SANFL 2nd Semi Final- Norwood v Port Adelaide: Off to the big dance!


Saturday is a football extravaganza. First off I head to Guy Sebastian Reserve to watch the
Adelaide Uni C 1 team the Chardonnay Socialists (click here and here for recent Chardonnay Socialists match reports) who continue on their merry way and comfortably account for Ross and Trevor in the preliminary final. Next off I head to a far away field to watch the C men play, Hought and about the Uni side is coached by Simon ‘Mahatma Coat’ Ritchie and have a casual 14 goal turn around from the qualifying final with a comfortable 6 goal win, a fantastic effort from this young group to secure promotion.

Then it’s the long trek in to Bob Neil Number 3 aka Adelaide Oval where South Adelaide are comfortably accounting for Sturt. I am rapt for Tom Fields the smooth moving, long kicking left footer who is a huge chance to be drafted. The panthers also have a strong Adelaide Uni FC connection in CEO Evan Arnold and board member Grant Miles and will play the loser of Norwood v Port.  I personally hate that AFL sides are in the SANFL competition.That there is not a national reserves competition is a disgrace.


 The Norwood v Port game begins at a cracking pace and the contest is fierce. Norwood ruckman Sam Baulderstone has had the heat put on him after a poor qualifying final and he is responding, midfielder Tim ‘Doc’ Webber is a clearance and tackling machine. Norwood’s defensive pressure has caused several turnovers and the Redlegs have a 2 goal lead at quarter time despite the efforts of Aaron Young and Ben Newton. Norwood’s electrifying midfielder Rabs Wilson kicks a couple, Michael Newton is contributing and the ‘legs depart the oval at half time to a raucous ovation leading by 27 pts.  Suddenly the magpies, yeah right the power reserves, lift Jarman Impey is moved on to Wilson , Tom Logan and Steven Summerton lift and Port absolutely dominate the quarter with some poor errors by Norwood, especially in ball ups in defence (back taps are not playing the percentages) while mystifying umpiring also hurts Norwood.  Port end the 3rd quarter having a lead of 12 pts and kick the first goal of the last quarter before all of a sudden there is a momentum shift. Brady Dawe plays the quarter of his life taking several towering marks. Simon Phillips shows enormous character having earlier had his shoulder pop out, kicks an amazing goal from the Eddie Betts pocket, then K Mac (Kieran McGuinness) takes a risk and splits Port’s defence wide open, setting up Panos who goals, followed by Phillips, then Josh Donohue crumbs brilliantly, runs in to an open goal and the ‘legs run the game out strongly and win by 13 pts.

Were off to the big dance! A great Norwood and Adelaide Uni day ends while Port will play the Panthers in the preliminary final next week. The tradition continues with my son Daniel and his good mate  Campbell searching the radio stations for the weirdest show, tonight he settles on religious radio, different to say the least.


Norwood 13 14 92 def Port 12 7 79

Best Players

Norwood: Webber , Dawe , , Wilson , Jeffries , McGuiness , Baulderstone , Bode
Port:  Young , Newton , Impey , Summerton , Logan,  Blemans , Amon

Goal Kickers

Norwood: Phillips 3 , Newton , Panos 2, Persinos , Baulderstone , Smart , Bartlett , Wilson each 1
Port:  Newton , Shaw 2 , Krakouer , Impey , Summerton , Blemens , Bruggemann , Logan , Stewart , Amon each 1




  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Folks editor had trouble reading my entry ( I will never bag any 1 for that ) should read K Mac takes a risk splits , Ports defence wide open and helps set up a goal for ,
    Panos . Go the legs !

  2. Malcolm Musolino says

    Great article . Go you Legs

  3. Malcolm Musolino says

    Great article mate. Didn’t miss a thing. Great to see someone writing about the game that makes sense unlike some other media. Keep up the good work. From ?

  4. John Topperwien says

    Fantastic article Mal , felt as though I was there. Puts some of the press journos to shame.

  5. Dan Henderson says

    Great win by the legs! I missed the second half. Interested to hear more about mystifying umpiring decisions …

  6. Paul Di Iulio says

    Great article Malcolm, very good wrap up of the game

  7. Great article mate. We are really rapt to think that although many wrote us off at the start of the year we are in yet another GF. BTW it is McGuinness.

  8. GO YOU LEGGIES!!!!!

  9. Firstly I don’t care about uni..
    Anyway I think you undersold just how good that Norwood victory was. The PAPs had 15 AFL listed players running around Sat night, all with AFL pre seasons under their belts. To turn it all around after they kicked the 1st goal of the last qtr, and to then go on to win by 13 points, for me was the best win I’ve seen in my time, bar the premierships of course. We were also pretty lucky that Kane Mitchell didn’t play.. Would love to see the Panthers knock em out in straight sets!!

  10. Ben Footner says

    Hopefully the Panthers can dispose of the filth this Sunday and we can have a Norwood v South GF. What a cracking game that would be, exactly 50 years after South’s last flag. All aboard the Panther bandwagon! Toot Toot!

  11. Yes, I thought for a moment that the KMac goal had escaped my attention – glad it was mythical. Although had he kicked that one later in the quarter the house would have come down. Flipper’s goal just amazing, oh to get inside that head.

    Will definitely be a temporary member of the Panther bandwagon this week.

  12. Go Norwood very proud…..

  13. Another fantastic read mate, and all credit to the Norwood FC….great club culture.

  14. Luke Reynolds says

    Love your passion for Norwood and Ad Uni Malcolm.
    Is Norwood ruckman Sam Baulderstone any relation to Almanacker Peter Baulderstone?

  15. Religious radio is always a great listen. Go Legs!

  16. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks folks Dan there was inconsistency re the umpiring esp the 3rd q they got involved in the power res comeback with a couple of bewildering technical free kicks
    ( from a fellow maggot )
    Browny mistake fixed
    Oungy totally agree it was 1 of the greatest wins in the proud history of our club
    considering who we were playing and then when the momentum shifted it looked like some poor misses re goal was going to hurt us enter , Simon Phillips from there we dominated .
    Aj love your comment it is real footy a lot of us have actual relationships with the players ( a lot have replied re facebook ) it is the area I love compared to the factory nature of the afl thanks folks loving the feedback go the legs !

  17. Go ye’ Legs!!!

  18. Up the UNI boys!!!

  19. Bryan Beinke says

    Best game of footy I have seen this year at any level enjoyable write up , Malcolm

  20. Nice one Rulebook. Good to see the Prison Bars could only get up once on the weekend.
    How would Adelaide Oval (sorry Bob Neil #3) have come up for the AFL on Sunday if it had been wet on the weekend? The WAFL plays the Grand Final at Subiaco, but the lead up finals are all at the home ground of the top ranked team.
    Luke – to the best of my knowledge Sam Baulderstone is not a relation of mine. My Norwood connection is that former full back and now Melbourne Demons ‘jailbait” (mate what were you thinking?) Alex Georgiou goes out with my niiece.
    Norwood have a long link to the name through AW (Bert) Baulderstone Builders (now Baulderstone Hornibrook) as he was a long term patron/president of the Norwood Redlegs. My working class western suburbs Grandad always said we were “third cousins twice removed”.
    The name came in handy once for an unnamed relative who had a long lunch at the NFC dining room with mates, and when he went to settle the bill, the helpful waitress said “willl you be putting that on the company account, Mr Baulderstone?” Nuff said.

  21. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Tom Chalk great effort by the blacks on the week end lets have a crack this week end the C grade in particular have nothing to lose
    Peter B yep SANFL finals should be at the highest ranked home ground but lack of lights would have been a problem especially as it was a channel 7 game ,
    Bob Neil number 3 copes with rain pretty well ( certainly better than , Bob Neil 1 )
    Thanks Peter enjoyable , Baulderstone tale !

  22. Lisa Edwards says

    I have two things to say: Go Blacks & I’m Red & Blue Blooded!!!
    Oh those mighty Redlegs :)

  23. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Lisa I hereby appoint you leader of the China based legs and blacks supporter group

  24. Lisa Edwards says

    Am I Pres & sole member Book??????

  25. So what did you say to them at 3/4 time Rulebook? Did you rattle Buddha Hocking or something?? I was out of town and missed the game unfortunately but it sounds like a stirring effort in the last quarter from the mighty Legs. 3-peat??

  26. Two months ago I was feeling reasonably confident Port would win the SANFL with Norwood looking like the most likely to cause trouble.

    By all reports it was a good game. Let’s hope the next two SANFL games are just as good.

  27. Well written ashy do it again in two weeks time. Go the legs

  28. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Rafo unfortunately can’t claim any credit re our great win and yes hope so
    I would like to congratulate , Jace Bode for his part in the banner , A team of 21 mates is , Jaces catch cry he is a vital part of the leadership at the parade , his and Nats care and friendship towards his great mate , Craig Evans when , Evo did his knee was fantastic so rapt we got , Bass over the line to get , Jace to the club .
    I would like to congratulate and thank , Kylie Fendt for her part and coordination of helpers to make the banner these things don’t just happen and 2 the most important words in the english language , Thank You ! Go the legs

  29. Nice, fun night at the footy!!
    Enjoyable to beat the Pahrrr ressies!!
    Threepeat here we come!!

  30. That awesome very great article…

  31. Nice Summary Rulebook. I have been impresses by the way the Legs have built after a slow start. Full credit to Ben Warren and the structures set up by Nathan Bassett. To win 3 in a row with the quality of players lost would be an amazing feat.

    It will be interesting to see if the South juggernaut keeps rolling this week. Keep your eye on the Red and the Blue.

  32. Great write-up Book, sounds like it was a cracking game.

    ‘Go Panthers’

    Will be back in town this weekend hoping to see the Blacks reap double premierships.

  33. Great stuff Malcolm, well written

  34. Nick Raschella says

    Rulebook – Sam Baulderstone went from the worst ruckmen ever when I sat with you in the 3rd quarter to match winner in the last.

  35. Thanks for sharing Malcolm great right up glad to see the redlegs win & go Panthers great to see them in the finals, & yes the AFL reserves sides in the SANFL is another issue again.

  36. Great day for the Norwood Football Club…showed what a true TEAM can achieve!! Doc Webber is a clearance king.
    Well written Book.

  37. Dr Goatboat says

    Go the Mighty Redlegs…..Fortis in procella

  38. That’s awesome!! You captured the emotion perfectly

  39. Yeah good article. Just need one in 2 weeks with us winning the flag now

  40. It was a great contest. I went with a Port supporter that was choking on air until the 3rd term when they piled on 6 goals and he started to get very excited. The Legs looked spent. It was incredible to see Norwood dig super deep and find something from very deep. L:its of belief and a huge win. Lets hope that Chards and C-Men crack the safe this weekend and then Norwood follow it up with another stirring effort the week after. Go Blacks and go Legs!

  41. Go Legs. Port muppets.

  42. Geoffrey Wilson says

    Good article Malcolm, a big day for you with Uni and The Mighty Redlegs all winning. I dont understand your opposition to the AFL sides being in the SANFL, it was the best option with no AFL National reserves competition. Its been happening for the last 23 years, they just haven’t been in the 1 side. Good luck with the boys and their radio station preference. Good luck to the 2 Uni sides in their GFs at my home ground, The Magnificent Payneham Oval, make sure you support Louise’s raffle and as always GO THE MIGHTY REDLEGS.

  43. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks folks greatly appreciated , Geoff I am totally opposed to teams being in the same competition with different agendas , 1 to develop players for the next level while the others are desperately trying to win . It is a disgrace that the afl will spend millions on expansion and yet for a fraction of the cost and for the good of the game not invest in a national reserves competition
    Go the legs , Go the blacks

  44. Rulebook asked me to comment for the usual kickback arrangement. So as a blues supporter with a fondness for souths as they were redolent with colour and personalities in the 60s and benefitted greatly from the presence of jimmy deane the Queens Head hotelier of the 20th century in terms of recruitment over a jar, counselling over a jar and, preparedness to stand up to sunday wowser liquor laws through direct action across the back fence of a sunday. There was always a queue so Jimmy was heard to confide that perhaps home deliveries could better meet market need. I am rooting for the panthers. They won in 64 led by Kerley, Peter man mountain Darley, Lester Ross, Alan White and David Kantilla after a meteoric rise from cellar dwellers followed after a years lag by Sturt. Darley captain coached later on and had his own motivational tools honed. Three quarter time inspiration was in the form of promises of win equals keg and strippers.
    Was a footner ( see comment above) involved back then?. I think you played for South around that time if its the same one.
    As for the port norwood clash sounds like it was a fine game and go the panthers as proxy. Blacks on their winning ways. In my day it was none of this nicknames stuff however inventive. It was just no pikers today blacks. There seldom were. The SANFL result needs to be thrown around at the Knackers pre GF lunch. Suggested speakers, Neil Kerley, Rick Davies, Chocka ( now that’s an idea) and Ricky Widmar.

    Prediction for weekend are Norfs and Freo both not by much. Port played their final game last week and it took it out of them and Freo are hard to crack at home. Norfs might have just realised that they can do it if they cut of the Tomahawks supply and outrun the Cats who are looking like the Swans did last year when each member of the team had to go a 110 per cent and by the finals they were rooted. Not this year they have the games’ greatest relaxa tab Buddee on the march. He has allowed the swans to enter the karmatic space (apologies to purple Kirkie) by altering the forward landscape and giving the forwards balance and power for service by the backs and the centre.


  45. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Nank when I worked in a old age care, Les Deane ( Jims dad ) was a resident , Jim was known to sneak the odd beer in ( it was Salvation Army run ) I had the pleasure to get to no , Jim what a fantastic man and his dad was a character to say the least
    thanks nank

  46. Top work mate good read up the legs

  47. Well done Book – hope you get a three-peat this year!

  48. South may have won another 1 or 2 at that time if it were not for Mark Coombe’s nagging groin (which pr-dated the Plugger version by quite some time and was no less discussed).
    Lester Ross came across to South from Norwood I think (via Bath hotel); Brian Ploenges could play Keith grieg off a break as far as raking drop kicks go. Bob Schmidt on a half back flank……not a bad Panthers unit….stewie Palmer….Wlae Roberts in that line-up too….
    Fabulous Phil, for mine, as lunch speaker…still the best footballer I saw in that era…had the potential to be better than Robran I wager…

  49. Great write up book good to read some SANFL go the Panthers and the Blacks

  50. Short, sharp and accurate Mal. Totally agree on the reserves afl sides not belonging in the SANFL too.

  51. Gee you watched a lot of footy in 1 day , enjoyable write up of the legs win a tad nervous already ( love Brentons Photos )

  52. Great article rulebook, go the legs.

  53. Great article , Malcolm fantastic to get some quality SANFL writing , geez would have been a good mark if number 28 had held on to it thanks , Malcolm

  54. Joe paradiso says

    Reckon u nailed it . Players who have represented Norwoid the last 5 years have more character than any before them reguardless of what happens in the grand final . Obviously been better pkayers and teams over the years but as many Norwood supporters know we feel like we have underachieved over the years . This current bunch is as committed as any Norwood team I’ve seen.

  55. Touched off the boot anyway, BJ. Save the mitts for Sunday week. Funny that the two best photos of the night are legs dropping the ball!

  56. Anyday Port lose is a good day. I don’t support either side but a Norwood vs South GF would be worth watching. Hopefully South can get a long awaited flag and Scott Taylor from South wins the Jack Oatey medal. After winning the Jack Oatey medal he then gets drafted to the Crows…….

  57. Good stuff Malcolm great read go the legs and good luck to your , Uni teams

  58. Good work Malcolm .. A good read!

  59. Great read ‘Book, carn the Chards and the C-men today; massive day for Uni football!

  60. Fantastic write up , Malcolm and loved your comment in the comments section
    Very proud , Go legs

  61. Go legs. It always means more to beat the Black and White. Concur with you comment re Nationals Reserves comp.

  62. Great read , Malcolm thanks for sending article on

  63. Great read written just as I was thinking about the game whilst watching it I saw bauldy at the show and had a chat to him he said he had a quiet game against sturt and needed to lift which he did against port he along with b.dawe were crucial to our win

  64. Great game I am new to sa and I already love and support nowood lets go Norwood gf and beat port

  65. Good work Malcolm, enjoyable read and GO LEGS off too the big dance ,

  66. Love your work , Malcolm Go the legs bloody port power reserves yep should be a national reserves competition

  67. Well written thank you , Malcolm nervous go the legs

  68. Brilliant article , Malcolm hopefully , Baulderstone can dominate in the ruck and set the game up for the legs on , Sunday it would be one of the greatest premiership wins in football history

  69. Interesting read , Malcolm when I watch , Norwood play I am consistently amazed that , McGuinness is not playing afl football that far in front of most defenders it is a farce . Will be interesting to see who the legs lose to the meat market above again this year . We all hope for a win for the good guys , Sunday

  70. we know that the red and the blue are the best and this sunday will be our biggest test to prove this so cmon boys lets show them what we can do lets go redlegs we are behind you all the way

  71. Nice one Malcolm. Go you Leggies!!!

  72. Nice work Rulebook, it looked like Norwood were done early in the last, but a great come back and a true team effort. Brady Dawe was brilliant in the last 15 minutes and surprisingly the Legs looked fitter.
    In terms of the AFL I think one of the more incomprehensible issues this year is their preparedness to continue to pour millions into the NSW and QLD markets (all about broadcasting revenue) but they wont invest in decent goal line technology. If they are going to have goal reviews they must have decent technology that provides quick and unequivocal outcomes at every game.

  73. Nice write-up Malcolm. I can’t believe how well the Chardonnay Socialists are doing. Dirty has them humming at just the right end of the year. Although seeing ‘C1′ next to their division just doesn’t look right. The number should be 8 or larger.

    And this weekend at Bob Neil #3 might be a nonsense grand final because of the unwelcome intrusion of the AFL; but it’s our nonsense grand final. I reckon that Wilson has been really important to the result of both finals so far, although Webber’s been our player of the finals series by a mile. Great to hear that Jace Bode had a part to play in the ’21 mates’ slogan. Because that, in contrast to the ’17 guys who would rather be playing for a different team, plus 4 top-ups’ opposition, is where we have the edge on them. Go Legs.

  74. Always a good read Mal. Keep ’em coming.

  75. Kirin Machnik says

    Yeah that pretty much sums it up! If norwood go down this week, the whole of the 8 sanfl really need to boycott and stop attending games! Port have been a bottom side for years and now they are power they make grandfinal 1st year! Obviously there is a disadvantage to the other 8 sides. I would much rather be playing a real sanfl club!

  76. Great read mate. Its a pity I can’t make the game. If we can find our kicking & hit the goals port wont get near us. To make the Granny against an AFL b grade side is a great achievement. But to beat them would be outstanding. I bet every SANFL supporter apart from port’s will be red & blue blooded this week.
    So all the way from Ballarat to the mighty Parade. GO LEGGIES! 2014 is ours!!!

  77. Thanks Malcolm. Stuck in Sydney I don’t see anything about the SANFL. Good luck to the boys, three in a row has a nice ring to it..

  78. What ever happens , Norwood are already the premiers of the SANFL a complete farce that the power and the crows are in the same competition football administration incompetence with zero interest in the overall good of the game
    Good write up of a great performance by the legs

  79. Peter Fuller says

    I’m heartened to see quite some support in the thread for South Adelaide, as well as encouraged by the improved showing this season. I have never lived in Adelaide, but I have always considered South “my SANFL team”. One of many enjoyable visits in particular sticks in the memory, Easter 1970. As the following week was the opening round of our season in Melbourne, I was keen to have a kick in a practice match, given that I was missing a final hitout at home. A contact knew someone involved at the Panthers, and I wangled my way on the bench for the leftovers from the Reserves*, playing a practice match against North at Prospect Oval. I got on for the final quarter and managed to kick a goal, an event sufficiently rare in a generally undistinguished playing career.

    * There was a full-scale seniors and reserves practice match elsewhere, so this game involved the blokes who were on the fringes, I guess topped up from the under age team (was it under 19s then?)

  80. Martin Rumsby says

    In your usual laconic and off- beat style you have captured the essence of this game from the Redleg perspective, Malcolm. You have captured the match-winning moments; weren’t Dawe and Phillips outstanding when everything was on the line? The ‘Legs will need to be even better in the GF to secure a three-peat. It will be interesting to see the impact on crowd numbers for the GF of the Power A team playing a prelim final in Melbourne on the previous day. Go you ‘Legs!!

  81. Thanks Malcolm! A great read and well done.

  82. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks folks as so many of you have pointed out what a dead set farce it is having afl sides in SANFL competition incompetent administration by a large number of people
    Joe agreed the character of this group is outstanding .
    Jolls KMac would outplay , Chaplin if he was drunk is certainly 1,
    Willo totally agree re goal line technology don’t have it unless it is done properly
    Simon H Wilson must surely be on a afl list next season he is playing in the gf to move up the draft number has a big 1 may well become a 1st rounder

  83. Great work Malcolm. Hopefully the boys can get up and you have another positive match review to write!

  84. Great article about great game Malcolm. Best of luck to the Legs this week!

  85. Great summary , Malcolm last year was sweet but 3 in a row and against those horrible magpies power reserves would be so sweet !

  86. Great article RB. Fantastic to hear about the Mighty Legs. Not that interested in what happens at the Blacks. Hopefully more about Ross and Trevor next week along with a Legs victory.

  87. Kylie Hutchinson says

    Great articale, lets just hope Norwood can get 3 in a row

  88. Charmaine Leone says

    Hi Malcolm,
    Thank you, I had a read and enjoyed it very much. Very exciting that the Legs are in the GF again! Such a strong club. Norwood are the reason I fell in love with our great game, at the age of 12 at Norwood Oval. The first GF I ever went to was Norwood v Sturt (yuk!) in the mid 70’s (yes I’m old) and we won by a point! So exciting!
    For many years I have been a Melbourne resident and love my Hawks, the only club I found here that shares the same connection with me as the Legs. I hope both my teams are winners again this year.
    Go Hawks and Go Legs :-)
    PS(Can I sign up somewhere for your articles?)

  89. Excellent article to the point with a good rap

  90. Great write up while were up against it pure talent wise hopefully our team and real club spirit will get the legs up in the gf go you legs

  91. well written Malcom. as i didnt watch or listen to the game as i live in Dublin it was a a perfect summary…. will be up early on sunday morning thou, already contacte ABC grandstand for confirmation of broadcast.. got the heads up from the producer who is also a redlegs supporter..

  92. Great article thanks for sharing , Malcolm Go you legs

  93. A very accurate , enjoyable read of the game good on you re the. blacks as we’ll

  94. Excellent Malcolm thanks for sending the link go the legs

  95. Top stuff , Malcolm hope the boys can make it 3 in a row c’mon the legs

  96. Stacey Warne says

    Great article, thanks for sending this to me….GO THE LEGS!!!!

  97. Thanks Malcolm. This game will definitely be one of my favourite Legs memories. Such a brave effort to comeback in the final quarter.

  98. Daniel Reilly says

    Enjoyed massively, thanks for the hookup! Do you know of a way I can watch the big game on the Gold Coast?

  99. Sam Auld
    9 mins
    All right. Saving the best for last. This song is rarely performed live. You never hear it on the radio. This song really sums up the 21 MATES who will represent the magnificent NORWOOD FOOTBALL CLUB in the Grand Final tomorrow. Redlegs 100%. Footnote – I had to change the words a little to favour our sensational club.
    No guessing who wrote it.
    We played king of the mountain out on the end
    The world come chargin’ up the hill, and we were women and men
    Now there’s so much that time, time and memory fade away
    We got our own roads to ride and chances we gotta take
    We stood side by side each one fightin’ for the other
    We said until we died we’d always be blood brothers
    Now the hardness of this world slowly grinds your dreams away
    Makin’ a fool’s joke out of the promises we make
    And what once seemed RED AND BLUE turns to so many shades of gray
    We lose ourselves in work to do and bills to pay
    And it’s a ride, ride, ride, and there ain’t much cover
    With no one runnin’ by your side my blood brother
    On through the houses of the dead past those fallen in their tracks
    Always movin’ ahead and never lookin’ back
    Now I don’t know how I feel, I don’t know how I feel tonight
    If I’ve fallen ‘neath the wheel, if I’ve lost or I’ve gained sight
    I don’t even know why, I don’t know why I made this call
    Or if any of this matters anymore after all
    But the stars are burnin’ bright like some mystery uncovered
    I’ll keep movin’ through the dark with you in my heart
    My blood brother
    Now on out here on this road
    Out on this road tonight
    I close my eyes and feel so many friends around me
    In the early evening light
    And the miles we have come
    And the battles won and lost
    Are just so many roads travelled
    So many rivers crossed
    And I ask God for the strength
    And faith in one another
    ‘Cause it’s a good night for a ride
    Cross this river to the other side
    My blood brothers

    Bruce Springsteen – Blood Brothers (NYC, 1/07/2000)
    Probably the best ever performance of one of the most beautifully written songs ever. I challenge anyone to watch this all the way through (and actually list…

  100. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks folks some fantastic posts and from various locations , Dublin , Hong Kong ,
    Gold Coast , Sydney , Victoria great to hear from redleg supporters from around the globe . We are up against it tomorrow with the stupidity and incompetence of the games administrators in not having a national reserves competition if the legs are able to win tomorrow it will arguably be our greatest win in , Norwoods proud history .19 afl listed players versus guys working in other full time jobs . 2 of Ports players wages adding up to more than , Norwoods salary cap . Let alone all the other advantages such as resources available re tracking devices etc , training base etc it is a farce ! Sunning up we can only hope the good guys have a lot of luck tomorrow !

  101. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Sam brilliant song your devotion and so many others to the mighty red and blue is something to be admired and appreciated summing up I end with the 2 most important words in the english language , THANK YOU

  102. Brenton Klaebe says

    Great write up Malcolm your knowledge of footy is second to none , go the legs

  103. there are no better at painting word pictures when Aussie rules and Norwood combine. M.Ashwood, we salute you

  104. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thank you Brenton ( more VFL games than , G Cornes ) Klaebe and greatly appreciated also , Matt Lane . I write this feeling weird this is not a real Sanfl GF , but aware that if the legs win it will be a amazing achievment against the odds

  105. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Update Update the legs have prevailed against the odds winning by 4 pts simply amazing so happy , proud and excited to be a part of the , Norwood FC !

  106. Hey Rulebook – both Port and the Eagles/Royals (long odds on faves) got knocked over in the State Leagues – SANFL and WAFL.
    Yippee! Local footy is about heart, not blokes going through the motions hoping for a contract extension.
    As soon as it rained heavily over here (34 degrees yesterday – an inch of rain today – go figure) I thought Subi were a chance. No finnessin. AFL players are schooled in dinky little handballs when they need to clear the area in the wet. Automatons not footballers – ruined by over coaching.
    Tommy would be proud.
    Well done Redlegs and Lions.

  107. That’s a win for those who care about integrity, It’s a win for suburban footy under attack from big business. Well done Norwood.

  108. Rick Neagle It’s a grand old flag
    It’s a high flying flag
    It’s the emblem for me and for you
    It’s the emblem of the team we love
    The team of the Red and the Blue.
    Every heart beats true for the Red and the Blue
    As we sing this song to you What do we sing?
    Should auld acquaintance be forgot
    Keep your eye on the Red and the Blue.

    Oh the team played fine in the year 29
    The Redlegs that no-one could lick, lick, lick
    From the crowds first yell to the final bell
    The spirit of old forty six, six, six.
    Every heart beats true for the Red and the Blue
    As we sing this song to you
    What do we sing?
    Should auld acquaintance be forgot
    Keep your eye on the Red and the Blue.

  109. Nayland Jolly says

    Nayland Jolly
    Loved it mate! Born red and blue

  110. Ashy,

    As you know I’m in bali and ashamed that I thought we probably would not make it to the grand final this year. As the season rolled on I could see bennys plan coming together along with the resolve of the playing group. I could say so much more but to try to sum it up in a few words from a personal perspective as I listened to the call on 5aa In my resort I can’t recall ever being so nervous as I know we deserved victory so much more than port did. I commend Buddha in his after game words but are unsure if they are genuine?
    The right result was achieved and it’s one of the best games in NFC history. For what it’s worth the 93 prelim was the most satisfying to watch with such a young group under Niel Craig, but the eagles stitched us up a week later.

    We may never ever realise how good this win was.
    NFC for ever

  111. Once again great article mate!
    What a game this was!! In my opinion, this game instiled into the boys, the confidence they needed to overcome the ‘power reserves’ in the grand final!
    The ’21 mates’ of the Norwood football club proved to themselves that they had what was required to overcome the so called ‘professionals’ of Port Adelaide, and that confidence shone brightly in the GF!!
    – Cristian

  112. Great read love the personal touch far better than boring mainstream media thanks , Malcolm

  113. Yeah great write up malcomn. Agree about afl sides in sanfl. Puts a side at a disadvantage I think. Although norwood certainly showed them what for. I was at that game and the atmosphere was that of afl standard. Norwood were exceptional not to lay down after the 3rd quarter. They rose to the occasion. Shows true character.

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