SANFL: Legs reunion, win and the mayor in a perfect day

Carn the Legs

Carn the Legs


The day begins with hosting a Norwood ’80s juniors reunion, we have just on 40 guys catching up reminiscing about the old days there are some guys who haven’t seen each other for 20 plus years. Functions like these are vital re club spirit and growing as an SANFL club, after all AFL is the big deal for the kids so it is past players who have the emotional attachment to our club which is the potential growth, this is shown to be correct with 7 new past players signed up as financial members during the day. A special mention to Andrew Moo who has flown down from Darwin for the function. Thanks also to the fellow organisers Lyndsay Young, Paul Swanbury and Jon Sampson, unfortunately the illustrious Brenton Klaebe is in Sydney as we head off to the Parade for the top of the table clash with West Adelaide. 

The game is an arm wrestle right from the start with neither team able to establish a significant advantage, Josh Donohue is good for the legs early and looks dangerous and Matt Panos is being heavily tagged. Jimmy Allan is getting plenty of the ball and Tim Webber is tough in the clinches, Matt Suckling has been moved to half back and is proving to be a huge asset. The Bloods’ Jason Porplyzia hands as always are elite and he is proving to be a problem especially re clearances. Travis Tuck is providing headaches for the Legs and looks dangerous when he is on the ball and resting down forward. A highlight for the Redlegs during the 2nd quarter is Michael Chippendale kicking his first goal in his 35th game. Chippy has had to go forward with the injury to Michael ‘Juice’ Newton and is looking promising as half time arrives with the legs 2 pts up. I grab Mark Ducker and James Pyke (1 of the last to play league footy and state cricket) to head down to the mayor’s parlour for the half time function where 1 of the great moments in my life occurs, it is a standing joke amongst our group that you have made it in life when you are mentioned by the mayor, Robert Bria (also a ’80s juniors Redleg) in his half time speech, cocko my moment arrives! (two more members as well Robert Duke has been in Australia for a day from England that’s long enough to sign up!)

The 3rd quarter starts and Simon Phillips gets under the Bloods guards to kick 2 goals the Redlegs look like they are going to skip away, but a miss from a set shot and the Bloods go coast to coast for a goal and are right back in it, Jonathon Beech, Adam Hartlett, Kaine Stevens, Aaron Anderson and Errin Wasley-Black are all contributing for the Bloods while small forwards Aaron Fielke and Taite Silverlock have their moments and are dangerous around the goals. Bloods Ruckmen Peter Nelson and Ryan Willits are having an intriguing battle with the Legs gun big man Sam Baulderstone with all having a real crack, Baulderstone’s hit outs are more to advantage than the Bloods duo with Sam’s mobility and link work as always important.

Scores are tied up at three quarter time an early goal to Matt Panos gives the legs the lead, Kristian Roocke has burst into the game for the legs with his evasive skills a highlight pin point delivery of Chippendale results in another goal. Chippy is proving to be the main key forward on either side, Kane Murphy goals and then Josh Donohue kicks a pearler from the boundary line to put the legs 24 pts up and they look home. Westies burst back into it when the Legs, try and keep hold of the ball, Norwood play too safe and slow risk free footy a bit too far out from the siren, all of a sudden 2 quick goals and then a brilliant goal from Travis Tuck grabbing the ball from a ruck throw up and all of a sudden it is only 6 pts the difference. The Bloods threaten again, but the lovely sound of music arrives with the siren.Westies have shown character in losing James Ezard and Brad Helbig to injury and being down on rotations, but battled on. For the victorious Redlegs Pat Levicki has had his best league game yet, Levicki is a fantastic story in that he was not your superstar junior and is finally cementing his spot at the age of 23, Norwood leaders and defensive generals Alex Georgiou and Jace Bode have been strong contributors in the Legs win, it is great to catch up with Jace’s dad Olaf and recap Norwood High School happenings so we adjourn to the RSL and then the Norwood hotel I depart where the ’80s guys’ marks and goals are getting better by the minute and show no signs of slowing down so a Norwood reunion, a win and a mention by the mayor, what else can you want in single day!


Norwood 11-9-75 def West Adelaide 10-9-69

Goal kickers:

Norwood: Chippendale 3, Phillips, Donohue 2, Davis, Bartlett, Murphy, Panos 1

West Adelaide: Tuck 3, Silverlock, Fielke 2, Hardy, Green, Hartlett

Best Players:

Norwood:  Suckling, Allan, Levicki, Webber, Donohue, Georgiou, Bode, Baulderstone, Davis

West Adelaide:  Beech, Tuck, Hartlett, Porplyzia, Stevens, Anderson, Wasley-Black







  1. Jeff Milton says

    Another step towards 4 in a row.
    A club with so much history and success over 138 seasons.

  2. Sounds like a great day all round Book especially another areoles victory
    Great work (again) on organising the function

  3. Bloody auto correct
    REDLEGS victory

  4. Really enjoyed the game.
    It was hard physical SANFL footy between 2 very evenly matched teams.
    Westies have certainly improved over the last couple of seasons.
    Some supporters found the game frustrating because of errors in delivery or in decision making but have a look at most AFL games and the clangers are there as well. I think some people expect too much sometimes from part time players.
    Happy to take the win but also well done to the Bloods.
    Luv The LEGS!!!

  5. Markl Clarke says

    A good summary Rulebook! The boys still have a tendency to over-use the ball- saw some fantastic attacks from deep in defense come unstuck in our attacking 50 because they either took 2 or 3 too many steps or that extra handball that resulted in turnovers and then goals to Westies!
    It was frustrating to see them let up on the pressure at the 20 minute mark in the final quarter, short passing, trying to keep possession and run-down the clock rather than clear the back lines because there was still enough time for West to kick goals and win the game, which they very nearly did.
    I still worry that our relatively poor percentage compared to the teams immediately below us may come back to bite us at the serious end of the season, especially after the THRASHING the Eagles handed us a few weeks back-I think we need to chalk-up some convincing DOMINANT wins between now and the major round to avoid what happened to our Reserve side last season!
    It was good to see such a good crowd-even the Reserves game had a good sized crowd-no doubt the “Balmy” sunny weather had something to do with that!
    Looking forward to a tight contest against the Double Blues next week-I’m sure they want our blood!

  6. Rick Neagle says

    Great day to catch up with past players from yesteryear. Coupled with a Redlegs victory , it was difficult to pick a BOG from both the present and past players list

  7. 1 step closer to a double chance

  8. Adam Sheridan says

    Good tight win, great article Mal.

  9. Mark Ducker says

    Thanks for organising a great day – had a great time with the boys that most I hadn’t seen since mid-late 80’s! Just like we were still at the club socialising like back then and just another day. We certainly played in the best times in the semi-professional era where we could work, train hard and still socialise and have a beer. I feel sorry for the young ones now in “the bubble” world – money great but tough gig for young males!

  10. Another great article, The way I saw it was the physical side of Westies unsettled our boys a tad especially when Chippendale was “shirted fronted” in the last term. We didn’t score after that. A great win though.

  11. Scott Tolhurst says


    Really appreciate your efforts in getting us all together yesterday

    Great work and look forward to the next one

  12. Martin Rumsby says

    You certainly had a day to remember, Malcolm! There were a couple of occasions when I felt the Redlegs were going to take control of the match, but full credit to West which hung in the contest until the very end. The team isn’t in great form at present, but a win is a win. The SANFL competition is a strong one.

  13. Damian Woodards says

    Good Summary, just some disposals and decision making needs addressing from my point of view.

  14. Lovely Lisa says

    Sounds like a great day, topped off with a win, smiles all round.

  15. Dave Brown says

    Thanks as always, Malcolm. Sounds like a cracker of a game. I suspect by the time Newton gets back Dugga will be very reluctant to move Chippendale back so well is he finding his feet.

  16. Jon Sampson says

    Great write up as always Malc, and a great win over the Bloods.
    Topped off a super day for all re: the 80’s reunion. Lot of reminiscing. So great to see footy mates of old that we hadn’t seen in years.
    Looking forward to the next one. Cheers, Sambo

  17. Was a great game and glad to see the Legs win a thriller by 6 points, same margin as last week ironically and even Port did the same with two 8 point wins. The 4000 that turned up was amazing especially with such great weather. The encounter was similar to the Grand Final having the siren go when it did in Norwood’s defensive 50. I noticed Power star Hamish Hartlett in the crowd and also James Aish was there (or his twin/doppelganger). Really enjoyed the game!

    The reserves had a huge win and the u18s also won so a great day for Norwood!

    Big game on Sunday against the Double Blues. Sturt would be filthy with their loss to the Crows but hopefully Norwood follow the Crows lead and give the Sturt fans something to get upset about. The Eagles are chasing Norwood’s tail on the ladder and Port Adelaide are climbing. Hopefully the Crows can beat the Eagles Saturday week to give Norwood some room at the top!

  18. Great write up. My son has gone through from under 13’s juniors to now under 18’s. I hope they do the same for these boys down the track. Builds great camaraderie.

  19. Another good article Malcolm. Thanks for sharing.
    I was there on the weekend, was great to be back at the Parade again. So many happy memories!

  20. Campbell says

    Great write-up! Good tight win. And to top it off with a mention in the Mayor’s Parlour tops off a great win!

  21. Always a good game when both sides slug it out to the end and don’t relent. .Westies are the real deal, and Rubbers Mickan is a good coach. Wish he was still at the bay….Redlegs will be very hard to beat. Starting to get and feel a bit like the Centrals era of the previous decade.

  22. Michael Coligan says

    A great summary of the game Malcolm and congratulations on organising the reunion of Norwood’s 1980’s junior teams past players at the Norwood hotel. Having past players from all grades back at The Parade to see the current players having a crack is great for the club and the camaraderie will only get stronger when the new facility is completed towards the end of next season. There will also be some ripping stories told when past players and officials get together on June 20 for the reunion of the 1975 league and reserves premierships and the 1974 reserves premiership, all part of the clubs sixth Hall of Fame function.

  23. Good Game The SANFL comp is very even this year

  24. Lyndsay Young says

    Well done Malcolm on a great day had by all

  25. Mahatma Coat says

    Good write up Book. We only saw the last half but I really enjoyed being at the SANFL. It was the first time Noah, and Gia, had been to the footy at the Parade. Being able to take the kids onto the ground during and after the game makes the experience. Fitting that the Legs got up as much of the last week was spent teaching Noah the Blacks’ song and Legs’ song (he gets “Bob Neil is a legend so,…” out very clearly).

    I enjoyed the momentum shifts in the game and was impressed by West’s leg speed and ability to go end-to-end in counter attack. Similarly, the Legs didn’t wilt under those counter attacks in the third quarter. Phillips’ miss after kicking the first two of that quarter let West off the hook a bit. Donohue’s effort from the pocket in the last quarter in front of Coopers’ Hill was as good as you’ll see at any level. I taught Noah to bang on the sponsorship signs after that one.

    West played until the final siren and that is perhaps a good lesson for the Legs to take from the game.


  26. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks folks yep it was a great day past players is about rekindling friendships and all having a connection and feelings for the club,observing it was like a lot of guys just were able to reconnect immediately and yes topped off by a close legs win yep totally agree Mahatma the SANFL is a special competition

  27. Luke Reynolds says

    Great stuff Malcolm. Sounds like Norwood are doing much right both on and off the field.

  28. Tom Martin says

    Come on Book, you can hardly call that being ‘mentioned by the Mayor’. He just asked you to stop selling raffle tickets. I got a ‘shout out’ from Kyle Sandilands once. He told me to fark off in the line-up to the Piano Bar in Sydney (as he waddled past the line and up to the door, I should add). Once you’d been called a bloated toad a thousand times you’d hope to see some humour in it. Oh well, I suppose he’s allowed to be grumpy. He has to get up early Monday to Friday for his afternoon drivetime radio show.

    Your story just needed to end with a bacon double and fries at Nordburger and your perfect day on the Parade would be complete.

  29. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Hey ‘Book – was that photo taken on a bus tour to the Gazman factory outlet?

  30. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Guys very good TM I no this will amaze you but I wasn’t selling raffle tickets just a thank you for organizing 80s reunion and thanks Swish for your help and the photo was taken in front of the Coopers corner bar if you look closely you can see
    Norwood photos in the background

  31. Andrew Moo says

    Great to catch up with the “85” all stars and the rest of the 80’s Legs. Hopefully we can put an annual gathering together!!! It will take that long to get over the weekend. Great effort Malcolm in making it happen.

  32. Tom Martin says

    OK Book, I believe you when you say that you weren’t selling raffle tickets, and the hat-tip from the Right Honourable was in recognition of your loyal service .

    Thousands wouldn’t, but I know that you are an honest man.

    So I take it that the Mayor was actually drawing the raffle at the time?

  33. Tom Evans says

    Great to see Patty Levicki get an extended oppurtunity in the league side and grab it with both hands! Has worked hard and never once complained after years of reserves footy…which could be disheartening for some!

  34. Mike George says

    Great job Book, glad to hear you getting recognised for your contributions to the NFC too!

  35. Great stuff Malcom a big day for past players i wasn’t there as i live Overseas in my Oceanfront Villa for 6-8 months each year in OZ winter but have fond memories of
    Early days with Norwood at Carmel Court and the friendships made with players & officials ….. Happy Days # 18 Roger Pinches

  36. Looks like it was a great day, wish I could have been there but given it was my birthday and they had a long weekend to celebrate the fact and that I’m in Melbourne it was a bit too difficult
    I will defiantly try for the next one,
    Well done to all for putting together a great initiative

  37. Robert Bria says

    Nice one Malcolm. Sorry I missed the reunion but was really happy with the result. Westies are a good outfit and in some ways were a but unlucky not to grab a last-minutes draw. 8-1 halfway through the season on a nice place to be but every game is a ‘must win’ given the top four placing a on the ladder. We have a good run home and the last round against the eagles at home may decide top spot and a second-semi berth.

  38. Great article Malcolm. Probably the best game of footy that I’ve seen at the Parade this year. (Probs coz Legs won) Credit to Westies for playing some outstanding footy but even more credit to the Legs for their win. Go Leggies!

  39. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks guys but Mr Mayor aka Robert Bria you could have at least told,Tom I was doing a raffle, it is a very tight vibrant sanfl competition.Andrew Moo there were more than a few bodies very glad that it was a public holiday on the Monday !

  40. Brenton Klaebe says

    Great to see the day went great.. Wished I had of been able to be there.. Lots of familiar faces in the photo and I would of loved to have caught up with Mooey.. Awesome effort to come down from NT.. Mooey and I had our 21st birthday party together at the Kensy Cricket Club.. Funny night.. We were all very merry as Macca got the beer from Coopers and didn’t tell everyone it was Sparkling Ale, just a touch stronger than your usual beer.. lol..
    Football creates great memories and I’m sure a few great stories would have been told on Sunday..
    To all the guys who organized it well done and in particular Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood, you just keep doing stuff.. I’m not sure how you fit it all in Malcolm, but you do terrific things for our famous club.. Well done..
    Hopefully Sunday’s get together is the start of something and we keep doing it.. Looking forward to the next one..!!!!!! GO THE LEGS.. FORTIS IN PROCELLA..

  41. 4 in a row looking like a good shout!
    8-1 leaves ’em in a great spot. Westies a very solid team.

  42. I would love to see the new development at norwood oval have something else to attract more of the local community throughout the year. Problems with money, space, car parking, council approval etc would prevent it but your mate the mayor could throw a recovery pool in somewhere just big enough for the leggies to toughen up with some cross training in waterpolo..

  43. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Klaebes appreciated.Raf yes the complex must be used by different organizations,conferencesetc for its and Norwoods survival.i like the idea re water polo,Raf and hereby appoint you the legs cross training coach !

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