SANFL: Legs on top

The day begins with umpiring the Ad Uni  Scum team who get up in their first game of the year against Mitcham by 4 points with surprisingly little umpire-bashing. A quick trip home to pick up Daniel and Campbell and we’re on our way for their first trip to the Ponderosa. Daniel finds some Italian singing on the way on the radio, geez it was terrible.

We arrive just as the teams are running on to the ground. Norwood with some clean movement of the ball kick the first goal following a strong mark from Juice Newton. The legs kick another through Peter Persinos (sounds like a character out of Harry Potter). Centrals have Travis Schiller getting plenty of the ball. Hoskin is also contributing. Norwood are on top through Sam Baulderstone in the ruck who is on his way to a mammoth 46 hit outs and 16 touches around the ground working hard as the extra midfielder. How he wasn’t picked up in the AFL draft is mystifying to say the least .

The Legs go in to the half-time break leading by 16 points . Centrals challenge in the third but lack multiple goal-kickers, Josh Donohue is working hard , harassing and using the ball well Ben Jeffries is linking up well and contributing strongly in the back line. Jimmy Allan’s class and clean hands are important. Centrals have Retzlaff who is dangerous on occasions up forward. Jarrad Schiller with 21 touches is a useful link man. At three quarter time the Legs lead by 12 points. It’s a game where they have seemed to be in control for large parts but the last kick into the 50 is letting them down, the game is an arm wrestle for a large part of the last quarter but following fast clean hands by Jeffries , Glynis Nunn delivers perfectly to Liam Davis who marks and kicks his second . Fittingly the game ends with Sam Baulderstone marking and, aided by a 25 metre penalty, goals after the siren to extend the margin to 24. For Norwood, others who helped get the end result were Captain Alex Georgiou who got better the longer the game went, Mitch Wilkins was solid again the also returning Matt Suckling was strong in the clinches with the Legs game plan and tackling being the difference. The Dogs had far fewer players during the day contributing and I wonder whether Paul Thomas has gone on for a season too long. They will want to improve in the coming weeks, but the Legs continue on their merry way and the reigning premiers are top and 2-0. Go the Legs !

Norwood 11 -5 71 def Central Districts 7-5 47

Goal Kickers Norwood Newton 3 , Davis 2 , Persinos , Bartlett , Bampton , Suckling , Rooke , Baulderstone 1

Central Districts Retzlaff 4 , Hoskin 2 , Gillbee 1 Norwood

Best Players Baulderstone , Donohue , Jeffries , Allan , Wilkins

Centrals T Schiller , Hoskin , Jarrad , Barnby


In other SANFL games North def Adelaide by 3 points, Sturt def Glenelg, West def the Eagles and Port comfortably def South Adelaide


  1. Mark Duffett says

    Bad news but well delivered, particularly appreciated the observations of Centrals players from an opposition perspective. Thanks, Rulebook.

  2. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Is the steak sandwich van still there ‘Book? Did you run into Dave Brown?

    From the scores, looks like the ball spent most of its time in the vast midfield expanses.

  3. Dave Brown says

    Nice one, Rulebook. No collision between us, Swish. The outer is even vaster than the playing surface.

    You cannot fault Central’s commitment to the one on one contest. A few too many times our guys baulked when hearing the thud of approaching feet. But the legs were able to create more fluent passages of play. Central’s game plan of win possession, create overlap, run ball down ground is too vulnerable to a decent defensive press.

  4. Who is Jarrad for Central that you mentioned in best players, Malcolm?

    I assume you might have meant Jarrod Schiller?

  5. And it is Luke Barmby, mate, not Barnby. Not being able to get to the game – due to my Mum’s 60th Birthday party – I appreciate the observations.

  6. Malcolm Ashwoos says

    Thanks guys Swish Daniel gave the thumbs up to the ponderosa catering and said it was more efficient than ours at the parade ( very happy with my pie )
    Dave definitely a battle of the defenses , both sides a bit careful at times and needed to take the game on more . Phil I did go to try and buy a budget had sold out , used the SANFL site where some more info wouldn’t go astray but a good tradesman doesn’t blame his tools , thanks for that

  7. Not sure which was the greater highlight of the game; the Central supporters having a sook, or the Italian Radio in the car

  8. Dave Brown says

    At least the Budget has finally concluded that Barmby is not 192cm as they have been printing for the last few years

  9. Martin Rumsby says

    Saw you, Daniel and Campbell sitting a few rows in front of us, Malcolm. I should have bought a pie rather than a hot-dog which I had to wait 5 minutes for and after all that it was cold!

    As per the Sturt game, the opposition controlled much of the play but were unable to reflect that on the scoreboard. Newton started really strongly and I thought he was going to have a big day out. Central tightened up on him, often double-teaming him. To finish with three goals wasn’t a bad effort, but he looked to be on track for at least a handful.

    Your match analysis aligned closely with my view. Thanks Malcolm.

  10. john allen says

    A pretty good summary of the match. I thought we always looked in control but made a couple of backline clangers which resulted in goals for Centrals. Young Wilkins looks a very good pick up and Ben Jeffries and Baulderstone were great.
    Centrals did play very tough man on man football which worried us at times.
    I had the same thoughts whether Paul Thomas has gone one season to long as he was very average.
    Typical racous inane “send off ” to our players after the match by a section of the Central’s supporters hanging over the race.
    I will miss the next two matches unfortunately but lets hope we can be 4 to nil after them.
    Keep up the good work Malcolm. John Allen.

  11. Luke Reynolds says

    Great stuff Rulebook, really enjoying the Norwood stories on this site.
    25m penalties! Is that the only penalty in the SANFL or do you have 50m, 15m etc as well?
    S.Baulderstone sounds a gun player.

  12. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Campbell both highlights ! Martin hopefully see you Sunday at Pecker Park ta
    John yes the , Centrals supporters at the end of the game were interesting to say the least and Centrals were definitely hard at the contest
    Luke SANFL is 25 unless at discretion of the umpire re a serious breach of the rules a 50 can be paid , I think the SANFL is a better rule personally
    Thank you

  13. Too early to call the 4 peat?

  14. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Raj way 2 early we need Phillips back and we are well and truly still adjusting and missing the best player in the comp in KMac , missing Wilsons X factor 2
    We have done what we have had 2 do so far with the game plan well and truly standing up so far and wish the power would hurry up and get some inj so it would weaken there reserves

  15. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Cameron programming by the SANFL re the 2 rounds so far has been diabolical only 2 games over , Easter and then all games last week end on the Saturday competing against all other sport totally incompetent

  16. Geoffrey Wilson says

    Good summary of the game Malcolm, the only disappointing thing was that Norwoods dominance in general field play didn’t reflect on the scoreboard at any stage. Another good win though and at Elizabeth, I will take that, a good start to the season.

  17. Shane Donohue says

    It was a hot day for footy both teams fought hard all day
    great game and josh had a day out but its a team thing go legs

  18. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Geoff we have both been thru enough pain at the ponderosa before
    take a win any day . Shane it was bloody hot and nothing wrong with being a proud dad , I thought it was arguably Josh’s best 4 q game in his career go the legs

  19. The best thing for me as a legs supporter was seeing port lose on the same wkend…it was the best for me

  20. Another great write up.

    Although I only saw the reserves and on 1/4 of the main game due to Adelaide United home game that arvo, what I saw was top stuff by the legs. I listened to the rest on radio and it was similar to what I had seen in person but had a fantastic finish with those 2 late goals. Shame I didn’t hear the song on the radio. Fantastic win by the legs including first of the season for the reserves. I hope they can beat the Eagles on Sunday. If Westies can do it, surely Norwood can too. Norwood had plenty of support in Elizabeth so expect the same at Woodville. Will need to win to stay top!

    Go Legs!

  21. a great start to the season ,the ressies are looking good as well keep it up norwood

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