SANFL – Norwood v South Adelaide: Rulebook’s Redleg Report

Friday night it’s off to the home of football again for a top of the table clash the Legs taking on the Panthers (slightly compromised as all sides haven’t played the same number of games). Now I love my Friday night footy and winter is setting in. All other SANFL games are on Sunday. I feel if this game had been it would have attracted 4,500 instead of just over 3 thousand. Norwood are missing gun mid fielders Jimmy Allan and Matt Panos thru injury (how Panos is not on a AFL list is mystifying to say the least) but have regained Tim Webber and Matt Suckling. South Adelaide kick the 1st goal but then Norwood gain the initiative and kick the next 4 to establish a handy break.
Kristian Roocke has stepped up in the midfield with his evasive skills a feature. Ben Jefferies is working hard as the link man between defense and attack. Matt Suckling is proving important in the clinches his main weakness in just being to keen to have the footy and demanding it when he is not the best option He needs to relax more and think more clearly. Norwood are relishing yet another team come to the Parade and try and beat us at our own game employing the forward press and flooding back hard. I think the way to beat Norwood is to be more adventurous and aggressive.

Emmanuel Irra is trying hard for South but makes some shocking errors and with a hair style like that it is only going to draw attention. Go conventional young fella. Michael Chippendale for Norwood is continuing his strong season. His ability to jump and play tall as a defender is as always a highlight although his disposal did let him down at times.
Brent Macleod is impressive for South in getting plenty of the ball. Joel Cross as always works hard and shows his neat skills. Xavier Gotch and Nick Liddle feature at times and may well trouble Norwood on the bigger grounds in Noarlunga in the return fixture and Adelaide Oval in the finals.
Norwood really maintain the buffer for the rest of the night and while challenged in the 3rd quarter, they steadied and got back on top. Sam Baulderstone clearly beat Daniel Bass in ruck and gave Norwood midfielders 1st look at the ball, and as always ran hard and used his penetrating left leg to effect as the link man. Alex Georgiou and the mercurial Brett Eddy have a enthralling duel and while Eddy did the occasional bit of magic,Georgiou kept him goalless and played an important part in the Legs win. I am delighted for Patrick Levicki to be playing league footy and contributing for the Redlegs. Patrick was not a star junior and has had to really battle and now at the age of 23 is playing his role effectively(he was excellent against the Crows last week).

Peter Persinos kicked 2 goals with the highlight being a spectacular running goal which was the sealer in the last quarter. Brady Dawe was injured in a crude spoiling attempt( v poor no 25 metre penalty) and is set to miss at least 4 weeks. It is a huge loss and robs him of his potential state debut. As an umpire I hate this complying with AFL positioning. Whoever came up with the idea of getting out on the boundary line and not side on to the contest to give decisions has really damaged umpiring. The stupidity of implementing it and then copying the AFL is bitterly disappointing. While we have made some adjustments in the SANFL a lot more needs to be done for the good of the game. Purely positioning wise ironically a step back in time would help greatly.

The Redlegs get to the state game bye well positioned at 6 wins and 1 loss while the Panthers drop back in to the pack at 4 wins, 2losses and a draw. Daniel manages to find a shocking beat beat song on the radio. Campbell remarks “geez Daniel you have managed a new low with this”.  The tradition continues.

Norwood 11-13-79 def South Adelaide 9-8-62

Norwood: Roocke, Murphy, Persinos 2, Phillips, Newton, Donohue, Bartlett, Dawe 1
South Adelaide: Rolfe, Macleod 2, KMurphy, Rankine, Seccull, Irra, Haren 1
Best Players

Norwood: Roocke, Jeffries, Baulderstone, Chippendale, Suckling, K Murphy, Georgiou
South Adelaide: Macleod, Rolfe, Cross, N Murphy, Rankine


  1. Dave Brown says

    Yep, sound analysis as always Rulebook (particularly Irra’s do). In the Dawe incident the umpire could have been standing anywhere on the ground and seen that for what it was – a player knowing he had lost the contest taking the opportunity to line an opponent up, front on. Levicki was impressive once again and provides a bit more height in the backline.

    South are a good, disciplined team and forced us wide going forward when we weren’t on a ‘fast break’. As you note they will not beat us playing like that at the Parade unless they can beat us soundly in the midfield. They missed Liddle going off concussed.

  2. Campbell says

    Irra’s haircut was probably the most interesting thing I saw from him all night. All round a solid game from Norwood.

    I can’t believe Daniel managed to find something even worse than usual, he has a knack of finding terrible radio.

  3. Rick Neagle says

    Fair take of the game on Friday night. Keep pushing Mike Colligan’s book “Norwood men who served” – a great portrayal of our past players who served and gave their lives for future generations.

  4. Really good win on Friday. Rather a Friday night game at the Parade and will miss them. Hopefully the SANFL put the last round on a Friday night against the Eagles.

    Hard fought game and the reserves saw an amazing Norwood comeback win.

    Hopefully our SA boys win on Saturday and we come back the following week with more good footy. North at Prospect should be a winnable game.

  5. Martin Rumsby says

    Not sure about your assertion that Sunday afternoon would have drawn a bigger crowd, Malcolm. Junior footy and other family commitments often get in the way of would-be spectators. Norwood is playing well without being convincing at present. I look forward to the clash with West Adelaide who seem to have made a significant change to their game plan – we may see more than the usual handful of goals from a Nwd v WA contest.

    Bad luck for Brady Dawe. Hopefully he gets another chance to play at state level.

  6. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Dave agree re going to wide and I thought it was a combination of South and at times we chose the wrong option and went for the slow play instead of getting in quicker
    Campbell it is a terrible hair cut and while you can fit my knowledge of music on the back of a postage stamp that beat beat song is the worst I have ever heard it made
    baby in the microwave sound like a musical masterpiece.Thanks number 48 and will do re Mikes book still shattered at not getting a mention in mayors parlor at ht !
    Thanks Cameron the reserves come back was also a highlight of the night.
    Martin good point re other commitments on Sunday programming is never easy but I do people who didn’t go Friday night due to the cold we all no we are not as accepting as we used to be as a society ( not a good thing )

  7. A great read, as usual, well done.

  8. Craig Noble says

    ThanksMalcolm, a good read, I hope the SANFL umpires don’t implement the “over-umpiring” I witnessed on Saturday afternoon during the AFL match at Adelaide Oval. Cheers Craig

  9. Good comments Malcolm.

    I would also add that I thought South’s tackling was very good compared to ours and is an area we need to improve on to stop quick movement of the ball by oppositions.

    Looking forward to playing Westies in a few weeks after they kicked 30 goals against the Bays on Sunday.

    Go Legs!

  10. Must have been a tough encounter Rulebook. Was hoping the Panthers might snatch it!

  11. Chris Hogan says

    Very good appraisal of the game, malcolm. Norwood are winning but not killing off sides. I know there’s no easy games but when we have the upper hand we need to kill sides off.

  12. Solid win are Westies the team to watch now?

  13. Markl Clarke says

    A good read Malcolm. A point I’ve made on Facebook I’d like your take on, is the mystifying habit the boys have of NOT taking a shot when inside 50 and dead in front. Without fail, they pass to the forward flank or pocket! Surely it is an easier shot from directly in front rather than an oblique angle? This makes no sense to me (Or some other fans seated nearby on Friday night) maybe you have some insight on this, because I can’t see any reason for it!

  14. Good report we just need percentage

  15. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Sonia.Craig totally agree re the afl umpiring,Sat.Manny I thought South were okay on friday night and thought we improved significantly from our performance against the crows and as you and Raj point out westies are going to be a significant test.Dips the panthers are ok but I am not sure that they have adequately replaced
    Brooksby( Gold Coast)and Fields( Carlton) Chris we had control of the game at times but we didn’t get the ball in quickly enough and at times got to wide.Mark we have several players where 50 is right on there absolute kicking distance and in having
    Hughes and previously Fuller to give off 2 is where we are lacking now to some extent but the 2nd q in particular we did pass off way 2 wide it was bemusing to say the leas
    Thanks folks appreciated

  16. Spot on as usual. While we’re not thrashing sides, we’re looking good to take out flag no 4.

  17. The Parade the “home of football”? Granted, it’s close, but everyone knows the home of football is Bob Neil #1.

    Very nearly steered the pushy a little way north from William St on the way home from a late finish at work, but the thought of a hot shower, warm clothes, a heater, some fine Lucia’s fare & a coupla glasses of Shiraz won out. No regrets.

    Nice work again Malcolm. Go the Legs. And the Blacks.

  18. John Griffen says

    Great write up Malcolm The only way to beat Norwood is relentless attack,defenders play on at all cost plays in to the legs hands taking them on at there own game
    Hope Gotch has learnt and takes,Norwood on a lot more next time

  19. Rulebook
    Good analysis of the game. I think the Legs are palying within themselves and only hope they discover the ability to pulverise sides.
    Panthers are a good team and look capable of going deep into the finals.
    Norwood’s real test is the Eagles!

  20. Danny Oung says

    I’m not a regular at SANFL games anymore but what I saw were 2 teams that play a distinct AFL brand of footy on Friday night.

    Unfortunately the game as a spectacle has decreased over the last couple of years due to the full ground press and rolling scrums.

    It’s little wonder the umpires position themselves and adjudicate to AFL interpretations.

    Make no mistake I have loved every bit of Norwood’s recent success but I lost interest in the game as a spectacle pretty early Friday night, it was just an average game of footy.

  21. Often teams who thrash sides are just playing care free footy cause their opposition is second rate. Wests probably wouldn’t have learnt much playing Glenelg. Thrashing teams does wonders for team moral but will fall over in finals. Hopefully Ben Warren is watching how his experienced players keep control out on the field so that they learn something about their own game plan every game.

  22. Great read as usual. South are a good side which makes me ask the question why flood? We were parked inside our attacking 50 at some stages with every player in it? Had to try chip the ball around until we turned it over. South on the rebound had no one to kick to. I expected a lot better. South arent anywhere near where they were last year.
    With norwood i cant understand so many easy goals missed. In front forwards tend to be passing off to small forwards , its like kick the freaking ball into the goals. Very frustrating to watch at times. We are traveling nicely. Hope we all hit our straps at the pointy end of the season. Still a ling way to go but im confident we can back it up come Sept.

  23. Jeff Milton says

    Solid win against the side who were second Great night for watching footy from Coopers Hill. Was with a few mates a bit older than me who often refer back to old Norwood games Still somewhat surprised when they started talking about Bill Weddings last game.

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