SANFL – Norwood v Woodville West Torrens: Huge win for the `Legs

Friday night I am at the home of football. I am at The Parade. Yep, while I barrack for the Crows my heart beats true for the red and blue.


We are playing the undefeated top side Woodville West Torrens after raffle ticket selling duties during the last quarter as has become custom I have sat with Olaf Bode former school mate and father of current Norwood captain Jace. He is correctly as proud as punch as we are well on top and Jace’s leadership and direction to his team mates has been superb.


(Jace as you know you are my number one recruit and I am a tad pumped as well)


Now as regular readers will know how highly and vital I rate leadership. Hell if Richmond had just a fraction they would be a game clear now. The Tigers tried to recruit Jack Trengove from the Dees for this very reason. It is an option they should revisit. They are that bad I will even throw Mike Brearley into the equation (note I did not include the name Troy Chaplin).


The siren goes and past Norwood Champion the magical Michael Aish walks by. I ask Aishy if he is going in to the rooms. Yep, I reply right I am with you. Michael has been guest speaker at the official pre-match function and I had been informed he’d given me a mention re. informing him of the remarkable stat that James Aish had played in more premierships than losses for the Redlegs (one loss and two flags not a bad result from 24 games). James isn’t having much luck at Collingwood re. injuries. James can seriously play, just needs some luck to go his way. Down in the rooms the atmosphere is pumping with excitement the song is belted out with gusto. Senior coach Jarrod Cotton speaks superbly. I make my way over to say hello to Jace as always genuinely interested in my thoughts. I add I have been with your dad. He was rapt with you tonight just a quiet grin of immense satisfaction is the reply. I make my way over to Ben Jefferies. “How good was that Malcolm?” I reply with easily the best we have played since 2014. The defensive pressure on the WWT ball carrier and harassment was magnificent. Joffa replies agreed and it felt that way out on the ground.


Joffa has recently played his 100th game and being the proud current owner of the famous 28 number to say he was a tad chuffed at receiving a message from the famous John Wynne is a understatement. I have a chat with Ed Smart and Callum Bartlett re. the comment from Michael Aish how much the game has changed re. now your best tacklers play up forward while your best ball users play down back which is exactly the opposite of yesteryear while a tad simplistic it is still a very accurate comparison. Ed replies and thank goodness for that so I can get a game more than a tad modest and none of us Norwood faithful will forget your hand of god intervention re the greatest win of all


While the excitement in the rooms is palpable there is massive concern over Matty Panos re. his knee injury we await the result of the scans and every one desperately hopes for the best. Mitch Grigg has had a bastard of a day his car has been stolen at least it was a good win (yep a Simon). How Grigg and Brad McKenzie are still not on AFL lists is baffling is putting it mildly. Brad had an interrupted start to the year due to a serious ankle injury he has fitted in like a duck to water in his two games so far; his elite left leg is such a weapon wow just wow that the Roos or anyone else couldn’t appreciate. James Fantasia is a satisfied CEO tonight, Justin Staritski, Andrew and Michael Aish and Phil Smyth. We chat away. Nothing better in life than a dressing room after a big win.Past player legends in Jim ‘Piano’ Michlanney, Bruce Winter and Rick Neagle are present Now Norwood faithful name the past player who in China managed to bluff his way into the corporate area to get a drink: yep, Alby Menzel ( he would have been paying a $1.01 ).


Superstar team manager Marc Robinson asks me who would you have given best to? I reply geez that is hard we were just so even there wasn’t a stand out it was just about the old school line all played well. “Cmon Malcolm you’re better than that.”  I reply Bode, nup, didn’t make it that was a sign we were so even.


A great night go the Legs !


Norwood 9-13-67 def Woodville West Torrens 5-6-36


Goal kickers Norwood Johnston,Dawe 2,Bampton,Rooke,Panos,Fuller,Levicki

WWT Wundke,N Hayes,Rowntree,Goldsworthy,J Hayes

Best Norwood Baulderstone,Panos,McKenzie,Giorgeou,Bode,Jeffries,Shelton,Levicki,Grigg,Webber

WWT Lewis,Almond,Goldsworthy

Crowd 2,941



  1. What a game from the 1st bounce our attack on the football and pressure on the opposition was on song and to keep it up for the entire game was outstanding. I arrived back in adelaide from the US at 1030 am and couldn’t wait to take my seat at the parade..watching on my digital pass last week just made me hungrier to return. Need to ask just one question malcolm who’s decision was it to play A.Kirwan in the centre? I take my hat of to them,What a master stroke. Head as nails another doc in our mist.
    Congratulations rulebook on another gr8 read.

  2. *that is Hard as nails…..

  3. What a great game. It looks like we are starting to click as a team with the new game plan.
    If Paddy can kick goals from under the score board , why wasn’t he placed there permanently over the last few seasons. He would have kicked a hundred with the amount of times we went out there.

    The biggest worry is that they let you into the change rooms .?

  4. Rick Neagle says

    The lads were on fire last night. Awesome skills and pressure on the ball carrier. Well done gents. The heart does best true …

  5. Just another great read.
    They’ve (Eagles) inflicted some misery over us the last few years and it was extremely satisfing leaving our stadium knowing we accounted for them with ease.
    Their supporters have been the first to sink the boot in to Norwood after some recent loses, but tonight we had the last laugh….and the last two grand finals.
    Looking forward to next weekend as we take on last year’s premiers at dog shit park.
    Time to hand out a belting.

  6. Michael Rehn says

    It was a “blast from the past” in many ways, with that hard desperate attack on the ball and the the opposition which trademarked our successful years. There’s still a long way to go and still a lot to do, but dare I say it…..’WE’RE BACK” !!!

  7. Great to read you wrap Book and see the Legs playing great football again, can imagine Willy would have been in fine form in the Coopers enclosure, would love to be at the Parade again sooner rather than later

  8. Manny Koufalakis says

    Best tackling display for a long long time by the Mighty Legs.
    If we can tidy up our turnovers we will be hard to beat.
    Massive loss with Panos going off with a knee. Hope its not season ending.
    Special mention to Anthony Wilson’s blistering pace but all played well.
    Go Legs!

  9. Go The Legs! Nice Report!
    I was at Walkerville Oval beating Salisbury with a past Legs player as my Assistant Coach. (Jono Robran).
    When I heard the result I was excited because it meant that we might go up to potentially 2nd.
    Lets hope the Crows can win tonight to make it a perfect footy weekend!

  10. Dave Brown says

    Can I get a refund on my raffle tickets, Rulebook? They were no good. Yep, Baulderstone for mine – 46 hit outs, most of them to distinct advantage. McKenzie was so very good in the midfield too. If we improve our kicking into forward 50 we win that game by 10 goals. And not to forget the backmen, Georgiou with 16 touches and 2 inside 50s – his opponent got three touches and just the one goal. Can’t ask more than that!

  11. Big win for Norwood. Low scoring game. Was it wet or just a battle of defences? Interesting comments from the great Aish. He is quite accurate – the modern game demands your forwards to chase and tackle and lock the ball inside 50 for a stoppage and a repeat entry. This allows the backline to set up a full ground press. The best kicks are usually put down back too. Aish would have been a great coach I believe.

  12. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Joe ad always love your passion,Kiwi on ball was a success in 2014 when used as well.Thanks Farmboy fair point re Paddy now now re change rooms atmosphere was fantastic.Thanks number 48 ( pick a fair side re Past Players present last night ) James pressure was sensation certainly our best effort against the eagles for quite a while yep big game at dog shit park.Thanks Michael challenge is now to maintain the same intensity.Paddles yes Willy may have had a couple I am sure you would be more than welcome.
    Manny yep fantastic a v nervous wait re Matty,Rabs chasing any pressure was excellent.Aidan well done you are lucky to have,Jono coaching you continue to have fun.Dave wish I could have sex for every person who has said that re raffle tickets in my life.Baldy excellent and Alex G killed,Wundke.Lachlan it is a interesting observation,Michael is very passionate towards the Redlegs he would have been interesting thanks folks

  13. Great night great win the legs r back

  14. Martin Rumsby says

    Interesting insight to the change rooms post- match, Malcolm.

    In thinking about your comment about it being our best win since 2014 I agree that I can’t think of many better over the past two years. My other nomination would have been the last game of the 2016 minor round when we also beat the Eagles at Norwood. The major difference being that we have the opportunity to turn this win into a springboard for the rest of the season, whereas the 2016 win was a consolation for an otherwise disappointing year.

    As an aside I think Lewis Johnston played one of his best matches for the Redlegs.

  15. Easily the best footy they have played since the 2014 Grand Final. Bit of extra pace in our on ball dept. is making a huge difference. They also worked much harder to keep the ball in our forward line last night. Great effort !!

  16. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Hope so Raj!Martin yep exactly this one was a very much alive rubber so to speak.Good point re Lewis Johnson totally agree ( longest kick I have umpired as a school boy well and truly ) GB agree with every word thank you

  17. Bill Drodge says

    Good write up Malcolm.

    The tackling on the night was the highlight for me. Too often in the past they have tackled the blokes in yellow around the chest, allowing them to do their “Eagle Neck” shrug and get cheap frees. Friday night, the tackles stuck more around the body.

    Still need to nail some of the shots on goal!

    Georgiou was good on the “Pie Man” Wundke.

  18. A great read Malcolm. Game against the eagles, was great, i thought we maintained good pressure on the eagles all night. We continue this game plan, we will be in the finals, and hopefully the grand final.

  19. Michael Browne says

    Thanks for your insightful analysis

  20. Stuart Paul says

    A solid win after another scrappy start.
    The skills in some of our first quarters this year have been below par. Turnovers galore.
    Once again they got better as the game went on.
    It definitely looks like we are headed in the right direction. Fingers crossed for Panos.

  21. Campbell says

    Good article again. Great game for Norwood to come out and win against the leaders.

  22. Jeff Milton says

    Go the Legs. Sets up the season for a serious crack at another premiership.

  23. Great article rule book. We look very good, tough at the ball and body. Best I’ve seen us play for years. The scary thing is we can still get better.

  24. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Bill totally agree re our tackling and harassment was the highlight,Alex G v v good.PB would have enjoyed his game big time.Sonia yes we stuck at the game plan all night well and truly.Thanks Michael.Stuart agreed re our disposal early was poor a lot of turn overs but improved over the night.Thanks Campbell and Milts big game at dog poo park this week.Malcolm yes wrapt how physical we were and agreewe can get better thanks folks

  25. We are Finals contenders, and we are reclaiming what is rightfully ours. Sick of these Adelaide and Port pretenders smh.

  26. Geoff Wilson says

    Well written Malcolm, it was a very impressive performance. Like the way you give some of your other Norwood articles a plug with the link as well, and of course there is the odd sledge on Richmond. Good point on Mackenzie and Grigg and remembering that Coopers is Mackenzie’s player sponsor, thought I had better throw that one in. Great news also regarding Panos, he is a very important player for us. Overall our best performance for quiet a while, just wondering on the Phil Smyth connection? Go The Mighty Redlegs.

  27. Love the passion Book!

  28. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Daniel geez hope so the crows and power should not be in the SANFl.Geoff nothing wrong with a bit of self preservation geez McKenzie has been v v impressive yes a fair bit of relief Saturday arvo when the news came thru re Panos a vital player not sure re Phil Smyth I will chase up.Thanks TC a timely reminder re a area in which SANFl craps over Afl and the Parade is where my true footy passion at present lies
    thank you

  29. Steve wood says

    A great win, the pressure was fantastic all night.
    Now for the double blues this week!

  30. Cameron Glenn says

    Friday night footy is the best and to be at the parade for a blockbuster game between Norwood and WWT Eagles was something special. After seeing the Eagles a few times this year playing so well, thrashing some teams and then a win over Port at Alberton, I was thinking, there time being undefeated is up but won’t be an easy game and happy if Norwood won by anything. The Redlegs were fantastic. Sure they were back to previous years with their goal kicking and scoring but that defence was outstanding. I would rather a higher scoring game but loved what I saw from Norwood. Their first half was Geelong from the night before where they kicked a lot of points and just the one goal in the first term, then dominated the second. Thankfully the second half was not like Geelong from the night before and instead boosted the margin to a winnable 28 points by 3qt. The last qtr was hard fought but expected some goals to be scored. For Norwood to concede 5.6.36 against the top side that have beaten Port at Alberton, smashed Centrals at Elizabeth and demolished West and Glenelg, that is a fantastic effort.

    Massive game for Norwood on Saturday at Unley. Confident the legs can win but not sure. Sturt had a big win in Noarlunga so could be on the rise and looking for a scalp. Need the Redlegs faithful to turn Unley red and blue! Go Legs!

  31. Luke Reynolds says

    Rulebook in the rooms, love it!
    The community around the Norwood FC seems absolutely fantastic. The AFL could do with a bit of this.

  32. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Woodsy geez good was it the pressure ! Loved it Cameron really loved Friday night abscence of goals didn’t worry me in the slightest v v relieved that Matty Panos hasn’t done the dreaded acl huge game against,Sturt this week ( wish it was Sunday) Luke I am to busy during the game to watch enough to write a article re the game in itself to a large extent it was being in the rooms which reminded me to a large extent why I enjoy and how much more SANFL means to me it’s a more real and interment environment
    thank you

  33. Joshua Bird says

    Good read Malcolm, have to agree that our pressure on the Eagles was fantastic, gave them barely any time on the ball! One of the best SANFl games I have seen in a long time also good to know someone else refers to The Parade as The Home of Football (my old man does too ?)

  34. Good read Rulebook. Hopefully the positives out of this game are carried through the next couple of months to ensure red legs are back in finals.

  35. Lawrence Ben says

    A much needed win. Hopefully they continue!!

  36. Mark munday says

    ‘As Michael Aish walks by’ brings me right back to about 8 years old when my mum took me to unley to watch norwood. Then Michael Aish walks past heading into the ground with his footy boots laced over his shoulder and a small carry bag in hand ready for some more Margery votes. Thanks for the commentary Malcolm was a great win… Mark

  37. A great Win against he Top Team on Friday .. keep up the Hard attack on the ball Boys more to come Roger pinches # 18 …..

  38. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Joshua.Raf and Lawrence as Jarrod Cotton said the players have set the benchmark re pressure they must bring that every week big game against the double blues,Sat.Mark love your comment plenty of those from Michael ! thanks folks

  39. Enjoyed watching the lads have a kick and a catch for the third time in our new front yard, Malcolm. Appreciated the game far more from the fence than the back of the stands this time. Couldn’t believe that the Eagles were that hard up to have to play 5 from their mini league in the starting 18!

  40. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Roger( good to get comments from Bali and Ireland today ) Model glad you enjoyed your new spot agreed the eagles do seem to have some small tackers

  41. Good read Malcolm, great win. Need to back it up tomorrow now, should be a good game, and hopefully a good size crowd, weather looks good for it ??

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