thru to Matty) Ben we are in with a chance and all the best mate.Farmboy I thought it was the best we have tackled and the intent was sensational.Dwayne we were sensational and I loved,Jarrod saying to the players right that is the expected standard from now on.( we were way more physical) thanks folks

  24. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Aidan I reckon trade your dad for your uncle.Manny yes our destiny remains in our own hands
    I admit I might upset the Norwood faithful but I didn’t think the umpiring was that bad certainly seen far worse and while I think,Baldy may get some incorrect calls but it is a area of his game he can improve at keeping his hands down and making the ball the sole object.thanks,Jil love it.thanks,Joshua definitely.
    Lamby likewise good to see you pressure was like the hawks good analogy the bear hugely underrated
    I love Baldys link work.Bill agree the intensity was on from the start unlike a couple of our games,Panos has been excellent again I can’t believed he is not on a afl list,Rookey agree totally he can really play
    pressure at selection to come.Campbell yes a bewildering selection re TV game,thanks Cherylee.Old Dog
    Mark Mickan I respect greatly especially the way he is coping at the moment yes there have been queries re his game day ability at times but not on his pat malone in that regard.Michael long way to go but the legs are up and about thank you

  25. Martin Rumsby says

    Yes, a very impressive win, Rulebook. It is great to see a number of players who have been away from the club for the past year or so starting too hit some form and fit into the team pattern. In addition, Peter Bampton’s form in recent weeks has really resurrected his career. A top three finish is within our control. A week to recuperate, then bring on the remainder of the season.

  26. As usual a good read Rulebook. Huge effort to the reserves lads on a good effort with two then one then none on the bench!! Nearly but not quite.
    Surprised the pathetic umpiring didn’t get a mention mate!!??

  27. Nice Book.

  28. Nice one again, Rulebook – a great way to keep up with all that’s going on in the SANFL.

  29. Impressive win. They’re looking like an imposing team at the moment.

  30. Jeff Milton says

    Great article on a great game. If they can grab a top 3 spot a Grand Final appearance is on the cards.

  31. Dave Brown says

    It was a fantastic win, Rulebook and as you say the scoreline does not do that midfield flogging justice. The Eagles are usually able to make up for deficiencies in that area through their structure, but couldn’t on Saturday. Kirwan, playing on the defensive side of centre, containing and getting (usually perfect) touches is so important to Norwood’s set-up at the moment. And credit to the Redlegs faithful – streaming the match it sounded like a Norwood home game.

  32. Cameron Glenn says

    A really big and important win. Had they been more accurate that margin would have been massive. With the Power and Sturt wins in the same weather conditions, it makes Norwood’s score look even more impressive. Great to see Norwood beat the Eagles at Woodville, the Eagles first home loss since April last year when the Crows won there.

    Huge 3 games coming up. Centrals at home is a must win. They need to go to Alberton and win there too (Norwood faithful must travel and if possible outnumber the home crowd) then Sturt at the Parade could decide who finishes in the top 3 and who doesn’t. Play like they did against the Eagles and they win the next 3 finishing in 2nd spot.

  33. Rulebook – I always have divided loyalties when it comes to my beloved West Torrens Eagles losing. Still Alex is family now, so my brother has a very soft spot for your Redlegs. My Dad reckons Alex has only been beaten once all year, and his consistency would make him a chance in the B&F. Thoughts?
    I reckon the best pastie I ever ate was the ones from under a hessian bag cover outside the southern gates at Thebarton Oval. Reckon the health and safety authorities would have a fit if you tried that today.
    Love your SANFL work. I am enjoying the WAFL more than the other Eagles this season. Go Swannies (Districts).

  34. Massive win interesting finals series ahead

  35. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Martin couldn’t agree more re returning players and Peter Bampton.Fester yes injuries re the res made it v hard and as I have said above seen far worse efforts than that re umpiring.Thankx TC and Litza.Paul we were v v good.Thanks Milts and we have kept our own destiny in our own hands.Dave agree totally re Kiwi and yes far more support at the game for the legs than the eags.Cameron thank you and yep a massive few weeks ahead.PB you are welcome any time at the parade ! PB Alex would have to be right up there totally agree with your brother re his consistency I reckon the b and f would be very close vote at this stage,loved those pies and pasties under the hessian bag then soup and the big replay when you got home great memories.The Dangerfield stupidity bloody afl garbage the system is just so flawed it is a farce.Thanks Raj thanks folks

  36. Great article again,Malcolm prefer yours over the boring dribble we get sent from the club

  37. Thanks Book. I didn’t make the game. I get a sense that some previously injured players are now starting to string games together, become match fit and play the “Cotton” game plan in game situations. Shenton is our X factor.
    Go Legs!

  38. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Blackie,Chris agree re the gelling together and yep Shenton is vital thank you

  39. Rick Neagle says

    Thanks Rulebook for that great synopsis of last week’s game. Always good to read your articles given I couldn’t get to the game. Neags

  40. Michael Aish says

    Great win. You don’t have to be Einstein to work out if we pressure the opposition better than they do us then we should win. We have to be feared in this area .Keep it up chaps .

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