SANFL – Finals: West Adelaide faces Norwood for Grand Final berth

By Rulebook Ashwood

SANFL Finals kicked off yesterday at AAMI Stadium on a warm, windy day.

West Adelaide came back from a 27 pt half time deficit to defeat the Eagles and set up a 2nd Semi Final against reigning Premier Norwood. West forced by the scoreline to abandon its normal defensive game plan finished full of running to win by 7 pts.

West were inspired by a courageous act by Captain Ryan Ferguson backing back into a pack in a marking contest in the last quarter in which Ferguson had to be stretchered off after being heavily concussed. West had standout performances by Shane Tuck who dominated on the ball and also kicked 3 goals. Others to play well were Macreadie Mangan former Brisbane and Adelaide player Chris Schmidt while Bonney Ferguson and Slattery kicked 2 each for the Eagles whose kicking for goal cost them the game as the final score (West 14 5 89 d Eagles 11 16 82) indicates.

Port Power-listed player Campbell Heath excelled. Chris Hall kicked 4 Gls Poole 3 while the Lukes Powell and Jarrad were solid contributors.

In the Elimination Final North Adelaide were far too good for Central Districts winning by 62 pts. North were on a 5 game losing streak but regaining Crows Player Lewis Johnson, dry weather and the wide expanses of AAMI were just what the Roosters needed. Centrals kicked the first three goals of the game but were dominated from then on led by Todd Miles and Nick Amato with contributions by everyone in the old Whole Team Played Well line. Ryswyk kicked 4 Gordon and Johnston 3 while in a patchy Centrals performance Goodrem and Thomas led the way while Callinan and Habel kicked two goals each. Final Scores: North 20 16 136 d Centrals 10 14 74.

In the 1st semi Eagles v North and in the 2nd Semi for the right to enter the big dance Norwood v West Adelaide.



  1. Simon Willcox says

    As an old Rooster I really liked Lewis Johnson’s game as we have had so little to cheer this year he could have taken things a bit easy as its not the AFL but he looked like like he meant business . Callinan was disappointing, again.
    It will be interesting to see how much of a difference Crouch coming back into the side will make to Westies. i still think that the Redlegs will take the chocies next week and the flag as well

  2. Unfortunately it has looked a Redlegs T.S.Hill all season.

  3. mickey randall says

    Nice job Rulebook. Most difficult to see any side knocking off Norwood. The Redlegs to give N.Bassett a good send-off to an assistant’s role in the AFL.

  4. Lachlan Waterman says

    Thorough report Rulebook. Bassett and Francou AFL bound next year and it pains me to say this ‘Snowy on the tram’ to coach the bays. South Adelaide still rebuilding?

  5. Good to see some SANFL Banter. I think its all academic as the Redlegs have their colours on the chimney already.

  6. Good read. Informative and succinct. Keep it up Rulebook.

  7. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Simon Crouch is not Playing it has always been interesting which AFL Players are released to play by there AFL clubs and which players suddenly have injuries to prevent them from playing but they would be ok to play a AFL final ! Mind you from next season this is no longer a issue for the SANFL clubs personally I am so angry with the AFL it is a 800 Million industry yet they say they can’t afford 1.5 Mill to run a National Reserves comp they have forced the VFL WAFL and now the SANFL to lose there soul from next season and yep South Adelaide still rebuilding

  8. Screecher075 says

    Go The Mighty Roosters!!!!
    Great to see the Dogs knocked out two years in a row.
    Hope to see a North V Norwood final with The Roosters bringing home the silverware!!!!

  9. Michael Barker says

    Good read Book as usual.

    When West Captain Ryan Ferguson went back with the flight of the ball and got KO’ed by Andrew Ainger I though that might be it for the Bloods – that is one of the most courageous and inspirational things I have witnessed on a footy field. The fact that his team mates responded in the way they did was fantastic and I am sure that is what got Westies over the line.

    I have thought this all year that the Roosters were dangerous and the warm weather and size of Footy Park has brought out the best in them. They were impressive and really showed that they are still right in the Premiership race.

    Book on a side note it is Travis Tuck not Shane that plays at Westies – are you telling us something we don’t know? I know you are good but that is on the verge of being a clairvoyant to predict that the recently retired Shane Tuck from Richmond in AFL may join his brother at the Bloods. Let hope so……..

    Overall another well written piece. Looking forward to reading next weeks SANFL finals update.

    Go Bloods

  10. Nick Raschella says

    Book good to see you have gone back to your roots and taking about the legs.

    Bob Neil being a signed member and living down the road and being Norwood’s smost famous current resident will inspire some existing Footy and passion from the parade boys.

    Although the way these two very defensive sides play it might be more exciting watching Matty Thomas’ better half. No one questions his endeavour but his better half is bound to have better disposal.

  11. Caitlin Stanley says

    I look forward to your report for when the legs win the GF!

  12. Jake Boerema says

    Good Report Rulebook to the point with good info Go the Bloods and hope your clairvoyance re The Tucks comes True

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