SANFL Round 13 – Norwood v Adelaide: Redlegs Defeat Crows But Unite Together Fighting MND


Group photo of both teams, the Lane family and representatives from the Athelstone FC


Norwood 13-24-102 def Adelaide 7-9-51


A Wilson 3, M Panos, C Shenton, M Nunn, L Johnston, M Grigg, J Glenn
C Gerloff, B Dawe, S Baulderstone
Adelaide: M Leigh 3, R Atkins, P Wilson, S Gibson

Best Players-
Norwood: M Nunn, M Talia, M Wilkins, M Grigg, M Fuller, B McKenzie, A Wilson, M Panos, S Baulderstone, L Johnston
Adelaide: P Wilson, S Gibson, L Murphy, M Leigh, R Atkins, A Keath

Crowd: 2,400 at Norwood


Norwood enter the field, led out by Mitch & Chris Grigg


Norwood comfortably defeated Adelaide by 51 points in a lacklustre performance, let down in particular by poor goal kicking. Matty Nunn was good on ball, working hard both on the inside and running down. Michael Talia is going from strength to strength with several strong marks deep in defence, Mitch Wilkins running hard and straight was impressive again (back 7 in general very good and growing in confidence playing together). Mitch Grigg was clean and kept working his way into the game, while Anthony Wilson with his zip and pace kicked 3 goals. Overall Norwood did play some very good footy with elite ball movement only to let themselves down with abysmal goal kicking and had control of the game from about the 15 minute mark of the 2nd quarter.


For Adelaide Patrick Wilson used his body well in close and good foot skills was yet again
Adelaide’s best player (why he has only being given one chance at AFL level in a team which has been struggling is bizarre). Sam Gibson may have done enough to get another opportunity,
Lachy Murphy competed hard and got plenty of the ball but his finishing let him down.
Matthew Leigh kicked 3 goals (and had easiest the loudest barracking a Crows player has had for the year by the Athlestone boys on Coopers Hill, Matty is a Crows top up player from Athlestone). Rory Atkins did some nice things, kicked 2 goals would like to see him a bit more physical at the contest on occasions though.


Michael Aish, Michael Taylor, Tyson Edwards, Rick Neagle (obscured at back) & Malcolm Ashwood


The most important part of today was that it was ‘Count Me In’ round, with this year’s beneficiary being MND – Motor Neuron Disease. It is a cause very close to Norwood hearts, having lost Damien Lane last year and with Chris Grigg being diagnosed with this bastard of a disease
and of course the late Frank Pyke, father of Don and James was a link for both clubs playing today.


Doing the research for the article on Chris and MND was a real eye opener and the responses blew me away just how many people had been affected by this disease, losing friends and family members, the old adage a picture paints a thousand words meant I wanted this article on the ‘Count Me In’ day to be mainly pictorial.


Thanks to Taylor Walker, Eddie Betts, Tyson Edwards, Michael Taylor, Michael Aish, Glen Molloy, Jarrod Cotton and Mark Soderstrom for so willingly agreeing to take part and allowing themselves to be dunked. Nyree Lane and her children Cleo and Lola for the coin toss and being a huge part of the day and Chris Grigg and the Grigg family in general
(Happy 21st Maddy) and of course the large contingent from the Athlestone FC forming the huge guard of honor for Chris and Mitch and the Lanes and just providing fantastic support, thank you to every one who came along today and any one who supported the day and the cause, raising awareness for MND and raising funds for MND SA. Thank you to James Peter Photography, and a reminder that the Athlestone FC fundraising day for MND supporting Chris ‘Doc’ Grigg is on Saturday July 28 at Athlestone (Norwood play on the Friday night so love to see plenty of red and blue at the game).


The Norwood victory song-


Rodney Redleg and Tyson Edwards


Norwood coach Jarrod Cotton in the dunk tank


Mark Soderstrom hits the water


Tyson Edwards


Tex Walker


Glen Molloy


Glen Molloy & Malcolm Ashwood


Malcolm Ashwood & Tex Walker


Eddie Betts after being dunked


Malcolm Ashwood with Nyree, Lola and Cleo Lane and Chris Grigg


Malcolm Ashwood and Mitch Grigg


Norwood trainer Dan Garuccio leading the victory celebrations after his 150th game as trainer


  1. Dave Ridge says

    Yep, well said Malcolm. The most important part of the day was the awareness created by the ‘Count Me In’ round initiative. Generating much needed funds to fight MND.

    The game itself? … Well it’s best we leave that there. Because after all it’s just that. A game!!! If today of all days cannot gift you that perspective? Nothing ever will!

    Sturt next week. A dramatic improvement needed if we are to affirm ourselves as top 3 contenders. Consistent four quarter efforts are key. It’s scary to imagine just how good this side could be if/when this goal is attained. ???100%???

  2. Russell Hallett says

    Certainly was a great day for all that supported the the mnd foundation the sooner we find a cure for this horrible disease the better malcolm.
    The crowd was a little disappointing for those that ventured out and supported i commend yas.
    Adelaide started of the game the better i thought, norwood looked like they were a little bit shell shocked early and may have got caught up in the mornings proceedings.

    The longer the qtr went on the better nwd played still quite a scrappy affair and the slight breeze had most of the kicks floating around.

    All in all norwood did what they had to do if they had kicked straight it would have been a thrashing.

    2 weeks in a row now norwood have started slowly they can’t afford to do that against a more formidable opponent.

    Carn the legs….

  3. Fantastic article. It was a day to remember. Loved how Chris Grigg ran out with the team. Love how athelstone gave guard of honour, just a lovely thing to do. So wonderful to have days like that, to donate to a worthy cause. And well done to all involved in the dunking. And the best part of the day, the mighty legs got the win, yahooooooo

  4. Michael Rehn says

    I am proud to be a member of a club who tried to make a difference. Congratulations to all those involved in organizing the day and many thanks to those who participated in the events, and of course a big thanks to the Adelaide Football Club and their involvement in the day too. My very best wishes to Chris Grigg, his partner, family and friends as they all join the fight against this evil disease.

  5. Bill Drodge says

    Appreciate your effort and endeavour Malcolm to help promote a worthy cause. I’m happy to watch Norwood play a worthy cause.

    It was my first time attending a game involving the Crows Reserves Team. Unfortunately my concerns at having this team in the SANFL Comp are correct. I’ll continue to support worthy causes with a donation only!

    Back in 2013 Nathan Bassett suggested the games against the Crows Reserves not be part of the SANFL Comp, but played as a separate challenge round robin over the season for prizemoney. Any chance this could be looked at again? Would make more sense and both the SANFL and The Crows would get more out of it.

  6. Sam testa says
  7. Ali Runner says

    It was fantastic to be able to help support such a great cause. My son had a ball (literally) dunking Soda in the tank & was so keen to be able join in, donate & support the fight for MND.
    Another great day at Norwood & another great article Malcolm!

  8. great day supporting the big freeze with Redlegs Raggies and crows all supporting this terrible disease great job Malcom ashwood

  9. Great stuff by Norwood FC – a great community club. The Redlegs always honour their history, and MND is a great community cause.
    Well played Malcolm. Put Rocky Roberts over the dunk tank, and us Eagles will line up to donate.

  10. Proud of our family football club,Norwood FC. Getting behind Mitch Grigg’s father and supporting a cause affecting so many people. Our club isn’t about individuals, it’s about the ALL. We are a club for the greater community and yesterday united as one with the Raggies and Crows to support a great cause.

    On field, we did what we had to do. Not the greatest of spectacles, but we’ll take the points. Big game next week against a team that have had the better of us the last couole of years. I’m very much looking forward to us making a very big statement and putting all our opponents on notice.
    C’mon Redlegs.

  11. Luke Reynolds says

    Well done to you Malcolm, and everyone else involved in running the day. Such a worthy cause. All the best to Chris and everyone fighting this disease.
    Superb photos in tnis piece too, love the shot of you and Mitch Grigg and especially the shot of your trainer celebrating the win!

  12. Some of your best work yet, Rulebook…..

  13. Campbell says

    Great win, but most importantly it was great to see everyone rally around a great cause. Awesome to see the community to come together to raise funds and awareness

  14. Martin Rumsby says

    An excellent day for the club and something you should be very proud of, Malcolm. It was a poignant reminder that the things that unite the broader football community are often more important than the things that divide us. Well done to the Crows for their role in the day.

    With regards to the match itself, I thought that Anthony Wilson’s last quarter may have been the most important outcome for the club. He had appeared to lack confidence in his ability to outrun opponents and kick goals in the first three quarters, but suddenly that all changed. If he can maintain that approach the team will have a more potent scoring potential for the business end of the season.

  15. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Dave yes the MND cause was the most imp part of yest and yes big game next week.Russell I admit I was disappointed with the crowd ( appreciate every one who did come) Sonia it was a emotional day and yes massive thanks to the people who were so accommodating re being dunked.Michael it was a privledge to be involved and as a club,NFC truly gets it.Bill a nat res comp is on its way we have to all wait and see future developments and personally agree afl res sides in the comp hasn’t worked ( emphasize that is my personal opinion ) Sam greatly appreciated.Ali thank you yes it fun watching the joy on your youngsters face.Roberto thanks mate.PB thank you ahh,Peter Markers immortal commentary line,Rocky has hugged many things in his life nothing as memorable as the Thomas Seymour Cup in 82.James very well put.
    Luke thank you and greatly appreciate your enormous help re editing.TM and Campbell thank you
    greatly appreciated folks love also that the article is being shared

  16. Rick Neagle says

    Thanks for your support yesterday Rulebook. I understand the energy and commitment you give to social causes. The Norwood FC is about community and leads the way on inclusion for ALL! The way the club has embraced makes me feel very proud. Led by our President Paul di Illio and CEO James Fantasia, the Norwood FC with its inclusion policy will continue to enjoy more and more success. Honouring our rich history and supporting our past players, volunteers and officials is something our football club prides itself. Again, proud to be a Norwood man.

  17. Malcolm Ashwood says
  18. Malcolm Ashwood says
  19. Had a great day at Norwood today good to get a win too
    As a member of the Athelstone Football club I just wanted to thank everyone from NFC that was involved in organizing the event to support MND ,Chris Grigg ,Mitch Grigg & his family.
    I particularly want to thank many of the Norwood supporters & officials who were very appreciative of the Athelstone football club current & past players while we stood in the Guard of honor or Chris ,Mitch & players when they came out onto the oval.
    It was certainly an honor for us to be invited to do it in support of Chris & helping to support research into MND
    Although Chris only played a few games for Norwood in the early 80s he certainly made his mark at THE RAGGIES with a couple of premierships , about 7 best & fairest & an association medal as well.
    Obviously he is held in the highest regard at The Raggies & we are all deeply affected that a great bloke like Chris is going to have a endure a very difficult time which he doesn’t deserve.
    We are all grateful for the support you are giving Chris & Mitch & thank everyone at Norwood football club for putting on the event??????????

  20. Yes Book, some of your best work, so well done to you and your passion for these social causes. It is such a dreadful disease for anyone (and their families) to go through and its great to see it getting more and more publicity, so like cancer it can get more funding to someday find a cure. And its great to see Norwood come to the party and lets hope the Adelaide footy league get behind the Raggies day.
    It’s a shame the game didn’t live up to the day, however any Norwood win is a great win!!!
    Red and Blue blooded!!!

  21. Cameron Glenn says

    It was a great day for both Norwood and MND SA.

    Norwood started slowly but could have led earlier if they kicked straight. 2.9 not a good outcome in front of goal. Crows played well in the first term. Norwood looked good in the 2nd term and kept the Crows scoreless for most of the term. Bad kicking was an issue in the 2nd half and the Crows caught the bad habit with 1.6 kicked after an accurate 6.3 first half while Norwood had 6.12 in the 2nd half. Either way a win is a win and that is the most important thing as they push to finish as high as possible. 11 goal kickers allowing them to share it around too and dominated all key stats. Norwood finish the round in 2nd with Sturt winning at Prospect pulling the roosters down the 3rd and Eagles on top after a comeback over Port. North host the Eagles at Prospect on Saturday while Norwood head to Unley to play Sturt. Norwood can go top with a win and North beat the Eagles. Time to get revenge on the rd 1 loss. Unley needs to be a sea of red and blue like it was at Alberton.

    The MND stuff with the big freeze was fantastic. Well done to all involved. I felt that I had to be there for it and got to see it live. Enjoyed it. Also $22 poorer for a great cause as I purchase a beanie and puppy. Already had a MND big freeze beanie bought prior to the Power’s home game vs Western Bulldogs a few weeks back. Speaking of the beanies, was great to see many wore them especially the players coming onto the ground prior to the game. They have become a must have piece of headwear. Hope to someday see MND become a thing of the past.

  22. Jeff Milton says

    Well written Malcolm. Once again Norwood FC at its best when it comes to contributing to something important.

  23. Stan the Man says

    Great work Rulebook. Love your energy and all you got to do is work on your smile…. some nice piks !!

  24. Jill Tathra says

    Congratulations to all who organized this day. There are so many different illnesses out there and only so much money to help find at least something to stop them from progressing further. I pray one day things will be better for all who suffer from this and all other illnesses that cause so any problems and stress.

  25. Great article Malcolm. Well done to the Norwood FC and everyone associated with the event.

  26. Willow Wilson says

    Well done Book on your involvement in what looked like a successful day. Raising awareness and funds to fight such a terrible disease can only be a good thing. Well done to NFC, the Raggies, and the Crows as well.

    Only caught the second half of the actual game, not a great spectacle, but got the job done. I enjoyed Talia’s game at full back, thought he played well, particularly in a few one on one marking contests.

  27. I can only admire the work you do for other people and for other causes Malcolm. You don’t just observe and commentate. You get stuff done.

  28. Love your work Rulebook. Thoughtful as always!

  29. A great write-up, Rulebook.
    Good to see everyone pull together for such a cause.

  30. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Great stuff, Book. Super pics and support for a worthy cause. Go Legs !

  31. Well done Rulebook. Nice job. A great day of awareness raising. Excellent photos too.

  32. Sorry I couldn’t make but as others have already said – Mal you out do yourself with the great work you do for people and good causes. Well done.

  33. Great effort all round there Rulebook. Well recognised by Norwood and the Crows. I would have liked to see you jump in the dunk tank. There would have been plenty of donations. 3 dunks for $5.

  34. Ben seamark says

    Well done Norwood football club great stuff

  35. Dave Brown says

    Yep, well done to all. Hopefully some good $ raised for MND. Poor kicking (the wind was very tricky at the northern end as it kept swinging around) stopped the game from being a 100 point flogging. The Crows have effectively become a bye scratch match this season. And to think if Port hadn’t turned off after half time against the Eagles, the Redlegs would be on top right now. A big turn around from eight weeks ago.

  36. Doug Wade says

    Looked bloody cold

  37. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Phillip and Paddles.Cameron that’s what the day was about raising awareness and money for MND thank you.Milts and that’s the important thing.Stan I admit smiling not my strength and thanks to
    James Peter photography.Jill love your attitude all the best.Thanks Paul.Willow the game was secondary,
    Michael Talia form has been building and he’s a top bloke as well.Charlie greatly appreciated.
    Lawrie,Smokie,Phillip and Mickey thank you.Rook thanks mate,Raf there were a few people requesting that I admit.Ben thank you.Dave the Crows players would be benefiting far more being at there SANFl club and any one in favour of the last touch rule just needs to watch a game like this one re the wind
    a crazy rule.Doug it was enjoyable watching thanks folks

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