SANFL Round 16 – Norwood v Eagles: Norwood on top of the tree


Norwood moved closer to securing the minor premiership with a 32 point win over Woodville West Torrens and move one and a half wins clear on the premiership table in securing their 11th win in a row, only soured by a serious ankle injury to Alex Georgiou


Alex and Lauren are due to have their first child this coming week so the timing could hardly be worse (we believe the injury is so severe that it will prevent Alex from changing a nappy for at least a year!)




Woodville West Torrens opened the game strongly and at one stage in the first quarter had opened up a 26 point lead. This occurred through the Eagles’ precision ball use, chipping and running through our defensive structures. Norwood didn’t place enough pressure on the ball carrier with James Boyd and Scott Lewis in particular doing some damage through the midfield.


You can certainly see why there is much hype around Jack Lukosius, his leading patterns and work rate is excellent. Ironically there were times he should have been used and wasn’t, and Cam Shenton, the Redlegs Mr Fix It, being so versatile having to play as a key back ended up doing a good job on Lukosius in the absence of Michael Talia and when Alex G was injured. The back seven in general were excellent again.


Norwood didn’t help their cause with effectively a 2 goal turnover in the first quarter, retaliating and turning over the ball when we were going to have a set shot at goal and WWT running the length of the ground to kick the goal. We won’t name the offender but he is the current holder of the most prestigious award in world sport.



I have had people ask me about the FA Bloch Award. In short, Chocka ran The Adelaide University FC, and is a mentor and has been a huge influence on my life, so ok, yes, a tad self indulgent on that one.


Norwood during the first quarter even when WWT was dominating on the scoreboard we were certainly having enough of the footy but were turning it over. Once the pressure lifted so did the pattern of the game. Coach Jarrod Cotton, while rapt with the goals from the Legs’ small forwards, was even happier with the manic forward pressure from Norwood’s bash brothers Simon Phillips and Anthony Wilson (well may be in the fifth race at Morphettville). Seriously, this was the highlight of the night with the gang tackling. Norwood really dominated the game after quarter-time kicking 13.14 86 to WWT 6.5 41 and probably should have won by more.


Norwood had a host of contributors with captain Jace Bode leading the way with I thought his best game for several seasons. His marking and decision making a highlight. Mitch Grigg in his 100th SANFL game was again significant and was a strong four quarter performer. Brad McKenzie playing deeper in defense was assured along with Mitch Wilkins who has added calmness and is a clear thinker down back.


Declan Hamilton played further up the ground than he has previously and was a good link man. Matty Nunn with his pace and carry has developed in to a key player. Matty “The Fonz” Panos, while not at his obliterating best, was still very important with his selling of the pup to the man on the mark and long goal in the second quarter was a highlight. Ed Smart continues to run and work so hard and yes, he got his customary cramp (getting better Smarty, only five minutes to go!) Lewis Johnston on a wing is having a very consistent year and while occasionally biting off more than he can chew with disposal by foot, there is the old adage: no risk, no reward, and over the year Lewis has delivered.


My bugbear of the night was the umpiring. Now senior umpiring people will agree and admit the instructions re. positioning has gone backwards at a million miles per hour. The decision to have umpires out wide instead of in the corridor and trying to get side on to the contest is mind boggling, bewildering incompetence, and I have always maintained there should be a ruck coach in the umpiring world as I honestly think at AFL and SANFL level you could count on one hand who understand rucking and its rules.


Sam Baulderstone is not without fault as he gets frustrated and especially when tired can not think clearly and give away dumb free kicks, but with the inconsistency I would be inviting individual umpires to training to try and get some understanding of their own interpretations and the umpiring world is crying out for people who have footy nous and a feel for the game. It is certainly a sport where having played the game at an adult level is a massive advantage and can be argued a necessity.


WWT best were hard to find. Jarred “Pup” Petrenko was dangerous up forward early but understandably ran out of puff (Norwood supporters were very encouraging advising re. extra job opportunities and tiling contracts due to his appearance on The Block).


James Boyd with his work rate was easily the Eagles‘ best over the whole four quarters.


Sam Rowland had his moments, Louis Sharrad drifted in and out of the game which was a symptom of their side in general. Nick Hayes was dangerous on occasions.


The precocious Jack Lukosius will be a superstar in the not too distant future.


Jack Hayes was ok, Joseph Sinor had his moments and I was surprised that the Eagles ball accumulator played in the reserves. So the Redlegs move a game and a half clear and, hey flags aren’t won in July, have next week off while the Eagles have the chance to regroup against the Crows reserves.




NORWOOD:  3.4  9.5  13.8  16.16 (112)

EAGLES:         6.1  7.4   9.5    12.6 (78)


LEADING DISPOSALS – Norwood: Grigg 32, Nunn 30, Hamilton 28, Shenton, Johnston 25, Panos 24, Glenn, Jefferies 23, McKenzie 21.


Eagles: Boyd 30, Rowland 19, Lewis 18, J. Hayes, Sinor 16, Sharrad, Gray, Haylock,MThompson 15.



Norwood: Phillips 5; Glenn, A. Wilson, Panos 2; Abbott, Shenton, Wilkins, Grigg, Smart

Eagles: N. Hayes, Petrenko 2; Boyd, Hall, J. Hayes, Lewis, Lukosius, Goldsworthy, Haylock, Borholm.


Best Players:

Norwood: Bode, Grigg, Phillips, McKenzie, Shenton, Wilkins, Panos, Hamilton, Nunn

WWT:  Boyd, N Hayes, Rowland, Lewis, J Lukosius


Crowd 3300


I wrote a article earlier in the week as Raj commented. If the article helps one person it is worth it thank you.



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  1. Craig Fester Paech says

    Good write up again Rulebook. However I’ll disagree with you on one poubt. In the past few seasons we’ve called out for ” a bit of bastard” or someone to “fly the flag”.
    So when that wascally wabbit had the free to Nunn reversed I was hapoy to see it!!
    The hybrid snipers had second thoughts from that moment on!!

  2. Rob allevi says

    Hard runn g legs gut running at furious attack at the ball the key to another great win

  3. Manny Koufalakis says

    Eagles certainly were on song with their smothering, run and foot passing in that first quarter and I was starting to worry but geez we hung in and then cruised.
    I have often felt that if the winning side’s 3 quarter time score beats the opponents full time score then it was a shellacking and even though Norwood did just that I didnt feel at ease until late in the last.
    Agree that Jace Bode played a wonderfull game in defence.
    Lewis Johnston reminds me of the great man Kieren Mcguiness who is usually very reliable but always manages to make one clanger each game.
    Flipper has an amazing leap for someone his age and his goalkicking is top notch.
    Norwood is playing really good footy at the moment and barring injuries should get to the grannie.

    Go you Mighty Redlegs!!

  4. Dave Brown says

    It was one of the better games of SANFL footy I have seen in recent times, Rulebook. Two skilful, high pressure, attacking teams going at it. Atmosphere was superb too (felt like more than 3300 there). Don’t reckon Abbott will be doing that again anytime soon. There’s a time and place for flying the flag and that wasn’t it.

    But yes, the umpiring. I watched the game again just to make sure I wasn’t being unreasonably one eyed to what was a completely baffling performance from the men who should be wearing a different colour when umpiring the Eagles. They paid all sorts of persnickety nonsense both ways while seemingly missing Grigg being held at every centre bounce and a number of ruck contests where Baulderstone was held out of it to allow the third man up. After balling it up the umpires sprint away from the contest so quickly that they may as well sit up in the western stand, it would afford them a better view.

    But back to the positives, that was the best game I have seen Jace play and good luck to Alex with his injury and the next stage of his life about to start. Another Redleg in the big family.

  5. Well done Rulebook.

    Worst display of umpiring for a while… And there’s been some shockers this season.

  6. Bill Drodge says

    Good write up Malcolm.

    Thought we gave up the “corridor” to them a bit, which allowed some easier shots on goals. No wonder they didn’t miss too many! This was probably the result of being a bit short in defence, with Talia missing and then Alex getting injured in the 1st quarter.

    Overall, a good team effort, with room for improvement. Bodes well for the finals!

  7. Jeff Milton says

    B ring on the finals. Keep up the great articles and the Fred Chocka Bloch references.

  8. Phillip Giamalis says

    Great game, and great write-up, as usual, “Book”. 3 – 8 in the last. Kick straight, and we win by 10+ goals. Also, Surman kicked 6 in the 2’s, where do we fit in the A’s. Any suggestions?

  9. Campbell says

    Another fantastic win for the legs, can’t believe its been 11 in a row now. Seriously good form.

  10. Michael Rehn says

    A very solid effort with some adversity thrown at us. We don’t know who we’ll encounter in the finals, but they will be tough opponents without doubt. It is just so critical that we keepour intensity and focus, for the rest of the minor round and then enter the finals in winning form !!!

  11. Martin Rumsby says

    It’s a great time to be a Norwood member and supporter and, even though the business end of the season is still to come, it’s important to enjoy the successes along the way. I agree with your analysis of the form of individual players, particularly about the improving form of our captain. The bye provides an opportunity for a mental and physical refresh prior to the three game run-in to the finals where the team will face its sternest test. Go ‘Legs!

  12. Luke Reynolds says

    The precocious Jack Lukosius, brilliant!
    Good crowd, Norwood seem to own Friday nights over there. Does any other SANFL team regularly play under lights?

  13. The Redlegs are looking irresistible at the moment. They’ve got one foot in the Grand Final already, in my view. I’m just pleased that the Panthers stitched up Port Power Reserves on Saturday to seal their spot in the 5. I’m looking forward to the Reglegs/Panthers game in the penultimate round before the Finals begin!

  14. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Fester agree to differ as Dave says plenty of times to fly the flag we have to be smarter than that.Rob thank you.Manny nothing against,Lewis what so ever but he’s no Kmac who was the best player in the Sanfl.Flipper has certainly wound the clock back.I also agree with,Dave may we’ll have been,Jace best game.Dave as I have mentioned the instructions to the umpires are just so wrong but it was terrible on Friday night and yep all the best to Lauren and Alex.Brad thank you and yep.Bill like the Bode line well played.Milts thank you and definitely will.Phillip selection will be interesting realistically injuries will occur but next game re Luke Surman not sure.Campbell not sure.Michael agree totally.Martin agree totally and yes enjoy it with our feet on the ground.Luke thank you bit of fun and West Adelaide and Glenelg have lights but electricity costs make the viability of night footy questionable at our level unfortunately.
    Paul yep and keep that day free thanks folks ( I pad about to get fixed so won’t reply for a couple of days thank you )

  15. Gary Bennett says

    Love all your work, I would love to see you do a profile on Rod Seekamp. Great commentary about the Eagles game and love the comments section. Keep up the good work. See if you can find time to catch some fish.
    PS my son David loves your column

  16. Curtis Woolford says

    Good stuff Malcolm. 11 in a row, hopefully we hold it together to win the flag.

  17. Steven Ronson says

    Nice post Malcolm – agree with your comments on ruck umpiring decisions and the cohesion of our backs. I also thought Grigg’s game was strong and decisive at critical times.

  18. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Gary thank you greatly appreciated and folks,Gary could catch fish in a car park he is incredible.
    Curtis thank you long way to go yet.Steven greatly appreciated thanks folks

  19. Newest recruit – Isabella Jayne Georgiou. 3kg and 50cm. Mother and child well. Father???? The Redlegs dynasty continues.

  20. Malcolm Ashwood says

    PB Alex messaged me last night,Lauren and Isabella doing well and a very relieved father that ankle injury not as bad as 1st thought and I reckon a tad chuffed as well
    ( both Lauren and Alex did laugh re the nappie line ) thank you

  21. Cameron Glenn says

    An enjoyable night at the parade seeing Norwood break their Eagles hoodoo in the reserves in an entertaining game before the league side in another entertaining game. The Eagles looked really good early but Norwood did what they did best after 1/4 time and really dominate. They were outstanding but could have won by more if they kicked straight. Here’s hoping they can secure the minor premiership before the final round so as to go to Noarlunga without the need to win to finish top and just relax knowing they will finish the season on top. Go Legs!

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